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  1. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    So, no Gutter Runners is not a good strategy then? Or are you getting some development in return for those early losses?
  2. Season 6 Racial Mix....

    There are always interesting dynamics at play when you look at the mix of any particular season. The fact that quite a few of the races were not released when the league was started, and only joined 2 1/2 seasons ago, is a big factor. And there's also the traditional Claw > Bash > Elf > Claw rule, which often leads to an ebb and flow of certain races at the top. I think the following comparison is quite interesting: Team S6 All Tiers (absolute) S6 All Tiers (%) S6 C-2 (absolute) S6 C-2 (%) Necromantic 22 11,00 9 15,00 Dark Elf 21 10,50 9 15,00 Chaos 16 8,00 8 13,33 Orc 13 6,50 4 6,67 Chaos Dwarf 9 4,50 2 3,33 Elven Union 9 4,50 1 1,67 Lizard 9 4,50 4 6,67 Nurgle 9 4,50 5 8,33 Undead 9 4,50 5 8,33 Human 8 4,00 3 5,00 Kislev 8 4,00 2 3,33 Skaven 8 4,00 2 3,33 High Elf 7 3,50 1 1,67 Wood Elf 7 3,50 3 5,00 Norse 6 3,00 0 0,00 Underworld 6 3,00 0 0,00 Amazon 5 2,50 0 0,00 Bretonnia 5 2,50 1 1,67 Halfling 5 2,50 0 0,00 Khemri 4 2,00 1 1,67 Ogre 4 2,00 0 0,00 Vampire 4 2,00 0 0,00 Dwarf 3 1,50 0 0,00 Goblin 3 1,50 0 0,00 Total 200 100,00 60 100 I've ordered this table by the overall number, but the two columns to the right show the distribution in the upper three tiers (Championship, Tier 1, Tier 2). As can be seen, the top 3 races are heavily overrepresented in the upper tiers, while Orc has the same representation up there as it has in the whole league. I'd expect several coaches currently in the upper tiers to reroll eventually. It's quite brutal up there at the moment, and all those claw teams in the upper tiers (24 out of 60) maybe be good at dishing out pain, but they will feel it, too.
  3. Sry, is there any possibility to get into the World Cup Qualifiers. Had Birthday this weekend and complete missed this opportunity?

    Many thanks


  4. Season 6 Racial Mix....

    I support both those choices. Underworld are great, but can't fault you for going with Khemri
  5. Season 6 Racial Mix....

    Here's what I just came up with: Amazon 5 Bretonnia 5 Chaos 16 Chaos Dwarf 9 Dark Elf 21 Dwarf 3 Elven Union 9 Goblin 3 Halfling 5 High Elf 7 Human 8 Khemri 4 Kislev 8 Lizard 9 Necromantic 22 Norse 6 Nurgle 9 Ogre 4 Orc 13 Skaven 8 Undead 9 Underworld 6 Vampire 4 Wood Elf 7
  6. I'm afraid that sign-ups are closed. Invitations have already been sent out, and the matches will start very soon. Since all the rosters have already been revealed, we won't accept any further reserves at this point, even if someone has to drop out, due to the unfair advantage.
  7. @Geiger, @Galenth, you two are the last contestants, the qualifier is now full! Geiger already got his roster request PM earlier, Galenth you will get yours in a moment.
  8. You can sign-up, we have two spots still open. Once these two spots are filled (or on April 5 in the evening, which ever comes first), the sign-up will be closed for good.
  9. @Keith carr, @Crystal_Hunter, @Rymdkejsaren: Since we have open slots to fill, reserves will get to participate!
  10. Added you in as a reserve now, and I wish you tons of fun! List of reserves is now: 1) keith carr 2) Crystal_Hunter 3) Rymdkejsaren
  11. I think you are probably confusing the OCC with some other league in this respect. You only registered here on this forum in the middle of August, 2017, and you only ever made 1 post here prior to today (that post has since been deleted when we cleaned up the forum a bit). And we never had any competitions here that lasted for only 3 matches. As for other leagues you can participate in, we only have one league, our main league, the Orca Cola Championship. If you want to find out more about it, I suggest that you have a look at our help section and start here. The Orca Cola Championship is currently finishing match day 3 of the 9 match day season, so it's going to be roughly 8 weeks before the next season starts, and roughly 4-5 weeks before the signups are opened for that next season.
  12. I'm sorry, but that's not a lot to go by. I can't find you in the records of our current BB2 league, and I can't find you in the records of our former BB1 league. Unless you can give me some more solid information, I'm afraid I have to decline your signup.
  13. Greetings Spartako! Our qualifier is open only to those coaches who are currently playing in the OCC, or have played in the OCC at some point in the past. I can't find you under the name "Spartako" anywhere. Did you play in the OCC in BB1 or BB2 under a different name? If not, then I'm afraid I can't accept your registration for the qualifier.
  14. Season 2 Winners!

    We now have the final coach based standings for season 2, with big thanks to @dode! Congratulations to @Mongloom for being the best overall coach, and to @Orielensis and @Larkstar for places 2 and 3. Very well done, your awards will be handed out shortly!
  15. Updated! I still need you to reply to my PM and submit your roster, though.