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  1. no no, you sir shoud decide. I'm very comfortable playing the both of them so it is you who should get to decide
  2. I'd prolly take dorfs then as they counter a couple of peeps (that or norse), either way is all good with me.
  3. in that case it seems like our roster looks like: -Flash: Kazman - Skaven/DE. -Flex: Ozone - Bretts. -Power: -Smash: Mongloom - Khemri. -Oddball: Larkstar - Flings. I'd then opt for undead as I think they're shit hot at this TV and bob gets to pick whatever he wants to. I'd caution against taking lizards though. A lot of the teams khemri struggle agains lizards also struggle against (woodies & to a lesser extent kislev). It becomes very difficult in the format to have 2 teams avoid leapers in the matchup draft stage. And as I don't see a lot of warbands taking an oddball race, I imagine there will be plenty of woodies and a smattering of kislev around.
  4. Fine Playing as: DE, HE, Skaven, WE, Brets, Kislev, Zons, UW, Chaos, Chorfs and Nurgle Prefer to Play as: Humans, Lizards, Necro, Norse, Undead, Dorfs, Orcs Didn't bother to include Khemri or Oddball races as they're already accounted for.
  5. @RytterT give him a good kickin for me would ya
  6. what pid said + you keep him in spite of cuz you want the claw/mb. edit: unless it's norse ww. Then you fire & replace.
  7. Friday at 5:15 GMT would suit me fine.

  8. 57 packs, 0 legends... time to dust all my goldens. Priest is defo better for dragons tho, while pally has that one nice dragon it doesn't do much else with the theme. Priest now has the 2 mana 2/4 taunt (if u hold drag) which is rly nice along with the 1 drop and they can make decent use of dragonkin if they wanna run buffs. (they can throw in drakbane too for extra value). It's not a bad deck.
  9. you could say the same thing about doctor balanced but Blizzard actively don't want to nerf anything. The reason they gave was they think it makes people unhappy to nerf cards people have invested into to build specific decks. while there is an element of truth in that it's a bs reason.
  10. thank christ they're teasing is with dec then releasing at the end of the month like they did with naxx
  11. the beauty of spellbender isn't blocking harmful spells, it's absorbing buffs. Counter spell is better usually though. But spellbender is the one no one expects,everyone always think of Iceblock before spellbender and the others before that. It can be fun to play with spellbender cause you trick your opponent which is imo what makes secrets fun.
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