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  1. Season 5 Divisions

    awesome, but you could've mentioned the Bretonnian Champion!
  2. OCC Season 4 Prize Pool and Winners

    send it back... King Randor plays only for honour!
  3. OCC Season 3 Prize Pool

    Prizes? Rewards? We noble Bretonnians play not for such frivolity; we are here for the honour of Bretonnia... (and vanquishing the land of clawtards and dwarfs is possible!)
  4. It took me a while to realise it was Andy and Zunk, not Jim and Bob, I was hearing on the Twitch!
  5. As punishment for you all, I just tried to copy Bryan Adams to the music post. Youtube said no, 'that's far enough man - we draw the line here!'

  6. Signature problem

    had to resize mine as it was 150pix in height; the maximum is 130pix now! Hopefully worked now... Yay - it has!
  7. Heya in game and can play when you want. Challenge away.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. zippy75


      nearly there...I think I'll be ready in 5 mins...


      Just need the loo and get a drink...should be ready to go at 21:15 UTC


    3. Oni_Goku
    4. zippy75


      done - ready to go!

  8. Just in Case you didn't know, Guysa's won the OCC again...with Khonre! If he were a woman, I'd have a poster of him straddling a motorbike in my man-cave!

    1. zippy75


      Because he's a man, he's drenching himself in yogurt!

    2. Kazman29


      Awesome! No need to change the banner for next season other than the number

    3. Waleed


      GUSYA! is a popular winner :D.

  9. Not an idiot - I knew exactly what I was doing to finish 5th Not worried even for a minute! (honest).

    1. straume


      Well done!

    2. Thorlacius


      Congratulations Zippy ;)

    3. zippy75


      nearly blew it though!!!

  10. Is the schedule for MD 2 of tier 2 Diet OCC league out yet? Tier 1's MD 2 is out!

    1. Verbal_HM


      Still one game outstanding, MD threads will be posted tomorrow.

    2. zippy75


      cool...thanks man!

    3. Verbal_HM


      DOCC T2 MD2 Thread have been posted.

  11. Who's got a kid so they can be in my Human BB2 team: Team OCC Daddy!? Got 3 so far: Wolves, Waleed and Wismerhill!

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    2. zippy75


      thanks man...as soon as I get going, you'll be No14!

    3. Hobnail


      i have a son and he is actually named after a BB player, so PM me when you need an Ogre player name

    4. zippy75


      heh - right then...I will remove myself - - it was a bit egotistical to name myself (zippy the stupid!).

  12. coaches hiding their ages makes it hard for me to make my Old Git team!

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    2. zippy75


      thanks for letting me know Borke - I'll make you a Longbeard!

    3. Yarat


      2 and a bit years til the big 4.0.

    4. zippy75


      ahhh...still a youngling!

  13. where are my awards from last season??

    1. Barristan
    2. Gobas


      Usually are done around MD 3-4.

      Dont worry they will not vanish.

    3. zippy75