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  1. wismerhill

    Adding Images to Posts

    I just posted this picture of myself from imgur. upload it then select get share links and pick the BBCode
  2. wismerhill

    Bantha is Green!

    As Bantha has been an admin for a loooong time and does his work splendidly as well as voice the occasional question we decided to take him in as well. Besides he might be a vampire as he is coaching them for waaaaay to long and we want to be able to keep a close eye on possible vampiric threads to the OCC :) welcome to the OCC directors Brother B!
  3. wismerhill

    Suido is Green!

    As we didnt have a bartenden/saloonholder yet and 7 of us come from countries in the top 10 of most alcohol consumption it was only logical to make Suido a green! But also his contributions to the forum, outstanding adminduties have been taken into consideration ofc :) Welcome new OCC Director!
  4. Oh and i you want to, you can collect on your bounty in 45 minutes instead of tomorrow morning. Lemme know
  5. playing vs broc with no usefull players 0 mb and vs his regen so count me out
  6. wismerhill

    Discord Streamers Channel

    Hello all you avid Blood Bowl Streamers, from now on you can post about your streams in the OCC discord streamers channel. For anyone else: stop by, check their streams, post your own blood bowl related streams or start one of your own! Have fun now! cheers, your greens
  7. wismerhill

    Side bets

    make sure to tell @brocCooLi that he its not ok that he chooses organizing a TT tourney instead of doing his admin duties :)
  8. wismerhill

    Side bets

    The one broc is organizing? Have fun!
  9. wismerhill

    Season 9 Signups

    ? No qualification for the championa league here... Just proper long term league play
  10. oh but when you click on a team link in the leaderboard you still see the matches played and their outcome. so there is a workaround
  11. Guess thats because the ingame divs have been deleted and the new ones have been created. Pidpad will have the standings
  12. wismerhill

    The People Have Chosen

    This Seaons: goes to @Suido for not 1 but 2 of his contributions to the MD threads http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/topic/32505-s8-md8-the-skavenbury-tails/ http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/topic/32339-s8-md3-fat-free-filis-fatal-fondness/ Both got 18 votes! If you want a shot at this great award yourself, JOIN the FLUFFTEAM!!
  13. wismerhill


    LOUD, PROUD, PUTRID and PESTILENT. ~~~ Regor and his Carnival of Nurgz celebrate as they are now the SEASON 8 CHAMPIONS! ~~~ ~~~ Truly terrifying tentacles trape along the streets and leave their tender trails. Let's all celebrate with REGOR!... but, you know. Bring a gas-mask or something. For safety-reasons... . Yay! *cough cough*
  14. wismerhill

    Sustenance of Fluffers

    We now have a TIE so we need more votes to point out the bestest FLUFF!!
  15. youve got 14 days to get bettter!