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  1. Hi, I am online.

  2. Have a nice evening.
    yes its just random message in forgotten place on Blood Bowl Forum.

  3. Sorted out. Thank you all. Cheers and love
  4. Hello We have two empty spots for tier 5! If you want join and play even more Blood Bowl here are the rules: - any Normal team that played around 9-18 matches is eligible (normal = not mixed team). - you can join tier 5 even if you already play in other Tier in OCC - team is treated as substitute, can't win awards and you will not continue playing with it in OCC in next season (besides occasion when again it will be substitute team). So if you want to play more than once per week, try some new things, play without fear of losing your main team players join Tier 5B now! If you have any team that can join please PM tier 5 Admins - @Gobas and @Tys123
  5. All Hail Nurgle. ps. You stink!
  6. Have a nice Friday Sir.

    1. Gobas


      Oh thank you :*

  7. Hello handsome monkey. How is your day?

    1. Gobas


      Could be better but still alive thank you?
      Would you mind eating banana?

    2. Gobas


      Yes thank you, have a nice day.

    3. Gobas


      You to.
      Cheers love and kisses.

  8. Banana or not to Banana?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Doomy77
    3. Borke


      You're nuts!


      I mean, you're bananas!



    4. Gobas
  9. Actually this is highly monitored, stored, remembered and very disliked by both admins and green suits.
  10. And if you are bad apple and try to screw the system to many times, system will screw you aka ps. to be clear is not that we are banning people right away all the time, thanks fortunes its not the case. But we got that option.
  11. Every one (specially me) love Niggle players. They are so much more fun to foul.
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