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  1. I was thinking it would be good to have a Community Award for the amount of different races a coach manages, a bit like the NAF award for attending tournaments with all the races. it is probably a lot of effort but i would imagine it would hold a lot of interest for a lot of coaches
  2. Rinjarni

    OCC Awards

    Whoop Whoop, Whoop Whoop happy dayz
  3. Rinjarni

    OCC Awards

    im still sad this function is down, are we still working on it can i ask?
  4. not sure i am going to be able to find someone to do that so i will delay my application until next time
  5. err just noticed the start date of the new season is 14th March but i am away on holiday between 9-25 will this hinder my rights to join?
  6. Hello All, Sith Lords is my BB1 name, I have since changed it to Rinjarni for BB2 Been playing over at UKBBL and decided to try you guys out Coach Name: Rinjarni Team Name: TBC Race: Chaos
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