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  1. I'm involved in Twitch Blood Bowl League and we are currently taking signups for Season 8. This is a small league (around 40-50 coaches) usually structured over three tiers. The new season is starting shortly after the release of LE, and its a good opportunity to get in at an even point as all teams will be fresh due to a hard reset of the league. As its a seeding division there are no tiers for the coming season, but your performance will seed you for tier 1-3 for S9. Just found out that we will be having cash prizes to give away (60E for first place, 40E for second place) and hopefully some other prizes for stunty teams, most TDs, most Cas etc. If you are interested in an extra game a week then do come and signup here: http://www.twitchblo....php?f=2&t=5631 Timeline bits here: http://www.twitchblo...&p=10316#p10316
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