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  1. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Okay, so my new computer is still a paper weight (apparently it's incompatible tower design). I'm not going to let it get to me; I'll just do stuff from my phone. So, Season 4 consists of: ColoradoCelt(Bo Diddly) Doomy Any others wanting to take on these two chaps while I look up some older power supplies (give or take an expletive)?
  2. *Grumble,  grumble* wires don't fit... *grumble,  grumble* need new power supply... need new graphics card... *grumble* replacement RAM sticks... *grumble, grumble*

  3. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Woohoo!! The mini tower came in a day early! Putting it together after my nap.
  4. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Munitorum Update: It looks like my new mini tower will be coming soon, so we're looking at November 15th to start... ... everyone up for the mayhem to start around then?
  5. Season 3

    Glad you guys enjoyed it, and put up with the times I wasn't up to par.
  6. Season 3

    It's official, after tallying up the points... Congrats goes to Bo/Colorado! Now since you're still Colorado as far as Mordheim goes, did you want your new or old pic to go in the "winner's circle"? Thanks everyone for playing. Be sure to sign up if you're up for next season... the sign ups won't close until a week after I get my computer back online, so you got some time.
  7. Season 3

    I don't know... It's a close run thing, that's for certain. I'll tally up the points and declare the winner, once the room stops spinning. I honestly wish I still drank; at least then I'd have an excuse for this sort of thing.
  8. Season 3

    Well, the CPU's heat sink finally kicked the bucket, so I'll be out of commission, until I can get a new one... apart from my phone, that is. I can still declare the winner after tallying everything up tomorrow, but my hands are tied when it comes to anything else.
  9. Okay guys, I'm back from vacation... wore myself out a bit more than I planned, but at least I got to relax a bit.  Monday, I'll get back into the grind of things, compile my notes, and work on the winner's Blabbermouthe.

  10. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    You can miss two shipments, and "suffer consequences". The third time ends the game. I intentionally waited until I missed a shipment... I don't know about the second time, but the first didn't have nearly the KABOOM! I was hoping for. Might just wait it out to see how it ends.
  11. cwcWYDy.png


    Press Release:

    Sticks and Stones have signed on Right Wingwoman American from Tri Cities. "We know it might seem odd, with us looking to round out our roster with a Center, but she came highly recommended. When we saw her, we knew she was a perfect fit for the team. As one of our girls put it: 'Well, she can play with us or against us, but she will be lacing up soon.' We figured it'd be far better to have the former."


    The team's apothecary has declared Rocket, who suffered a severe injury during a match against The Swords of Sigmar, to be fit to play once again. "What can I say? I'm good at what I do," she told us. "With the way these girls play, it's either get real good, real quick, or start looking for another line of work."


    Both Rocket and American are set to lace up skates in their next match.

  12. Sticks and Stones on your MHL Network (Mordheim)

    Welcome back to the action. Things look grim for Sticks and Stones right now. The girls need to keep from getting penalties, and win more face-offs. If not, The Swords are only going to increase their lead. Okay, they dropped the puck. Sticks have it. Blazer passes to Cougar. Back to Blazer, and Blazer dumps the puck before The Swords can try to steal. von Mortburg slides the puck on over to Neubert. To Lyonesse. Lyonesse is looking for an opening... trying to get the puck by Silvertip. Passes to- Cougar steals it! Races across the blue line... in the offensive zone... Break Away... Scores! Short handed goal by the spirited young lady from Kelowna. Lyonesse just took a little too long with 'Tips to notice Cougar come from behind her teammate. She dashes up the ice and dekes von Mortburg. He reached with his glove, but the rubber pill went stick-side. With that goal, the girls can breathe little easier... but only a little. Everyone is showing signs of fatigue, and Rocket is still in the Sin Bin with a minute left. The Swords can press their advantage, they might regain the lead. Both sides have a lot to think about as they head back to the face-off circle. Swords win the face-off. To Lyonesse... into the offensive zone. Over to Shattenbrau. Swords looking for an opening. Back to Lyonesse. One timer! Off the post. Neubert recovers... shoots. T-Bird makes the glove save, and is going to hold onto it for the face off. There's still just over forty seconds left in the penalty. Back for another face-off. Swords get it, but Blazer knocks the puck loose. Both sides are going for it. Blazer grabs the puck and dumps it. Morty goes behind the net and grabs it, hands the puck to Malinsohn... who goes offsides and the ref stops play. They set up in the face-off circle. Swords get the puck. Back into the Neutral zone. Lyonesse over to Neubert. Sticks killed the penalty and Rocket steps back on the ice. Rocket intercepts the pass to Shattenbrau, and gets slammed into the boards for the delayed call. The puck's loose but Cougar recovers and shoots from halfway. Von Mortburg catches the puck, and the penalty's called. Rocket still hasn't gotten up yet, and... yeah, the ref's pointing to the locker room. He's getting a Double Major and Game Misconduct for this, and Lyonesse is serving the penalty in his place. With no one else on the bench, and Lyonesse sitting out the last minute-thirty in play, this puts them at a severe disadvantage. The Sticks' Apothecary is coming onto the ice. Shattenbrau must have really hit her hard; her stick's shattered. She's checking Rocket now... talking with her, and just slipped a towel under her jersey. The Apothecary and Cougar are helping Rocket off the ice, while T-Bird hands Aich'El what's left of Rocket's stick. Both sides get ready for the face-off. Sticks grab the puck. Passes to Silvertip. To Cougar. Shoots! Stick Save, and von Mortburg's going to hold onto the puck. Wait, we're just getting word back that Rocket will be out of commission for a few days, but will be back on the ice with a full recovery. Smiles on the girls' faces in the face-off circle as Aich'El gives the thumbs up. And with that bit of reassurance, the ref drops the puck. Sticks recover. 'Tips shoots. Stick save. 'Tips recovers... Scores the go-ahead goal! The skate's on the other foot now, as The Swords find themselves in the same predicament as the girls were a few minutes ago, and for the same reason. The worst part is Lyonesse still has to sit in the Penalty Box, so The Swords are going to remain two men down. With that kind of disadvantage, von Mortburg leaving the crease would only mean free goals. For The Swords, it's all about damage control, at this point. They drop the puck. Neubert dumps the puck. T-Bird goes behind the net and grabs it. Passes to Blazer. To Cougar. Into the offensive zone. Pass to Blazer. One-timer! Morty with the save. Cougar recovers the rebound. Von Mortburg gets a skate out and stops it. 'Tips up high... stopped! Morty's on fire as he reaches up with the glove to make the save. The lad from Talabecland defying all odds, as he covers up for the face-off. Swords win the face-off, dump the puck... and there's the whistle. What an exciting match this has been. The girls came back for the win, but von Mortburg saving face for the team by stopping the girls' momentum flat. So Sticks and Stones make it to TS1, while The Swords of Sigmar have to wait a little bit longer. If the two meet up again in TS1, it'll be a Grudge Match you're not going to want to miss. Stick around, because after this we're heading up to The Wastes for this year's Chaos Incursion Draft. As for now, we'll take a break and leave you with the Final Score: Sticks and Stones 2, The Swords of Sigmar 1, on this... your MHL network. * * * * * vs. Mercs(Battleground Victory: Didn't grab enough Wyrdstone for the Objective) Points: Cougar(1), Silvertip(1) Penalties: Rocket(Chest Wound: Major), Silvertip(Light Wound: minor) Training Hard: Warband (Moves on to Tier Season 1), Rocket(1) Goregrind's Three Stars: Sticks and Stones: Silvertip, Cougar, Blazer The Swords of Sigmar: Constantine Malinsohn, Barron von Mortburg, Hans Neubert Notes: Full Recovery: A Chest Wound is going to get Rocket rehired to stay fresh Shattered Stick: Rocket lost her Flail and Shield Three Stars: Since it's being done in a Hockey Narrative, I thought it'd be good to give the other team their three stars as well
  13. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Whether you're returning with your current Warband, sack the old lot and start fresh, or want to join the friendly citizenry of Mordheim, now's the time to make it known! All you need to do is write: Name: Warband Name: Warband Race (If New): I might see how I do over the next couple weeks, to see if I may need an assistant or something. There's a lot of stuff going on, apart from my 70-75hr/wk work schedule, so I may need to call out for some help, if needed.
  14. Season 3

    Okay, now that I don't feel like passing out, we can have a proper go at this MD3 Please get all screenshots to me by 2359UTC on October 10.
  15. Season 3

    Okay, this MD's pairings are: jrpeart vs. Doomy Bo Didley vs. Rama Set