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  1. I got bored, and did several quests in a row.  Before Sludge's pen gets to work,  I'm trying to decide whether to do each individually,  or tie them all into one.  Thinking the latter for now,  due to time constraints.


    I've also been thinking of doing a couple different stories... was thinking of putting a Warhammer Quest party based on the Four Chaos Gods... caricatures,  really. Another thought is to maybe have someone survive the Twin Tailed Pizza Purge,  and is escaping... possibly being pursued. 

  2. Lacing Up

    I'llbe making a Marienburg Warband, and already have a Reikland squad for the Mordheim App (going to be done in the MHL style). Anyone up for volunteering their name for the OCC Tridents?
  3. Pocket Mordheim

    Well, I had the chanceto buy my first Rat Ogre, not that I could afford one. A Rat Ogre costs eight Fate Points, and you only start out with five. Getting more costs money. Realistically speaking, there would definitely have to be a ban or cap, if this were to be an option for League Play. Otherwise it'd just be most cash wins. I'll still keep playing, I'm having too much fun to quit now, but as an option it's looking bleak. If it changes, I'll let you know, and if I have to disband the Skaven, then I think I'll make a Reiklanders lace up for the MHL.
  4. Pocket Mordheim

    IOkay, I put in my thoughts about being able to challenge specific players, and played a few more games. It is a lot more forgiving than the PC version; I lost a match against the AI, but didn't lose a single piece. Bottle tests are taken after losing a certain amount of hit points, not necessarily losing individual models. So yesterday, I won a match, lost a match, and still managed to scrape together some Wyrdstone. Oh, about Wyrdstone management, you can sell it when you want, it isn't do-or-die, like the PC version (although to be fair, getting Wyrdstone in the PC version isn't hard unless you have some real bad luck).
  5. Pocket Mordheim

    Okay, downloading the game right now... might take Regicide off to make room. I'll let you guys know what I think, and whether or not it's the possible money sink some claim it to be. As for the story (you know there'll be one) I might go with Camp Wannachompabodi, a new MHL team, the Lego boys again, or maybe even bring back This Old Mouse... Any thoughts guys?
  6. Pocket Mordheim

    Okay, I have an idea about using the Mordheim app in order to play a league... has anyoneever tried the app? I'm willing to play guinea pig if no one has, and I know the available factions are vastly different, but if we can get compatible times (I work "days" now), and we're able to play each other... is anyone else on board? I know, lot of "ifs", but might be worth a try.
  7. Well,  the power supply blew out the new computer's motherboard.  No sense in throwing good money after bad,  now. I might be able to pull something off with a couple stories,  but we'll see. 

  8. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Don't feel bad; I'min the same boat. It'd be nice to get another hockey themed team in on the standby season, but I have to look for a fourth job now, thanks to this rotten year.
  9. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Okay, we'll put the league on standby for now. When two more people hop on board, we'll get this party started.
  10. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Great! Now all we need is one more person, and we can get this party started. Any takers?
  11. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Sure, we need one more person to make it an even four, so I can get the campaign underway. As soon as I put my Umgok computer back together. Retail during Christmas Time... gotta love it...
  12. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Okay, so my new computer is still a paper weight (apparently it's incompatible tower design). I'm not going to let it get to me; I'll just do stuff from my phone. So, Season 4 consists of: ColoradoCelt(Bo Diddly) Doomy Any others wanting to take on these two chaps while I look up some older power supplies (give or take an expletive)?
  13. *Grumble,  grumble* wires don't fit... *grumble,  grumble* need new power supply... need new graphics card... *grumble* replacement RAM sticks... *grumble, grumble*

  14. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Woohoo!! The mini tower came in a day early! Putting it together after my nap.
  15. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Munitorum Update: It looks like my new mini tower will be coming soon, so we're looking at November 15th to start... ... everyone up for the mayhem to start around then?