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  1. In a fit of boredom,  Mrs Cap'n and I decided to create the menu for Phil's.   This is why my thoughts are best left occupied. :D

  2. Cool, I'll have to get my signature down to size
  3. Things are starting to calm down a little, and even allowing for a little time to write.  Taking the free time I have at work to treat myself to reading others' posts... something I've been wanting to do for a while, especially considering there are a couple teams for whom I'd like to keep caught up. :D

  4. Mrs Cap'n is back from the hospital.  She has Type Two Diabetes, so at least she doesn't have to take insulin.  I'm still going to take a break from BB and Mordheim for a couple weeks --only going for tabletop games with her, like Elder Sign... time permitting-- while we set the groundwork for our new life.

    There's a lot of information to go over: diet, testing, exercise... tons, not mention delicious mouth-watering paperwork (glucose journals, and the like).  I'll try and get someone to cover for me, since Audiobear doesn't have the game (I didn't exactly recommend the game to him a while back).

  5. Finally been getting some sleep, even if it is a bit overcompensating (getting around "three days" worth a night).  I hope this will give me some energy to write more.

    I know, I'm getting on my work computer, right after this.

  6. Looks like my stuff from Photobucket is back up. Your guess is as good as mine, but I'm not going to risk it being permanent. Going to rework the Blabbermouthes, and put them up, so you can enjoy them one at a time. :D

  7. Looks like I got banned from Photobucket for my Lego OCC stuff. I can still do news stories if you guys want... we'll see how things go.

    1. tfwnt


      Why on earth would you get banned for that? Photobucket is the most user-unfriendly site around, anyway. There are a plethora of better options.

    2. Captain Thorrek

      Captain Thorrek

      I made an idiotic mistake, with putting the Lego logo on my sig. I'm going to clean up all the Blabbermouthes to go with what their guidelines are, then everything should be fine. :)

  8. I had a lot of fun doing the Battle Report for my first Mordheim game with the Hooligans, even though my computer reset twice! Thanks again to Dreamy and meebee for their help with showing me around Paint dot NET

  9. Things are hotting up for the Recruitment Teams (before Kungaloosh's reformation as a BB2 Franchise). Will get to the story ASAP.

  10. First Recruitment Match went well, had a lot of fun. Wasn't much for banter, but was playing two minute Turns, so hard to get the banter in.

  11. Thanks to Gobas for a great final match. I played a bit of Warhammer Quest, so Sludge's Diary entry will take a couple days to work out. But now, it's time for sleep. Thanks to everybody for a great season... both as coach and admin. Just adminning next season will give me more time for getting creative. :D

  12. So, another story is soon to end (maybe), and another to rise. I can't get a 200pt Warlord Army to match the Gits' makeup, so I decided to go with a Sorority themed army... with a girl who's just as unreliable as Sludge, but in her own way :D

  13. Okay, new Sludge entry is up! :D

  14. Thank you, you blasted phone you! While working on the latest Diary entry, I tapped on the text window, and my phone said, "Full version? Okay!" Lost everything...

    1. Captain Thorrek

      Captain Thorrek

      Going to use spoiler tags, so I can get something in before work... I'll let you guys know when it's finished ;)

  15. Sorry for breaking up the post, but I had to get my car battery changed, and needed to get off my phone (I do most of Sludge's entries through the phone). Not to worry though, the new entry is now completed.