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  1. This seasons most liked MD thread was written by @C2MC The winnning thread was this on All hail C2MC and gratz on winning this:
  2. and now you all know why I am just prodding not writing MD threads :)
  3. every season a team of crazy creative cun coaches set out to write the greatest MD mdthread ever written. this season this team was: @C2MC @Gobas @Suido prodded frequently by me All the time and energy they put in this is to win over your hearts and win the here should be a picture for the people's choice award But in order for them to be eligible they need votes have you allready voted the one you liked most? here should be a 'good job' meme if you havnt: here shoudl be a 'shame on you' meme with angry cat and here should be a 'go vote' meme tnx the fluffmeister
  4. Oops i was wrong then Your Norse will do just fine. @brocCooLi or myself will issue a ticket to you. Welcome back!
  5. We are looking for a replacement team in 5C TV1340 norse this is the team: http://www.bb2leaguemanager.com/Leaderboard/team_detail.php?team_id=2384279&community_id=1 anything similar would me good
  6. this is about an actual RL TT BB WC :) real life table top blood bowl world cup
  7. deleted my post cause I am stupid
  8. got commander rhyssa 2 epics i got the free wizard legend i think
  9. the link to your oppo directs me towards Suido's misfits
  10. I got some dust so will probably wait till end of april before i craft a nice looking deck
  11. Please post in your divisional forum
  12. Yup and everyone thought that as all 3 got 20+ upvotes
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