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  1. Dungeon runs

    Then i must suck Lock i came to 6 Rogue stranded at 5 Now on Hunter
  2. What the Fluff??

    so thats 6 allready. Ill leave this open till the 10th and then I post the fulffteams!
  3. What the Fluff??

    Depending on how many fluffers, but around 3 i think. I personally use imgur btw
  4. What the Fluff??

    care to join in this season?
  5. What the Fluff??

    I want to continue fluffing :)
  6. What the Fluff??

    @Bantha @Jadman @Larkstar @Smiling Tom @Dortmund and myself were responsible for the amazing MD threads this season. If this somehow inspired you or you just think you can do it better (which I highly doubt:)) feel free to sign up for fluff duty by posting in this thread! For clarity you dont HAVE to be an admin to be a Fluffer, So you can have al the fun of creating magnificent MD threads and wont have to deal with the burden of being an administrator : 1st MD thread needs to be up by sunday the 17th, so you still have a little time to consider, but I want to know whose willing to fluff by the 10th
  7. Season 5 signups

    Heya, maybe we get in the same div so i can take revenge from oour tbbl le invitational match!
  8. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    Your team will get in tomorrow. Meanwhile you will get coach rights asap
  9. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    damnit, ninja'd
  10. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    nope, no race restriction. Just make sure you read our rules and Code of Conduct. welcome
  11. OCC Season 4 signups

    Our LLC, the bb1 league mighr just have a single.spot left @doomy can tell you
  12. Warlock decks

    So if it appears in a pack youll craft it.. thats odd 😆
  13. Warrior decks

    Just need 3200 dust..
  14. Warrior decks

    Sooo, what do we do with pirate warrior now..... Doomsayer?
  15. OCC Season 4 signups

    Playing uw in rps stunty cup though