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  1. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    Your team will get in tomorrow. Meanwhile you will get coach rights asap
  2. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    damnit, ninja'd
  3. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    nope, no race restriction. Just make sure you read our rules and Code of Conduct. welcome
  4. OCC Season 4 signups

    Our LLC, the bb1 league mighr just have a single.spot left @doomy can tell you
  5. Warlock decks

    So if it appears in a pack youll craft it.. thats odd 😆
  6. Warrior decks

    Just need 3200 dust..
  7. Warrior decks

    Sooo, what do we do with pirate warrior now..... Doomsayer?
  8. OCC Season 4 signups

    Playing uw in rps stunty cup though
  9. OCC Season 4 signups

    yep I had written somewhere that I should give them a go when i joined BB2 so here they are
  10. OCC Season 4 signups

    ok, I deleted my previous post so this one counts (for now ) coach name: Wismerhill team name: Randy Newman Fanatics Race: Chaos Dwarves rulez schmulz
  11. OCC Season 4 signups

    fyi, if I happen to qulify for the invitational, ill have to postpone my joining of the occ2 also I might still go for something completely different teamwise, but ill let youi know as soon as I know :)
  12. Constructed - Standard

    Hmm pirate will surely suffer...
  13. Will awards be coming back?

    just wait and see Jav, just wait and see
  14. crafted hunert DK, got shaman one from solo adv. used the 2k dust I received to craft the rest of the midrange hunter deck and some cards for new secret mage deck. still run my pirate deck with FT additions as well. didnt prepurchase neither had I some gold to spare :)
  15. A Noob Wrangler Goes Green

    Jeej and welcome aboard the green train! Choochoo Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk