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  1. Borke

    Stadium Enhancements Names?

    I think the names that BB2LeagueManager displays are simply the names that the enhancements have in the database of Cyanide. So yeah, you need a dictionary to know what they are
  2. Borke

    BrocCooLi is green!

    We are happy to announce the latest addition to the green suits, @brocCooLi! The Orca Cola Championship has always rested on the shoulders of hard working and dedicated admins, and I'm sure brocCooLi will be another great minion admin to uphold that tradition. Be nice to them, cause, you know, they have access to the ban hammer now
  3. Borke

    Champions League on BB2

    We are trying to determine whether anyone has time, but so far that's unfortunately not the case.
  4. There are a few different factors at play. Here is an attempt to break them down: Impact of the league rules Some BB leagues have specific rules that will have immediate impact on how "bashy" they are. Examples of such rules are: - "Stunty teams only" - "Only one kill skill per player" - "No more than X% of any given team in the whole league" The first two examples are rather rare in public leagues, they deviate considerably from the default, standard ruleset, and therefore in my experience tend to attract fewer players. The last example is something that might be found a little more often. If I'm not mistaken, the UKBBL uses a maximum quota for teams (I might be wrong, but I'm sure there's at least one of the bigger leagues out there that does it). The impact of this on the bashiness of the league is a little bit more subtle, of course. But if you only allow a certain amount of Chaos teams, I'm pretty sure it will have some effect. Differences between leagues with the same rules Even if two leagues have the same rules, they might still differ in how bashy they are or feel. Part of what makes leagues different is of course the coaches playing in them, as well as the league's history. Over time a certain style might come to dominate, and there's also the usual ebb and flow of "Claw vs. Orc vs. Elf vs. Claw", which might be at one extreme right now, but then turn back another way in a few months. It's going to be difficult to put your finger on why exactly the OCC might be particularly bashy in this context, and it will be equally difficult to judge whether another league will turn out to be more or less bashy now, or in a few months. However, it's not the first time I've heard that the OCC is currently more on the bashy side. In fact, Schlice wrote analysis on the statistics here and here, and the OCC turned out to be a bit weird and bashy - but this was a couple of seasons ago at least. Your own impact No matter how bashy the league is that you play in, you can always choose to "play around the bash". Fast, agile teams can be pretty successful in a bashy environment - especially if all the claw teams have reduced the number of Orcs. You shouldn't get too attached to your players, of course. After all, you're playing Elves/Skaven with tons of MB players around, someone's gonna get hurt. But you can still be very successful, even when your team gets beaten up regularly, if you're playing Elves against lots of Chaos/Nurgle/Chorf teams.
  5. Borke

    OCC Awards

    We will share the burden (hopefully )
  6. Borke

    OCC Awards

    I think you will find that Awards are Back, Baby!
  7. Borke

    Season 9 Signups

    Great stuff, give the man a beer!
  8. Borke

    OCC cast?

    Hey hey Mr Juriel! Good to hear you're still alive and kickin'
  9. Borke

    Season 9 Signups

    That sig is beautiful! Hope the team does well :)
  10. Borke

    OCC cast?

    That would be best, they have the rights to their own work by default.
  11. Borke

    OCC cast?

    I'd generally say that there is a niche for concise (and easily digestable) guides for BB, that isn't being filled today. When you search for BB (team) guides, in my experience you find mostly posts on BBT, Plasmoids's guides, and some FUMBBL stuff. And those aren't new. They're not bad, and in some cases even entertaining, but I'm convinced there's a "market" (in terms of Youtube revenue, for example) out there for well-made BB guides.
  12. Borke

    OCC cast?

    I haven't been in touch with Xannder or Juriel for ages. And those podcasts were never hosted directly on OCC, as far as I'm aware. I agree with your sentiment, if those podcasts still exist somewhere, it would be a shame not to have them available any more. Not only are they a great source of knowledge, they are also entertaining!
  13. Borke

    Join the Legendary Ludites Championship!

    You know why the LLC is such a great place? These teams (and their coaches) are long past their sell-by-date and livin' on borrowed time, so whenever they kill each others' players on the pitch, you will hardly hear a complaint, but rather admiring comments such as "mmmm, that sound reminds me of the old days; but the blood was bloodier back then".
  14. Borke

    OCC Awards

    They will definitely be coming back. I'm having some problems updating the forums to the latest version while keeping all the addon information, but I'm sure I'll make it work somehow :)
  15. Borke

    BB2 Champions League

    Greetings OCC Coaches! A new project has been started by several Blood Bowl leagues, called BB2 Champions League. As you might guess, this is a competition among Champions (and Runners Up) of the various Blood Bowl 2 leagues out there. The OCC has decided to participate in the inaugural "Edition I" of the BB2 Champions League, which starts September 1, 2018. This means that the winner and runner up of the Championship division of OCC, season 7, will be invited to participate in the BB2 Champions League on behalf of the OCC. For future seasons of the OCC, we will continue to offer this opportunity to the winner and runner up of the OCC season immediately preceding the signup deadline of the BB2 Champions League. Here is a quick FAQ for open questions: Where can I find the rules of the BB2 Champions League? Here is a Google Document with them. Which leagues are participating in the BB2 Champions League? You can find a list of the leagues here. What if the winner and/or runner up of the OCC Championship division don't want to participate in the BB2 Champions League (for example due to time issues)? The opportunity to participate in the BB2 Champions League will then pass to the next highest ranked coaches in the OCC Championship division. Are there any other requirements for participating in the BB2 Champions League? You need to have a Discord account. If you have any questions or remarks, you can find a discussion thread for the BB2 Champions League here.