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  1. I know, i looked it up. Still think you trying to bribe your way to the isle
  2. Still dont see why getting smacked on the so hard that your muscles and bones go stiff needs to be censored
  3. Lennifers vengeance **** had been so **** ***** that ally has learned to keep standing *****!
  4. wismerhill

    Raising in tiers.

    as ive did my time studying them and doin some shadow seeding several times, id like to see myself as Pidpad-light :)
  5. wismerhill

    Raising in tiers.

    as an addon. most bonuspromotion happen from T6 to T4 or from T5 to T3 further up they tend to happen less
  6. wismerhill

    Raising in tiers.

    nope. double promotions happen quite often. This is mainly due to people rerolling or quitting. the entire seeding process is a well kept secret by @Pidpad but to be eligible for a bonus promotion you should be #1 or 2 of your div in the least
  7. Ally has heard that Lennifer is trying to become a fierce quarterback and wants to make her arm even stronger than it allready is. He uses this knowledge for inspiration: The olde: S9 Md9. This was the game where Lennifer threw her first actual ball pass. Allyrdr went to Mohovil Klychko (the MVP who got the gameball postmatch) and kindly asked him (by playing left hand right hand with his head) the game ball. the new: Ally took a knitting class and knitted an arm warmer to keep his loves throwing arm warm during the halftime break the borrowed: Ally knows what Lenni needs for that final push to grow a strong arm, so he asked his coach if Lennifer could borrow some of our practice gnoblars, they are bigger and more heavy than the ones we use in games. You may break them btw something blue: Ally takes a deep breath and punches Lennifer full on her left eye (he knows she closes this eye when she aims, so its not bad for her throwing practice). 'A blue eye to remember me by' he says, with tears in his eyes and stands still for Lenni to exact her vengeance blow :0
  8. Havnt got the coins to join, but ill just say in between md9 and s11 md1
  9. wismerhill

    Rastakhan's Rumble

    Too bad as i only had a secret hunter deck...gonna wait a couple of days to see what changes work
  10. Allyrdr knocks on Lennifers door (a sophisticated 30 minutes late, which Lennifer doesnt notice as she cant tell the time AS WELL) and whe she opens, she sees he holds a beautiful blossomtree in his hands: 'A big bookay for a big lady' he grins, Lennifer accepts them and tosses the tree in the corner of her room. 'I've heard from my mate that I sent on your last date, he was the gnoblar that killed a minotaur in that cage, that the other guys just stuffed you and made you watch silly fight or gave you some weak rat to smash around. They dont know you like I do, my dearest Lenni' Ally take Lennifer to a bloodbowl practice field and tells her:' i know how much you like the game and how much you like tough opposition so we are gonna play a good 1 on 1.' Ally cant blame Dogbert for thinking it was sweet to kill the wizard for Lennifer, but he knows she'd like to do it herself. He had his waterboy get some other washed out wizard and gave the guy a bag of coins (the wizard didnt dare to ask what sort of coins, with the ogre hovering over him). When Lennifer and Ally take to the pitch, the wizard walks to the centre holding a pigskin. 'Ok Lenni, when the whistle blows we both start running towards that WIZARD and... Before Ally can continue on, Lennifer rushes towards the centre of the pitch and take a dive at the Ball Wizard holding the ball, breaking him in half. Thats Ally's cue to rush Lennifer for a evening full of fondling, hitting, crushing each other on and hopefully off the pitch as well