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  1. Ther'Kronar --exalted Sorcerer of Tzeentch-- crested a hill on the Death World of Draconus Gamma, and chuckled at the sight before him. His quarry, a group of Loyalist fools he once called "Brother", fought in bitter melee with the foul greenskin Xenos. "Perfect," he said to his aide, "We'll take care of two problems at once. Charge!" Otherworldly voices erupted from the Warband as they fell upon the combatants. Loyalists and Orks on the battle's fringe glanced at the din, only to be felled by the newcomers or those with whom they already fought. The Sorcerer summoned a tide of multi-colored flames, and sent it amongst the foes. Those who tried to escape the mutating fire were herded back into the conflagration with bolter round and daemon blade. When the Firestorm ceased, nothing remained but a fine green powder. "Such is the will of all who oppose Tzeentch," Ther'Kronar muttered and ordered his Warband to move on. The Warband trampled the particles of debris in their desire for fresh victims. With the Warband gone, the dust --spores left from the dead Orks-- settled and took root. * * * * * Shells from his Warband's bombardment pounded the pitiful Imperial Guard outpost. The humans hid themselves like the rats they were... as if it would help. Ther'Kronar calculated the time to declare the charge, eager to put these wretches to the sword. His answer urged a smile; the moment would come in 3... 2... The bombardment ceased. "Who gave the order to stop shelling, Tzeentch curse you," he spat into the Vox unit. Fury burned within the Sorcerer, his glowing eyes leaving a visual trail as he looked for something to torment. "Answer me!" Dots appeared in the sky, Drop Pods of The False Emperor. Unlike those the Loyalists normally employed, those striking the planet's surface had a ramshackle appearance. Each Pod bore an icon unfamiliar to the millennia-old Sorcerer. Instead of an eagle's body, the aquila's wings joined at a grinning Ork glyph. As if in answer to Ther'Kronar's unspoken curiosity, the pods opened. Orks emerged from the metallic cocoons, Bolters and blades at the ready. "Emprah hear our Waagh!" bellowed one from each Drop Pod. "Gerroff yer lazy bum an' 'elp!" came the reply. Bike engines roared to life, and the Orks attacked. Ther'Kronar watched as the greenskins tore into his Warband, the Sorcerer's newly-gained facial tic puctuated the more grandiose explosions. Death cries sounded all about him as his bodyguards fell forward, shot from behind. Dumbfounded, Ther'Kronar turned. "Greetinz from Draconus Gamma, ya zoggin' git!" Called the leader of a squad geared up like Marine Scouts. "'Ere'z a prezent! "I... uh... wha?" Ther'Kronar managed as an Ork bearing a rokkit launcha came forward and shot at the Sorcerer's face. * * * * * Okay, here's my new army theme: a Loyalist Space Marine Ork Chapter. Using bitz from Forge World, Iron Jaw Orruks, and Orks, I'm putting together this fun little bit of nonsense. I already have my "Librarian" assembled; I'm just waiting for the Purity Seals to arrive before he heads to the priming box. As you can tell, I'm already having a blast with this.
  2. Blades of Truth (Cross Platform)

    Okay, I'm keeping the minis, and will use them for a Shawdowforce: Armageddon squad from time to time, but I don't think they'll be popping out plastic Sisters anytime soon (apart from the kit I bought). Thanks for reading, but it's time to bring this story to a close. Don't worry, I already am starting another 40K army: my own Space Marine Chapter! Trust me.... it's different.
  3. Season 3

    Also, don't forget the match against the AI... so far, the only one I got the AI match from was Bo.
  4. Season 3

    Well this is a nice kick in the junk, innit? Neither of you two lost, but you guys didn't do anything to win, either... I'll give the battleground victory, but not the extra for it being "tactical". As for the pair ups, I'll give those to you guys now, and try to make a story out of this mess and work on the Blabbermouthe at work tonight. I'm working all three jobs now (Lyft, writing, and Wal-Mart), so I'm going to be hard pressed for time... for a time. The pair ups are: Doomy vs. Bo Didley(ColoradoCelt) Rama Set(Gilshelm) vs. jrpeart. The MD will start at 0000UTC on September 13. Be sure to send the summaries by 2359UTC on September 26.
  5. Season 3

    A question came up about how the MD structure; each MD is going to be one match against the AI, and one against a human opponent. Once the two weeks are up, who plays who will rotate. Be sure to get me the summary screens (I Already have two I need to record), else the games won't count as far as leaderboards go.
  6. Season 3

    Oh guys, go ahead and PM me your match summary screens, so you don't have to worry about space on imgur, photobucket, or whathaveyou. I'll record it, let you know, and then you can delete it if you want.
  7. Okay guys, Mordheim's Season 3 is up and running!

  8. Season 3

    MD1 This Week's Pairings: Death Cheaters(ColoradoCelt) vs. The White Tower(jrpeart) Ordo Purificanus(Rama Set: Gilshelm) vs. Devious Little Cult(Doomy) MD1 starts at 0000UTC, on August 30. Please have matches finished and Match Summary Screens posted by 2359UTC, on September 12.
  9. Sticks and Stones on your MHL Network (Mordheim)

    Welcome to the action Sports Fans, as we're in for another fast-paced match in the Mordheim Hockey League, where bargaining with the Ruinous Powers still won't cost as much as a Zamboni. Today's going to be an Extended, One-Period bout of brutality, as two Sister teams try to assert their dominance early in the Tier. Yep, today's match is going to pit The Blazing Fists against Sticks and Stones. Both sides have a win under their belts, and another could really turn fans their way. I can't wait to see what happens! But first, the teams... Captained by Elsbeth Kolb, this group has shown their potential out of the starting gate. They opted to only have One Defensewoman for their initial team, but this has allowed them to excel on both sides of the ice. Their first match against Tzeentch's Firestorm left the Cultists' flame extinguished, with two Power Play goals by Kolb. With her expertise and leadership, this new team's going to go far. The remade Sticks and Stones team made a proper showing for themselves, taking on The Weeping Blades, and shutting them out 3-0. T-Bird's leadership, not to mention Assistant Captain Silvertip's puck handling skills, have given Sticks the momentum they need to carry on the legacy of their previous incarnation. I can tell you, I saw more than one fan wearing his dusted-off jersey on my way in the stadium. Well, The Fists are starting to make it onto the ice... here's their starting lineup: Edda von Kaas, Goalie Aphunti Dittmar(A), Defensewoman Elsbeth Kolb(C), Center Dianna Kurt, Left Wing Anna Diettrich, Right Wing And here comes the Sticks' starting lineup: Thunderbird(C), Goalie Blazer, Defensewoman Rocket, Defensewoman Cougar, Right Wing Silvertip(A), Left Wing Definitely an interesting song Sticks' girls have chosen, but they said it's both an honorarium to the teammates they never got to meet, and it also shows that Sticks and Stones can come back, no matter the odds. It's their choice, and with the way they played last match, they can do what they like. Right now, both sides are getting ready for the puck drop... Fists get the puck. Heading for the offensive zone... Kolb shoots! Rings off the post, but Dittmar's there, shoots... T-Bird with the Glove Save! She's covering up for the face-off... They drop the puck. Sticks have it... Silvertip passes to Blazer, and T-Bird leaves the net on the delayed call. Blazer passes to T-Bird... shoots! Scores within the first few minutes of play! The Goalie out of Seattle has a lot to be happy for; not only does it establish the early lead, but not many in her position get to score that often. With Sticks one ahead, justice is served and the penalty is done. This face-off is brought to you by your local Cheap Dealership. Why not stop in and test drive a new Cheap Denigrate today? Leasing and financing available, at your local Cheap/Beagle dealer. Both sides set up and... once again Sticks go on the offensive! Into the offensive zone... passes to Cougar... looking for an opening, shoots! von Kaas with the stick save! Cougar gets the rebound and shoots again, denied! von Kaas holds onto it until it's clear and then passes to Dittmar... Dittmar to Kolb... into the Neutral zone... Tips' steals the puck, but there's a penalty call on Sticks... looks like it's against Blazer. These two teams have all the makings of a great rivalry, but they need to make sure they don't suffer from the same problems and lose their control... it'll be a two-minute minor for Roughing. They set up for the face-off. Kolb gets it, shoots... saved, von Kaas grabs the rebound, stick save again... neither side is giving an inch... Kolb picks up the rebound, fakes and shoots... Power Play Goal! T-Bird can't get her glove up in time, and the puck sails past her and into the net. Once again, Kolb shows her ability to dominate on offense and defense. The Fists aren't packing their bags, yet! So with that Power Play goal, it'll be back to full strength and a tied score. Back to center ice... the ref drops the puck, Fists grab it... Kolb passes to Kurt... Kurt to Deit- Blazer intercepts the pass, sends it down the ice to Cougar, but the ref blows the whistle on a two line pass, and play is stopped. Both sides are ready for the face-off... wait a minute, Silvertip is getting a little pushy, and the ref waves her out of the face-off circle... cougar switches places with 'Tips; the young lady from Everett needs to watch herself. As Assistant Captain, she's also setting an example. If she can't control herself, the others on her squad might follow suit. Penalties are probably going to be the deciding factor in this game. One side could quickly capitalize on the other, once concentration is lost. The puck's dropped... Blazer has it, passes to Cougar... to Silvertip... into the offensive zone. The Fists aren't giving them an opening, as the Stick girls pass it along... Dittmar steals the puck... over to Deitrich... Kolb... the ref whistles play dead on a penalty. This is the worst time for the Fists to get a penalty. Not only did they lose a chance to score, but now they're going to be a player down... with less than two minutes left in play; both sides are desperate to get the go ahead goal. They're ready for the puck... Fists win the face-off, into the offensive zone... von Kaas leaves the goal to become the extra attacker. Blazer steals the puck as T-Bird leaves the net... it's a scrum for the puck... Sticks recover... to T-Bird, passes to Silvertip... Slapshot into the open net! Silvertip with the Power Play goal, and T-Bird will get the assist. It was a great move for Sticks, forcing the woman advantage to the net. Not so much for the Fists; with only five seconds left in the match, it's doubtful they'll make it, but that's the risk you face when pulling the Goalie. Setting up for the face-off... they drop the puck, and there's the final whistle. It was a great match today, and both sides came to win. You can tell from the way they're looking at each other, their next game will be one heck of a grudge match! * * * * * vs Sisters: Battleground Victory(didn't reach the Idol) Points: T-Bird(2), Silvertip(1) Goregrind's Three Stars: T-Bird, Silvertip, Cougar Penalties: Blazer(Twitch: m) Merchandise: Amulet, Heavy Armour, Wyrdstone{Fragments(8), Shards(3), Cluster} Notes: Penalties are assigned when either an opponent is stunned, a Sticks player gets knocked out, or possibly when an opposing player gets knocked out. A minor penalty(m) will count when the girl's still fine to play, despite the injury, whereas a major(M) will be when I have to rehire the player. A Game Misconduct (GM), when someone is thrown out of the match, will be for those rare times when a player dies or loses multiple limbs in one go. Three Stars: Hockey usually has three MVP's per team, known as the Three Stars. While it doesn't do anything apart from narrative, I like putting them in to show it takes more than just whacking the other guys to make the team last, like in Cougar's case with the Wyrdstone she collected. Points, as you probably already figured out, are how many people each one knocked out. In hockey though, you can get points either from scoring a goal or an assist, so it can make for a more dramatic narrative.
  10. cwcWYDy.png


    Official Sticks and Stones Press Release:


    Don't miss it when the newly formed Sticks and Stones meet against The Blazing Fists Sister team, for a ton of Girl-on-Puck action.  They drop the puck at 0700UTC, tomorrow... catch every second of hockey action on your local MHL station!

  11. Sticks and Stones on your MHL Network (Mordheim)

    Both sides are ready for the puck. The Blades look a little nervous, since the Sticks are still on the Power Play due to the major. Just as long as they focus, they should be able to limit the penalty's damage potential. The ref drops the puck. Sticks get it. Skreen hurries back to cover the net... Rocket advances, she dekes Skeen and flips the puck into the open net. This is the lady from Kelowna's first career goal. Things are looking grim for the Blades. They're setting up for the face-off. Bades get the puck and dump it off in time for the penalty to end, and Mankiller comes back on the ice. Urk Qua recovers the puck, passes to Mankiller, Onetimer! Oh, just off the post. Blackpelt's there to recover... shoots! T-Bird with the stick save, and she covers the puck for the face-off with less than a minute left in the game. Both sides get ready and... Blades have it... Silvertip steals the puck... breakaway! 'Tips scores! She shoots the puck into the open net on the breakaway. There's the closing whistle; this game's over. Even though it was a time for both teams to showcase what they got, Sticks and Stones pulled out the Win. It was the Boarding call which got The Weeping Blades in trouble. Once they hire a Goalie, they should be able to put this game far behind them. As for right now, we thank you for joining us. After this, some of you will see Franz of Nuln take on Kargath, Prince of Change, in the Intentional Miscast Association Final. Otherwise you'll be sent to the Sigmarite Croquet Championship, where The Stake Burners will fan the flames of their feud with The Hammers of Sigmar. The SCC: It's a Mallet to the Balls! That's all we have here. Thanks again for joining us, with the final score: Sticks and Stones, Three; The Weeping Blades, Nothing, on this... your MHL network. * * * * * vs Skaven: Battleground Victory Points: Silvertip (2), Cougar (1), Rocket (1) Goregrind's Three Stars: Silvertip, Rocket, Cougar Penalties: None Merchandise: 5GC, Pistol, Wyrdstone {Fragments(3); Shards (2)}
  12. Sticks and Stones on your MHL Network (Mordheim)

    Both sides are ready for the face-off, and... Sticks grab the puck. Across the blue line... Blazer passes to Silvertip. 'Tips to Cougar, and Thunderbird leaves the goal on the delayed call against Mankiller. The Blades touch the puck, and there's the Boarding call. So this'll put Sticks on the Power Play. The Blades have always been a more offensively-minded team, so this will put them in uncomfortable territory. They drop the puck, Blackpelt has it. Passes to... Silvertip intercepts the pass meant for Stalker! 'Tips passes to Cougar... Onetimer! Powerplay goal! The eager young rookie gets her first MHL goal, with help from Silvertip. Even though they're One down now, this is Blackpelt's chance to rally his team. They need to focus on putting it to the Sticks players, playing that aggressive style the Weeping Blades are known for in any iteration. If they use the speed and agility which made the team a contender in the MHL before the accident, they should be able to tie it up, if not pull ahead. We're going to take a quick break from the action, but stay tuned. This is your MHL Network, where the score is Sticks and Stones 1, Weeping Blades nothing.
  13. Sticks and Stones on your MHL Network (Mordheim)

    Hey sports fans, and welcome back to faced paced action on your MHL network. We're in for an interesting match here at Kujo Stadium, this one being between two rebuilt rookie teams. The Weeping Blades had to rebuild after having a nasty accident involving a Warplock Engineer's Warplightning Cannon during a Meet and Great. Now, under the leadership of Center Skreek Mankiller, we might be able to see their aggressive play style get them back into the rankings soon. Facing off against the Blades are Sticks and Stones, the newly reformed Sisters team. Thunderbird may have little more experience than the other girls, but she's used her knowledge to fuse the Sticks into a defensive monster and has well earned this Goalie her Captain's C. The Blades are setting up, so let's take a look at the starting lineup: Thunderbird(C), Goalie Rocket, Defense Blazer, Defense Silvertip(A), Left Wing Cougar, Right Wing And here come the Weeping Blades' starting lineup: Blackpelt, Center Stalker, Left Wing Mankiller, Right Wing Urk Qua, Left Wing Skreen, Defense So here it is, does Offence make the best Defence, or will the Blades shatter against the Sticks' stone wall? We'll see as they get ready to drop the puck. This First Drop is brought to you by Kujo Sports Equipment, official gear of the MHL. Kujo Sports Equipment: Bad Doggie! They drop the puck: Blackpelt from the Blades picks it up. Passes to Urk Qua, into the offensive zone. Looking for an opening. Passes to Mankiller. Shoots, but Thunderbird passes makes the glove save. T-Bird gives the puck to Rocket. Oh, Rocket passes to Cougar, but the Rookie gets a little ahead of herself and goes offsides. While they set up for the Face-off, we're going to take a little break on this, your MHL Network... * * * * * Okay, been sick, so slept almost the entire day today... have to get ready for work now. What do you guys think so far? Here's what I'm looking for... need some serious input from my fellow hockey fans out there! Readability Being able to follow the action Does it get you revved up for hockey, or do I need to tweak it in that regard Possibly shrinking the YouTube clip, so there's only sound I know this is a bit early in the post, and I already have everything planned, so I'll try and get as much done during my work breaks as I can. I think this is the perfect time for this type of format, since the new WHL Season's around the corner. Yeah, you can tell who my team is... the 'Tips are audiobear's.
  14. Blades of Truth (Cross Platform)

    Just the casual, since I don't edit and it's usually done on lunch breaks. As long as you're enjoying it, I'm happy.
  15. Sticks and Stones on your MHL Network (Mordheim)

    Wow, who could have seen The Bulldogs come back to beat the Steeds of Slaanesh in Overtime? Thanks for joining us for that great match... In other news around the MHL, Sticks and Stones, the Sisters team, is being bought and reformed under former star Dubya Aich'El. The previous team disappeared into a warp rift along Mordheim's quayside as they waited for the ferry to their next match. Ms Aich'El assured fans the new team will live up to the MHL standards of play. So now some of you will get to see the best Marienburg has to offer, by bringing you the OCC, the best league bar none. The program for the reminder will be in the far North, where you'll get to see Full Khornetact Badminton. The FKBL, when the Chaos Wastes is never a waste of time. Thanks again for joining us, with the final score being Bulldogs 3, and The Steeds of Slaanesh 2, on this... your MHL network.