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  1. Hmm Just some math. Stunty cup runs for another 3 weeks, then playoffs for possibly another 4 OCC starts end of feb as well, meaning od have to juggle 3 leagues and captaining 1... Think ill have to pass but will likely want to join amd captain the next one
  2. hmm i did like the cross platform tournament. i will give this a thought
  3. S15 signup thread will go up in a couple of days
  4. Hi @wismerhill - quic question - can you do a reset (as admin) for any tier or should we go to the tier coached. ?


    The reason for the question is @KhaZil and I just  had a disconnected for MD 5 - we can still play but need the match reset etc. 


    @Mongloom @Ozone - FYI

    1. wismerhill


      If @KhaZil can confirm I can do that

    2. Nateguy75


      No worries.  The concession was a win for me, so I'm sure he will :)





    3. wismerhill


      just read the 6a thread, its clear. reset is done

  5. hmm thats only a 2 hour drive... may be doable. have to check with the bosslady do you have a non facebook link?
  6. Allrighty, in light of yesterdays events doin this today seems logical: the poll is closed and roughly 1/3 has voted or stated they dont care :) MD4 will run from december 18th till january 1st MD5 will be a normal week from january 1st till january 8th
  7. this. checking teams is a nightmare when they have more than OCC played games in their history
  8. played a coupl eof rounds yesterday. looks like fun indeed. still in beta though, so who knows what theyll end up with
  9. roughly 1/3 of the coaches has responded to the poll. If you have an opinion about this, use your vote!
  10. As this will be the season with the Season in it, we will have to work with some kind of extension. This year is particularly fun as the hollidays cut nicely between MD4 and 5. We would like to include everyone in the decision what extension to use in this POLL so please vote. Poll will close december 11th and then we will announce what will happen!
  11. Hey great members of the OCC! I know most of you think that the fantastic MDthreads appear by magic BUT its not that kind of wizard that makes them happen... @C2MC @Suido @brocCooLi @Gobas and myself have done them this season. For next season we would like some extra blood in our team no, not that kind of blood ofc :) so feel free to drop me a PM if you are interested to join the Fluffers!
  12. On July 8th 1509 a very young Nostradamus had a vision: He then prophesied the creation of a Blood Bowl League like no other exactly 500 years from that day! July 8th 2009 was the day that had been prophesied. It was the day the first season of the Orca Cola Championship kicked off!! In the months prior to this joyous moment our beloved game had been playtested by many coaches and leagues, of which the OCC was by far the largest (or so it has been told). And it is written that the league was created even before the game came out officially!!! (other people say that Cyanide waited to release the game, UNTIL the OCC was formed, which is the version we like to believe). The founder (or one of the founders) of this soon to be legendary League was Zephire, a Blood Bowl enthousiast from Belgium. The early seasons redsuits counted amongst them a number of people who are still with us to this very day (like Pidpad and Doomy) At its peak, the OCC was sporting 290 coaches among 29 divisions (tiers 2 to 8 and the ten Division 1 coaches). Today, nearly 50!! seasons after its creation, the OCC is still going strong with about 200 coaches who enjoy the game together on a daily basis...and it is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon! In the early season it was coach Flix and his woodelves that dominated the OCC and taking home many of the OCC chamionshipthrophies! Ever since then the OCC has been won by nearly all races, having added Bantha’s vamps just last season! Over the years the team of directors changed, but most that dropped the green, remained in the Teal Council to support the Directors when in need. Early 2017 the ownership of the OCC changed hands. Zephire finally trusted the then ruling greensuits with his baby. The OCC has know some crises, but one of the most notable ones was the sudden crash of BloodBowlManager. Everybody was panicking as to how we could check standing, do seedings etc: Luckily we knew Doneagle who we now can thank for our very solid working Leaderboards. Even though the transfer from BBCE to BB2 was a challenge, the Directors managed to make it happen in a smooth way. So in conclusion: The OCC has been running for 10 years and nearly 50 seasons and there aint no stopping us! Now go out and use this in between time to celebrate our anniversary by playing lots and lots of BRAWL! Due to S12 falling mid summerholliday season, we postponed this thread till now. Given you all ample time to celebrate and congratulate
  13. This seasons most liked MD thread was written by @brocCooLi The winnning thread was MD6: Swedo and Garfoul: The sound of Nuffle All hail Broc and gratz on winning this:
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