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  1. Concesions, money and SPP

    Ok, and what determines if a match is a concession or an admin win?
  2. Concesions, money and SPP

    Hi there! I just got an adminned win because my opponent missed our match. To my surprise, I discover that I only get the normal amount of cash, no extra spp other than 2 TDs and MVP, but that my opponent gets also cash, MVP and 1 TD. I understand that this is not in the hands of the admins to fix, but thought it was important to put some spotlight on this because it kinda feels unfair.
  3. Why is google labeling occ forums as a phishing site? o_O

    1. Zephire


      Site has been cleaned and a backup has been restored. Awaiting the clearing from Google and Firefox atm. But all is ok :)

    2. Smiling Tom
    3. Patros


      That is what they want you to think!!!!!

  4. After 90 something games, legendary wolf Son of Arugal has died doing his job, marking the enemy ball carrier til the bitter end.

    1. Borke


      Damn, that stings. A great player he was!

    2. bjj hero

      bjj hero

      Chasing cars will eventually catch up with you...

    3. meebee


      That hurts!

      A true legend passed away.

      I admit, i tried twice to retire him early, as he was such a pita, but i have also been somewhat jealous.

      Chin up! You will make more legends in the not so far future!

  5. Hearthstone?

    Perhaps if it was a Preacher instead...
  6. Hearthstone?

    Wait for it, looks like mages needed another 1 drop because reasons.
  7. Hearthstone?

    New adventure announced - One night in Karazhan
  8. Hearthstone?

    You can t embed shortene links. Copy Paste from the nav bar [media]
  9. Hearthstone?

    I feel awful for crafting Nzoth instead of Yogg
  10. Hearthstone?

    Many deck standards are legend-centric around one or more of the new ones. I felt that too. The easiest decks to build right now have to be the agro shaman and the warlock deck . Both can be build without none of the new epic or legend cards, but for the agro shaman a doomhammer or two is very handy. Pirate warrior and shield weenie pala doesn't require purples or legends either, but the warrior one really gains with them.
  11. Hearthstone?

    The funniest (and fastest) yog deck I've seen was a druid version, with all mana boosters and card draws, mulchs and whatnot. I defeated him because he overdraw due to yog playing 2 sprints on him
  12. Hearthstone?

    Lack of early game is the big issue. But even if you get past that stage, if you are facing other control decks (pala, warrior) they own your ass badly, too
  13. Hearthstone?

    Velen can be funky, but nigh impossible to keep him alive 1 turn, But with some emperor's help can deal quite a burst
  14. Hearthstone?

    Ok, thanks for the input! Sylvanas it is.
  15. Hearthstone?

    Soo... got again enough for a legend. Unsure which of the basic set craft tho. Missing Van Cleef, King Crush, Jaraxxus, Ragnaros, Sylvanas, Ysera, Jones and Malygos from the list that I see played more often. I'd pass on Jaraxxus as warlock is a class I rarely play and even with that class it ain't an auto include at all. Van Cleef is similar, but at least opens options. From the generic ones, I guess that Jones and Malygos are more corner case/situational while Ragnaros, Sylvanas and Ysera are game winners/table changers more often than not. Even with Ysera I won't be in a position to build a dragon deck (missing the taunt ones from Tournament) but I guess it's easier to get there. Any suggestion?