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  1. Some of you have already seen this announcement of a design competition for the OCC's 10th anniversary. But many of you haven't yet. I want that to change. That's why I'm making this second announcement, now in the proper place for announcements. Go read the first announcement! And then have a nice day.
  2. Oh my. I assume that you are aware that the rules require your forum name to be changed to your in-game name At least you can still be "a.k.a. Vedholm"!
  3. Can't see any images! But I support this message
  4. Well, I'd say they have at least one fun positional, the Centaur. And depending on your affinity to fouling, they might arguably have a second fun "positional" as well
  5. Adding to what @bob152 posted, we're looking for a Chaos Dwarf team of app. 1950 TV. You can either use an existing team of that TV, or you can recreate the team that is being replaced, Team Wales in division 1A. This is a great opportunity to dip your toe into tier 1, if your main team is in lower divisions. Or if you're waiting to join the OCC next season, you can use this opportunity to join already with a temporary team. In any case, please understand that you will not be able to continue playing this replacement team. You will only be joining with this team for the remaining 5 match days.
  6. Greetings everyone! Tonight, April 6 2019, the OCC web site was hacked. The hackers uploaded potentially malicious code to our server, which was caught by our web site host, who took the site offline. All of the malicious code has since been removed, and the site is working again, as you can see. However, we don't know exactly how long the site was hacked, and what information the hackers could have accessed during this time. We therefore recommend that all users of the OCC web site change their password (click on your user name in the upper right corner and go to "Account Settings"), and also change their password with any other service where they might be using the same password. If you have any questions regarding this issue, you can post them in the thread I created in the dugouts here. Borke
  7. Hello Hudd! While you're not exactly asking a question in the "Questions?" section, I will try to find the possible questions in what you write. It is correct that we consider the 2-1 admin win the norm in cases where an admin win is handed out, while the 2-0 admin win is the exception. We use this exception, generally speaking, as a punishment for coaches who made no reasonable effort to schedule a match. Ultimately, though, the assessment of whether such a punishment is needed lies with the admins of the tier in question. You also accurately describe that a coach who is trying to "game the system" is better served by scheduling a match, and then finding an excuse not to play it. Simply not showing up to a scheduled match (without informing the opponent or admins), however, can be a reason for a 2-0 "punishment" result. You seem to be concerned that coaches might game the system, and while I hope and assume that most OCC coaches aren't, we are wary of this possibility as well, which is why we are tracking unplayed matches (not publically).
  8. Big congrats to Bärserk! It's good to have an Orc Champion every once in a while, otherwise we lose credibility in the name
  9. "Tiny Baby Ogre", Hench-Gobbo #3 mumbles, "I'm sorry I let you down. You're a really awesome Tiny, Baby Ogre, and I wish you all the best." Hench-Gobbo #3 starts to speak more, then stops, and walks away.
  10. No, I'm sorry, the writing mojo has left me, I don't think I will be able to put anything together tonight, and tomorrow I'm gone the whole day. @C2MC, Hench-Gobbo #3 wishes Lennifer and her lucky bachelor all the best. This has been great fun, a truly amazing contest, and I'm happy I got this far
  11. Gosh, I'm sorry! I totally forgot (not the baby Ogre, she's fine!!). I will try to get creative tonight.
  12. As Hench-Gobbo #3 walks up to the stage, he looks confident. He has been researching Ogre legends for a week now, and he has written a poem about the story he liked best (because the hero is small). Bruno the Ogre was smaller Than most other Ogres around His parents and siblings were taller But he was more close to the ground Bruno suffered through school where they mocked him Called him "pebble" and other mean names And through recess the always blocked him From joining in rock throwing games So he was depressed and would eat lots Which turned him rather rotund At least he was good around cook pots So he was tolerated, not shunned Then one day there were shouts in his village And Bruno heard screams "Trolls are here" He ran out, saw them coming to pillage And he started to shiver with fear For the band was lead by the Troll King Who was famous and feared all around He took out other Ogres with one swing Of his club, and they fell to the ground The King came charging for Bruno Who was shocked and expected his death Then he grabbed a pan, wouldn't you know And to scream out he took a deep breath The breath was so deep and he took it so fast That his belt started to burst And the buckle flew off with a massive blast Which nobody noticed at first But the buckle flew for the Troll King And it hit him right 'tween the eyes Thus was born the legend we now sing Of Skullbuckle and the Troll King's demise
  13. Creative juices need to start flowing again, I'm planning to write something tomorrow.
  14. Hench-Gobbo #3 was deep in thought as he was making his path through the Underworld. He wasn't used to thinking deep thoughts, so progress was slow. "Boar rowing", he muttered. "Burrow wing ...". He shook his head, it didn't seem to make any sense. He had to see The Hag. Hench-Gobbo #3 trotted on, ducking between some shacks, only to emerge in front of another. It did not look special in any way, but that was the whole point. He knocked. "Ooo's out there?" a shrieky voice exclaimed. "Friend of Borke!" replied the Goblin hastily. The door opened slightly. "Borke's not known for making friends. Wha's your business?". "Sorry, Hag! I play for Coach Borke, and he said if anyone could help me, you could." "Aaah, right, that sounds more like th'old git. 'Delegating'. Hah!" The old woman seemed to hesitate. "So wha's your problem, then?" "Is a matter of love. I'm marrying an Ogre, and I need some stuff for the weddin'". Hench-Gobbo #3's explanation was half-drowned in shrieking laughter from the old hag. It took quite a while for her to calm down. She looked at the goblin's earnest face. "Oh, you're serious? Come in then." She sat him down on a stool. "'Right, I do make some potions that can ... make a wedding night better. Let me heat the cauldron." "Nonono!" The gobbo's face turned from green to purple. "Is not that! Is a riddle! I need some old, some new, some burrowed, some blue. I already got the new, here, is a fresh tooth from a Dark Elf I hit last match." The hag inspected the tooth. "Seems fresh to me, good. 's even still a little blood on it." She thought for a moment. "Yes, this will work." She went to a back room for a while, and then came back out, holding a necklace. "This is a good luck charm, very old, been bringing luck to many generations of goblins. You can have this, but you tell Borke that he owes me." The goblin seemed worried. This might not be what the coach had had in mind. But this was for Lennifer, he had to do it. "Ok," he said, "but what is burrowed?" "Tha's 'borrowed', but we're not gonna do that. Stealin' is borrowing for experts. You gonna steal some warpstone, an' then, with this Dark Elf blood, we're gonna turn that warpstone blue. Then we put the tooth in the warpstone and put the warpstone on the necklace, an' then i's all in one, old, new, borrowed and blue. Gonna be lucky AND chemical!" Hench-Gobbo #3 beamed. This was going to be the best wedding present ever!
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