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  1. BB2 Champions League

    Greetings OCC Coaches! A new project has been started by several Blood Bowl leagues, called BB2 Champions League. As you might guess, this is a competition among Champions (and Runners Up) of the various Blood Bowl 2 leagues out there. The OCC has decided to participate in the inaugural "Edition I" of the BB2 Champions League, which starts September 1, 2018. This means that the winner and runner up of the Championship division of OCC, season 7, will be invited to participate in the BB2 Champions League on behalf of the OCC. For future seasons of the OCC, we will continue to offer this opportunity to the winner and runner up of the OCC season immediately preceding the signup deadline of the BB2 Champions League. Here is a quick FAQ for open questions: Where can I find the rules of the BB2 Champions League? Here is a Google Document with them. Which leagues are participating in the BB2 Champions League? You can find a list of the leagues here. What if the winner and/or runner up of the OCC Championship division don't want to participate in the BB2 Champions League (for example due to time issues)? The opportunity to participate in the BB2 Champions League will then pass to the next highest ranked coaches in the OCC Championship division. Are there any other requirements for participating in the BB2 Champions League? You need to have a Discord account. If you have any questions or remarks, you can find a discussion thread for the BB2 Champions League here.
  2. I'm not contradicting myself! It's just that reality has made a U-turn, caused a massive timeline accident, and now my new prediction is absolutely correct for this version of reality.
  3. Nah, I think 21 casualties per division isn't going to happen, that's too much. That'd be 4+ casualties per match, and when you look at the match reports on Discord, that's a rare occurrence, not the rule. In the higher tiers you'll have more matches with high casualty numbers, but in the lower tiers, you frequently get matches with 0-2. So, after all that, I'll go with an average number of 2.25 casualties per match. 225 casualties total!
  4. Looks like all of our blocks went downhill
  5. The best I could do was a BH on a lvl3 Tomb Guardian, performed by my Super-Blitzer Dr. Weevil. So that's: 140 - 210 - 50 = -120 And that injury didn't even stick, due to regeneration!
  6. I think this is at the upper end of the "good length" spectrum. It definitely requires a quiet moment, but it's very enjoyable.
  7. Darn it, darn it, darn it! One minute, beaten by just one minute... The vengeance will be mine, @Rymdkejsaren!
  8. Hmm, 12 is a good guess. 6 casualties, 4 TDs, it's a good multiple. I'm going to take a stab at 13 SPP (4 casualties and an MVP), gotta happen somewhere! Edit: Crap, beaten by 1 minute! OK, 15 then...
  9. The 2018 World Cup, 64 Coaches are...?

    If you're talking about the World Cup proper (as opposed to the different qualifiers, or more notably our OCC Qualifier), I don't think they've published a list yet. Several qualifiers are still ongoing, so even if some of the people have already won a ticket for the World Cup proper, Cyanide probably doesn't know all the names yet, themselves. In case I hear anything about a list that has been published, I'll be sure to link it here.
  10. Damn, I forgot to check this the last few days. I'd have joined. For what it's worth, I think C2MC is closer, but slightly too high, I'd have said 21.
  11. I'm not a gambling man (not at all with real money, and hardly at all with fake money), but my math senses tingle when I see those examples above, both from Suido and from C2MC, and that tingling tells me that those betting schemes could be abused by someone with enough time on their hands to do the calculations. So be careful with how you define the payouts. I suppose in Suido's example, it's again just a sweepstakes, no bank involved. Winning bet takes all (and if multiple people bet the same bet, they split the pot, so you don't even have to have the restriction of the "unclaimed number"). Which means that even if there is a way to game the system, it's only going to bankrupt other players, not the bank. But C2MC's example sounds like it's a bet against a bank, and that can be much more problematic if the odds are skewed, if it's possible to game the system on either end.
  12. I also failed to injure my own players this time. My Troll was preoccupied, getting hit and trampled by Zombies, so I didn't even get to throw Gobbos around.
  13. Grats Suido and Bantha. For me so far it was a loss on MD1, and a non-starter on MD2 which I would have lost (would have clocked in at 13 points), time for me to shine MD3!
  14. I also gave you a coin - it was one of my favourite! I've got quite a few Gobbos still who dodge on a 3+, I figure I've got a shot at least at an MNG.