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  1. Hah, death by leaping has happenend more than enough for me to take your coins. In!
  2. The Boomsday Project

    Didnt buy any packs and havnt played in 3 weeks... will take a looksie in a week when i get back from vacation
  3. Season 8 Signups

    Next season starts the 15th. Md1 will run till midnight the 21st. If you can get someone to sign your team up and be back in time to play md1, there is no reason to withdraw. Even if you cant find someone, but are able to sign up around the 15rh its ok.
  4. Season 8 Signups

    Ooh so now we know your age? Welcome back old man. See you next season!
  5. S8 Fluffers assemble!

    Want to try your hand at writing mdthreads? Sent me a pm to join the s8 fluff team!
  6. LLC BBCE signup

    Feel nostalgic to play with your former OCC1 team? Join the LLC S4. 2week matchdays ALL old OCC BBCE teams allowed
  7. S7 Replacements Wanted

    Recreating the team seems fairest i think. And since bb2 has that option.. You can use any name as long as it fots our Code of Conduct?
  8. S7 Replacements Wanted

    Try again. I gave you your rights now?
  9. S7 Replacements Wanted

    In the meantime @Hordemaster amd @Forsete can arrange to play md7 before tuesday 000utc You can use the 5a matchdaythread or PM
  10. S7 Replacements Wanted

    Nope. Apply to the occ t5a and we will sort you out
  11. S7 Replacements Wanted

    We need a TV1500ish Chrof team for T5 any takers?
  12. Friendly games

    Not really sure, but I think it messes with the team stats. If we have to check something on your team, we cant as some stats are from friendly matches etc...
  13. Snaked a dodge was a niggle. I was tempted to keep that but the player just lvld. Apod to bh..
  14. ill get back to you on this one come monday morning
  15. The Witchwood

    ultimately le to having the druid token deck. now I have odd rigue odd palli secret mage and token druid.. time to play HS for some hours running