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  1. Actually this is highly monitored, stored, remembered and very disliked by both admins and green suits.
  2. And if you are bad apple and try to crew the system to many times, system will screw you aka ps. to be clear is not that we are banning people right away all the time, thanks fortunes its not the case. But we got that option.
  3. Every one (specially me) love Niggle players. They are so much more fun to foul.
  4. Gratz!!!! Updated Very Important Informations About Greensuits - Click Click!!!!!
  5. Gratz!!!! Updated Very Important Informations About Greensuits - Click Click!!!!!
  6. Gobas

    OCC cast?

    Juriel right now ? (please please preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty please)
  7. Hope you will like it:



  8. hi!

    we need a reset, can you help us, please?



    tier 3

    creed vs dara




  9. As I played some on my second Blizz account as Free To Play Hearthstone try (my main is far from being free to play :P) I must say Classic is being classic for reason. While now Ragnaros, Sylvanas and Azure Drake will rotate out they were staple of many many decks. And many other classic cards are core of decks. And you can (as I tried ) win many games and have positive win rate with deck made of only or almost only classic and basic cards. When playing smart you can win with Boulderfist Ogres and Yetis. I found deck recipes that are in game are quite good (not outstanding) but good for first games and to learn and understand basics of Hearthstone or to give you idea of how each class works. About net decks. I sometimes play them but I rarely use those mega top tier decs, usually I take those tier 1,5 or tier 1 with twist decks. About making your own deck, its hard to invent something that will blow up meta, but I have much fun sometimes changing couple of cards in standard deck recipe. That have couple or merits. 1) its fun to not play something all ppl play 2) many ppl play to grind ranks and they just take net deck that "dominates" in meta (like Pirate Warrior/Jade Druid/Shaman now) and don't know how to play vs unusual card or deck (I like using cards that were nerfed but still usable like Owl or Big Game Hunter). 3) sometimes you will be decimated game by game, and then its sign you should change something but I have one deck (in Wild) that I have absurd win rate of 70% after more than 50 games. I play in little lower ranks (like rank 12 max usually) but I made that Casino Random Mage for fun and if I would play only decks taken from deck I would never find this and never had that fun of blowing ppl with deck they does not expect.
  10. I love all changes that are will be done in Year of Mammoth (but got some one simple issue) . 1 - I love idea of Hall of Fame. Classic set should be, well classic. Should cover all basic class cards that in some way define each class. But if deck uses 80% then something is wrong. Different class cards should be good in different decks. Like in Druid we have classic cards to theme: Beats, Ramp, Tokens. Classic cards (specially class one) should not be deck by itself. 2 - I am very ok wih all Classic>Hall Of Fame choices. - Azure Drake - was absurd good. It was draw engine for all classes AND quite reliable Spell Power AND Dragon. With Drake gone some cards might see play (less popular dragons in dragon decks, less popular spell damage cards like Ogre Magi, and less powered card engines like Novice Engineer or Gnomish Inventor) - Sylvanas - its only of HoF cards I will miss. I love mind games you can do with Sylvanas and love character in Wow and all her Lore. But if this means I can get more fun and new cards that were hold back because of Sylvanas then screw her, I can play her in Wild. - Ragnaros - While I love to play him I never ever feel fun on receiving end. To powerful and random effect that can ruin your day. - Ice Lance/Conceal/Power Overwhelmin - all are 1 Mana spells. All are powerful for their mana cost (and with Emperor they can cost 0). I will not miss any of those. 3 - Expansions x3 instead Expansion/Adventure/Expansion. I love it! While adventures were fun to play waiting whole week to play some missions and receive couple of cards was painful. Also more cards = more fun, more decks. 4 - New hero - and its only moment I have issue. While I love to receive moar heroes and will welcome this one with hands open I have one question. Where The Hell Are Other Races than Elves! We got tons of Elf heroes (Rogue x2, Hunter, Palladin, Priest). In Wow we have races that 0 heroes now. Where is Undead Hero? Where is Tauren Hero? Where is Gnome Hero? Where is Dranei Hero? Where the hell is most important Goblin Hero?
  11. Love ya Rick & Morty background

    1. Rymdkejsaren


      Thanks! Backgrounds are now available for all! lol

  12. I used truesilvers but 3 Mana 4/5 or sometimes 5/6 Taunt worked better than Truesilver. Even if you heal 2 you still take face damage when using it and it worked bad vs Pirates. Also it was card that was not buffed. I could use two Fight Promoters instead of one and Protector but I don't have second Promoter and Protector proved to many times be Dr.7. About Rag he won me many games. He is huge 8/8 for 8 and his heal is huge. Vs many deck if they do not remove him ASAP he can outheal their damage. Also I test now Murlock Palladin again. With lots of heals, some taunts and Everyfin as finisher. Works ok.
  13. I know its quite simple and one sided deck. But its so fun to beat opponent with bunch of 6/6 or 8/8.
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