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  1. Well,  the power supply blew out the new computer's motherboard.  No sense in throwing good money after bad,  now. I might be able to pull something off with a couple stories,  but we'll see. 

  2. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Don't feel bad; I'min the same boat. It'd be nice to get another hockey themed team in on the standby season, but I have to look for a fourth job now, thanks to this rotten year.
  3. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Okay, we'll put the league on standby for now. When two more people hop on board, we'll get this party started.
  4. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Great! Now all we need is one more person, and we can get this party started. Any takers?
  5. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Sure, we need one more person to make it an even four, so I can get the campaign underway. As soon as I put my Umgok computer back together. Retail during Christmas Time... gotta love it...
  6. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Okay, so my new computer is still a paper weight (apparently it's incompatible tower design). I'm not going to let it get to me; I'll just do stuff from my phone. So, Season 4 consists of: ColoradoCelt(Bo Diddly) Doomy Any others wanting to take on these two chaps while I look up some older power supplies (give or take an expletive)?
  7. *Grumble,  grumble* wires don't fit... *grumble,  grumble* need new power supply... need new graphics card... *grumble* replacement RAM sticks... *grumble, grumble*

  8. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Woohoo!! The mini tower came in a day early! Putting it together after my nap.
  9. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Munitorum Update: It looks like my new mini tower will be coming soon, so we're looking at November 15th to start... ... everyone up for the mayhem to start around then?
  10. Season 3

    Glad you guys enjoyed it, and put up with the times I wasn't up to par.
  11. Season 3

    It's official, after tallying up the points... Congrats goes to Bo/Colorado! Now since you're still Colorado as far as Mordheim goes, did you want your new or old pic to go in the "winner's circle"? Thanks everyone for playing. Be sure to sign up if you're up for next season... the sign ups won't close until a week after I get my computer back online, so you got some time.
  12. Season 3

    I don't know... It's a close run thing, that's for certain. I'll tally up the points and declare the winner, once the room stops spinning. I honestly wish I still drank; at least then I'd have an excuse for this sort of thing.
  13. Season 3

    Well, the CPU's heat sink finally kicked the bucket, so I'll be out of commission, until I can get a new one... apart from my phone, that is. I can still declare the winner after tallying everything up tomorrow, but my hands are tied when it comes to anything else.
  14. Okay guys, I'm back from vacation... wore myself out a bit more than I planned, but at least I got to relax a bit.  Monday, I'll get back into the grind of things, compile my notes, and work on the winner's Blabbermouthe.

  15. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    You can miss two shipments, and "suffer consequences". The third time ends the game. I intentionally waited until I missed a shipment... I don't know about the second time, but the first didn't have nearly the KABOOM! I was hoping for. Might just wait it out to see how it ends.