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  1. The Witchwood

    still secret mage and zoolock and a fun but fruitless rogue deck
  2. The People have Chosen

    The people have chosen @C2MC as their favorite MD thread writer!! Players and coaches just couldnt get enough of his Khorne Flakes! Lets hope he doesnt get crushed under this pressure as he will be writing more fluff for S7!
  3. Join the Fluffers!

    We are now recruiting fluffers for S7!
  4. Resetting MNG's for next season

    its just that player tend to be overly excited for the season to end and just hit a bit harder when hits connect
  5. Resetting MNG's for next season

  6. AndyDavo is our S6 Champion

    First of a big and warm: To comment on this epic achievement Commentator: We have found Eldril Rondon, star thrower of High and Mighty! available. Mister Rondon, what a great team effort you made this season! I guess the great coaching skills of @AndyDavo really put your team on the right track Eldril: We won the title because i am the best player there is period. I have nothing further to comment. Commentator: Well, what else can one expect from those high and mighty high elves.... Lets all take 2 weeks to think on how to NOT let an elf team win next season!
  7. Season 7 Signups

    Then you need to post in the 6e decision thread😉
  8. The Witchwood

    Reading this i am.quite happy with shudderwood for free and tess out off 7 packs. No what to do, but the 500 dust for iceblock was nice. Will wait a couple.of weekd before i dust all my cards and craft the ones i want😉
  9. The Witchwood

    hah, ill have 4 packs and 140 dust!
  10. Wismerhill Chorfs Dulce and decorum 18+
  11. The Witchwood

    I only have and play the warlock one, but the deck I find the most fun to play is this: rogue 2x backstab 2x shadowstep 2x fire fly 2x glacial shard 2x swashbuckler 2x wx golem prince Keleseth Edwin van Cleef Igneos elemental 2x SI7: Agent SOnya Tar creeper 2x Elven Minstril 2x sarnoite chaingang 2x cobalt scalebane 2x vilespine slayer Reckless Rocketeer 2x blazecaller
  12. The Witchwood

    Yeah i am even tempted to get out my wallet this time..
  13. Tavern Brawl

    I went for secret mage with mad scientist. that was fun. came to 6 wins, but lack of time kept me from getting more