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  1. Season length

    Will do, I'll try to stir up interest in the discussion!
  2. I agree that being selective about your skills is probably a luxury Ogres can't afford. And I wasn't talking as much about the present, as I was about the future. Ok, maybe a little bit about the present. I think the Wrestle/DP is bloaty, and I think that all the DT Gnoblars are bloaty. The Leader/Wrestle Gnoblar is ok for now. If you get +AG on any of the skilled Gnoblars, you're going to be sad because now they have unnecessary skills which they don't need to do their main job: Fly like an eagle and score. Also, developed players level more slowly (unless their additional skills help them in leveling, like Block or MB), which means you will have less frequent chances of getting +AG on a Gnoblar.
  3. I gotta say, the team is looking good! The death of Queef Latina was a tragedy and certainly a setback, but you came out of the season stronger than you've gone in. Of course, the TV is already starting to skyrocket. What are your plans of dealing with that, with both the inducements you might be handing out, and with the spiralling expenses?
  4. Season length

    First thought: We should give the 3 month schedule a little bit longer to prove itself. Second thought: While the "fast" coaches can always start another team to try and get to the top, the slow coaches don't have any "catch up" mechanism or other options. However, I also see the need to keep the "fast" coaches happy, cause they are the ones making the channel active, which ultimately will be the factor that draws more people in over time. Need to think more!
  5. Pidpad's Pidpad Challenge

    Reading up on your Orc exploits has been good fun! Bobs being useless: confirmed!
  6. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 9

    Congratulations, on the win, the overall season, and the great level!
  7. OCB Admins: General Stuff

    Understood, you will of course be welcome whenever you drop by the Brawl!
  8. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 8

    I like this, looking forward to it
  9. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 5

    This is going to be great! Dara is a legendary coach with Flings, you will have your work cut out for you
  10. OCB Admins: General Stuff

    No objections, sounds good!
  11. OCB Admins: General Stuff

    That's a brilliant idea, I love it!
  12. OCB Admins: General Stuff

    I also like how busy the Brawl is at the moment, even though I only play the occasional match here or there myself - it gives me pleasure to see so many people apparently enjoying themselves! My curiosity would like to know where all the new faces actually come from, but that's something for later perhaps. I'm very much in favour of advertising on more league forums. I did the two that I have closer ties to (BBT and TBBL), I would suggest that for any other leagues we approach, it should preferably be someone who has good connections. I will definitely repeat my announcements on BBT and TBBL at a later time, as long as it's not "spammy", a few repeats won't hurt. So, @Orielensis, @Bo Diddly, are there any leagues that you feel happy approaching? As for your suggestion of the Cyanide boards, @Rymdkejsaren, I think that's a good step at this point. It needs to be formulated more carefully than what I did with BBT and TBBL, I think, because we know the audience a bit less over there. Which is why I'd be happy if you did it :) I also agree that Steam forums are a step too far.
  13. Season 1 Winners!

    It's over a week since we finished the inaugural season of the OCB (it feels a lot longer already, actually), so it's high time we announced the winners. The honour and fame of coaching the best three teams of the OCB Season 1 goes to: #1 Orielensis - Get the Admin!!! (Underworld) - 13-3-2 #2 Ozone - Hope for Pows (Necromantic) - 14-5-6 #3 Rymdkejsaren - Two Horns to Ride (Chaos) - 14-4-7 Congratulations to all of you, and in particular to Orielensis, our first OCB champion! At some point in the future we will have awards, too, and we will add the well deserved awards to all three of you then
  14. Season 5 signups

    Hello Mysticjon! Our main league, the OCC, is currently on its second match day (of 9). If you want to join the league with a team and continue to play that team in the coming seasons, the team needs to be completely fresh (no matches played), and you need to post here that you are available as a reserve. If a spot opens (and there is no guarantee that it will), reserves get contacted via PM by the admins and the first to respond usually gets the spot. On the other hand, you can also declare that you are available as a temporary replacement. This would be for the current season only, replacement teams cannot continue playing in the OCC in coming seasons. Replacement teams can be developed, and if a spot for a replacement team opens, admins will usually post asking for specific teams and TV ranges. If that's of interest to you, check out the following thread: Finally, we also have an open ladder, called the Orca Cola Brawl (or OCB for short), which is open to fresh teams, and people usually look for matchups via our Discord channel. You can find more information here: http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/forum/512-orca-cola-brawl/
  15. OCB Admins: General Stuff

    Hehe, we probably should. I was putting it away a little in hope of the awards being ready by coincidence at the same time, so we could hand them out at the same time. But you are right, we should just make the announcement and tell the winners that the awards will be handed out when ready. According to http://www.mordrek.com/goblinSpy/web/goblinSpy.html?platform=pc&league=Orca Cola Brawl&competition=OCB Season 1&q=*front it's Orielensis, followed by Ozone and RK. Does anyone have any objections? I realize two of the winners are admins, but you can still tell me my method of just taking it from GoblinSpy is wrong, if that's the case :)