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  1. Season 6 signups

    Welcome.. nurgle is a big leap from stunty... keep them filthies away from me!
  2. Season length

    I vote yay
  3. Join the Fluffers!

    Hello everybody, Its the OCC´s Fluffmeister here. The past season you all have read 18 incredibly well written and creative MD threads. These were written by member of the OCC Fluff teams. to join the Fluffteam for S6 and beyond! So if you feel creative, got news to spread across the OCC, or just want to spoil us with fancy pictures, all somehow leading upto the matchday fixtures, feel very free to PM ME: @wismerhill
  4. S5 - Replacement Wanted

    And this was when occ1 was allready on its final legs. We were happy with any and all
  5. S5 - Replacement Wanted

    Nope thata not an option. Replacement team can not go into occ. Sorry
  6. Can star players get mvp?

    Yes and he will get it often
  7. How does the meta look like currently?

    Well in 6f we have a 4-0-0 dwarf squad..
  8. Too late?

    You can join the reserve pool and check the replacement thread regularly.
  9. S5 - Replacement Wanted

    @Antrm Whats the name of your high elf team. You will get put in 5b asap. Ill give you the rights to visit the t5 forum so you can arrange md3 with your oppo. You will be replacing Sheyra
  10. S5 - Replacement Wanted

    I guess the high elf is a good enough fit @wolves in exile can I take him?
  11. S5 - Replacement Wanted

    We also need a replacement in T5 for a 1330 Kislev team
  12. S5 - Replacement Wanted

    thats not ideal as most teams have had 1 or 2 seasons played (9-18 matches)
  13. BB2 - Stunty League

    If we hit 20 and theres a restriction on starz ill change to flings!
  14. Season length

    Discord for sure and then possibly forums RPS TBBL UKBBL RBBL Will most likely agree, RPS allready has tbh
  15. BB2 - Stunty League

    yeah, I will attempt to dethrone those UW´s :) and win it with my own UW team!