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  1. Sustenance of Fluffers

    Sillybillies, dont like THIS post..... :)
  2. Sustenance of Fluffers

    When you look up the word Sustenance, the dictionary gives you the following meaning: Fot the Fluffers thats all fine and dandy, but they are much more in need of: to upvote their MD threads and show your appreciation So go HERE and upvote the mdthread you liked most and by the end of the season check out if your choice will win the this season! on behalf of your Fluffers: @Suido @C2MC @Smiling Tom @wismerhill
  3. New member - info on league BB1

    Sorry @desdom all 10 coaches showed up for the league
  4. New member - info on league BB1

    Hello and welcome to our forum! to answer your question: 1) no we have no dedicated league for beginners, but when you start in our league you end up in a tier with only new teams and advance from there on 2) to start in our BB2 leagie, you will need to wait and apply to our S9, which will start in about 6 weeks 3) our main league is for BB2, but we have a side league with 10 coaches that uses BBCE 4) when you play in our BB2 league you have to apply with a new team. HOWEVER, we might have a dropout in our current BBCE league (just kicked of) and if we need a replacement there you can join in with an old team (preferably used in another league and not cyanide leagues though, but we can worr something out) hope to hear more from you!
  5. ill join in one of these someday. this MD ill face rats and Grumpy told me he wants the rogre all to himself...
  6. Dude! you play the only race that can easily get an uphillblock vs flings. quit moaning! :)
  7. If you feel nostalgic and want to give your favorite BBCE team another whirl (as long as its been only used in proper league play) please respond here We run a 14 day MD as we want to keep it relaxed and easygoin :) We plan to run this BBCE competition as long as there are stubborn people who want to keep going :)
  8. BB2 - Stunty League

    In other news: Season 5's Grand Finale will be played tonight @1830UTC It gonna be a tense and fun match between 2 experience underworld teams coached by Wismerhill (yep.. somehow I got there) and Heliocentric . The 24 gobs and 2 trolls are ready to go nuts! It will probably be streamed here
  9. err. you mean in CHAMPS division (instead of 6b) and during MD3... current standings are after MD2...
  10. OCC Tier 4A Game 2

    Get well soon!
  11. S8 - replacements wanted

    You are in and all set
  12. S8 - replacements wanted

    @Kylo Renfield you could also replicate the other dwarf team if you want to
  13. S8 - replacements wanted

    Well in that case, go for it!. apply ingame asap and try to contact Nitro's md2 oppo if he can play tonight or tomorrow..
  14. S8 - replacements wanted

    5a needs a replacement. Preferably dorfs tv 1400ish