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  1. Season 9 Signups

    ? No qualification for the championa league here... Just proper long term league play
  2. oh but when you click on a team link in the leaderboard you still see the matches played and their outcome. so there is a workaround
  3. Guess thats because the ingame divs have been deleted and the new ones have been created. Pidpad will have the standings
  4. The People Have Chosen

    This Seaons: goes to @Suido for not 1 but 2 of his contributions to the MD threads http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/topic/32505-s8-md8-the-skavenbury-tails/ http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/topic/32339-s8-md3-fat-free-filis-fatal-fondness/ Both got 18 votes! If you want a shot at this great award yourself, JOIN the FLUFFTEAM!!

    LOUD, PROUD, PUTRID and PESTILENT. ~~~ Regor and his Carnival of Nurgz celebrate as they are now the SEASON 8 CHAMPIONS! ~~~ ~~~ Truly terrifying tentacles trape along the streets and leave their tender trails. Let's all celebrate with REGOR!... but, you know. Bring a gas-mask or something. For safety-reasons... . Yay! *cough cough*
  6. Sustenance of Fluffers

    We now have a TIE so we need more votes to point out the bestest FLUFF!!
  7. youve got 14 days to get bettter!
  8. well, since my 2 scorers start with 8+4+1+1+1 eerrr nope :)
  9. Hey great members of the OCC! I know most of you think that the fantastic MDthreads appear by magic BUT its not that kind of wizard that makes them happen... @C2MC @Suido @Smiling Tom and myself have done them this season. For next season we would like some extra blood in our team no, not that kind of blood ofc :) so feel free to drop me a PM if you are interested to join the Fluffers!
  10. Sustenance of Fluffers

    Sillybillies, dont like THIS post..... :)
  11. Sustenance of Fluffers

    When you look up the word Sustenance, the dictionary gives you the following meaning: Fot the Fluffers thats all fine and dandy, but they are much more in need of: to upvote their MD threads and show your appreciation So go HERE and upvote the mdthread you liked most and by the end of the season check out if your choice will win the this season! on behalf of your Fluffers: @Suido @C2MC @Smiling Tom @wismerhill
  12. New member - info on league BB1

    Sorry @desdom all 10 coaches showed up for the league