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  1. Hench-Gobbo #3 was deep in thought as he was making his path through the Underworld. He wasn't used to thinking deep thoughts, so progress was slow. "Boar rowing", he muttered. "Burrow wing ...". He shook his head, it didn't seem to make any sense. He had to see The Hag. Hench-Gobbo #3 trotted on, ducking between some shacks, only to emerge in front of another. It did not look special in any way, but that was the whole point. He knocked. "Ooo's out there?" a shrieky voice exclaimed. "Friend of Borke!" replied the Goblin hastily. The door opened slightly. "Borke's not known for making friends. Wha's your business?". "Sorry, Hag! I play for Coach Borke, and he said if anyone could help me, you could." "Aaah, right, that sounds more like th'old git. 'Delegating'. Hah!" The old woman seemed to hesitate. "So wha's your problem, then?" "Is a matter of love. I'm marrying an Ogre, and I need some stuff for the weddin'". Hench-Gobbo #3's explanation was half-drowned in shrieking laughter from the old hag. It took quite a while for her to calm down. She looked at the goblin's earnest face. "Oh, you're serious? Come in then." She sat him down on a stool. "'Right, I do make some potions that can ... make a wedding night better. Let me heat the cauldron." "Nonono!" The gobbo's face turned from green to purple. "Is not that! Is a riddle! I need some old, some new, some burrowed, some blue. I already got the new, here, is a fresh tooth from a Dark Elf I hit last match." The hag inspected the tooth. "Seems fresh to me, good. 's even still a little blood on it." She thought for a moment. "Yes, this will work." She went to a back room for a while, and then came back out, holding a necklace. "This is a good luck charm, very old, been bringing luck to many generations of goblins. You can have this, but you tell Borke that he owes me." The goblin seemed worried. This might not be what the coach had had in mind. But this was for Lennifer, he had to do it. "Ok," he said, "but what is burrowed?" "Tha's 'borrowed', but we're not gonna do that. Stealin' is borrowing for experts. You gonna steal some warpstone, an' then, with this Dark Elf blood, we're gonna turn that warpstone blue. Then we put the tooth in the warpstone and put the warpstone on the necklace, an' then i's all in one, old, new, borrowed and blue. Gonna be lucky AND chemical!" Hench-Gobbo #3 beamed. This was going to be the best wedding present ever!
  2. Hench-Gobbo #3 stood before Lennifer's room, standing still. He seemed to be concentrating on something, counting on his fingers, "One, two, three". He knocked. Nothing happened. "Lennifer, I's here for our date!" he shouted. Heavy footsteps were heard, and the door opened. "Hmmmm?". Lennifer looked around. "Here, brought you a flower!" the Gobbo squeaked. Lennifer finally looked down. "Oh, it's the little green one". "Yes, you remember me", Hench-Gobbo #3 beamed. "Come, we go for a ...", his voice changed slightly as he was concentrating, "fun activity before dinner". "I like dinner", Lennifer replied. "You like this, too, come, come". ----- They arrived at an unimpressive brick building. "Here we are", explained Hench-Gobbo #3, "let's go in, we play Pain Boulder". Lennifer followed the Gobbo inside, but with a slightly questioning look on her face. "Is easy, Lennifer," the Gob explained, "we go against other team, run around in these rooms, throw rocks at them. You good at throwing rocks, yes?" Lennifer's face lit up a bit. "Who we throw rocks at?" "Oh, you can try to hit us, but you won't succeed", a Dark Elf lady exclaimed, her partner grinning next to her. "You on the other hand will make an easy t... Ouch!" Her sentence was cut short by a cry when she looked down at her ankle, "So this is how you want to play it, little green slime b..." - this time there was no cry, as a boulder from Lennifer hit the Witch Elf straight in the head. The brawl that ensued was quick and intense, there seemed to have been more Dark Elf teams in the queue. Lennifer was launching rocks with alarming speed, while Hench-Gobbo #3 could be seen darting back and forth, distracting the Elves. At one point the Gobbo threw himself in front of an incoming rock that was about to hit Lennifer. This did little to slow down the rock, but it softened the impact slightly. In the end, a lot of Elves had been taken out, unconscious, while Lennifer and Hench-Gobbo #3 were still standing, though slightly out of breath. "I am hungry now", said Lennifer. "Good, good, I have table at restaurant Dr. Weevil said is good, is called Mason From Arch". Lennifer wasn't looking convinced. "Is 'All you can eat'", added the Gobbo. "Good!".
  3. Borke

    OCC cast?

    Thanks for tagging me, but I'm way ahead of you, @grumplekins I'm just sneaky, so you need to find it!
  4. Borke

    OCC cast?

    Having the 13th episode as well would be awesome. And we do plan to properly host them here :)
  5. Borke

    OCC cast?

    I'm uploading them to the server right now. Just need to figure out a clever way to present them on the forum.
  6. The crew of the Warpstone Avengers comes stubling back into the locker room after their match against My Ball Zach Urts. Wow, whatta game that was! We showed them real good! a squeeky voice can be heard. Are you mad, short arse? replies the menacing voice of Professor Pesticide, We lost the match and barely survived! Leave the Gobbo alone, Pest, the rather calmer Dr. Weevil can be heard, We're all alive, that's more than most teams can say after going up against those hat-less madhatters. Oh and I went and marked that huge Bull Centaur, did you see that? the squeeky voice returns, Went right up in his face and called his mum a mule! Yes, and you almost got punished for it, if I hadn't called in the apothecary. All turn towards coach Borke who just entered the room. You are lucky we got a good one this time and he was able to patch you back up. S-s-sorry, coach. Hench-Gobbo #3 is even slightly squeekier now. Don't you worry, you did your job, and the apo did his. Besides, we wouldn't want you to be limping when it's time for you to appear on the Bachelogrette, would we? Borke smirks as the Goblin lights up. Yes, yes, yes! It's starting soon, do you have pictures of the ladies I'm meeting? As a matter of fact, I have here a photo of the first candidate, Lennifer Jaw-Rends. Borke hands a card to the Goblin. The whole room goes quiet as the Avenger carefully takes it. He studies it carefully, and only after a while hands it back. Coach, you got any more of those good apos I can hire?
  7. Due to a change at the server today non-doubles characteristics cannot currently be selected (11 for +AG and 6+4 for MA/AV - 5+5 works for MA/AV). This should be resolved pretty quickly so if you make a 4+6 or 5+6 roll and want to take the stat then wait until it is resolved. We'll let you know as soon as it is, although if you try and it works it has clearly been fixed.
  8. Borke

    Home / Away

    Just because you flip "heads" 20 times in a row doesn't mean that the coin is rigged - it's still possible, however unlikely, to be coincidence. That being said, I've also wondered in the past whether there is a method to the seeding. It would be great to have official information on this. I'm not ruling out the possibility that it might not be completely random.
  9. Borke

    Stadium Enhancements Names?

    I think the names that BB2LeagueManager displays are simply the names that the enhancements have in the database of Cyanide. So yeah, you need a dictionary to know what they are
  10. Borke

    BrocCooLi is green!

    We are happy to announce the latest addition to the green suits, @brocCooLi! The Orca Cola Championship has always rested on the shoulders of hard working and dedicated admins, and I'm sure brocCooLi will be another great minion admin to uphold that tradition. Be nice to them, cause, you know, they have access to the ban hammer now
  11. Borke

    Champions League on BB2

    We are trying to determine whether anyone has time, but so far that's unfortunately not the case.
  12. There are a few different factors at play. Here is an attempt to break them down: Impact of the league rules Some BB leagues have specific rules that will have immediate impact on how "bashy" they are. Examples of such rules are: - "Stunty teams only" - "Only one kill skill per player" - "No more than X% of any given team in the whole league" The first two examples are rather rare in public leagues, they deviate considerably from the default, standard ruleset, and therefore in my experience tend to attract fewer players. The last example is something that might be found a little more often. If I'm not mistaken, the UKBBL uses a maximum quota for teams (I might be wrong, but I'm sure there's at least one of the bigger leagues out there that does it). The impact of this on the bashiness of the league is a little bit more subtle, of course. But if you only allow a certain amount of Chaos teams, I'm pretty sure it will have some effect. Differences between leagues with the same rules Even if two leagues have the same rules, they might still differ in how bashy they are or feel. Part of what makes leagues different is of course the coaches playing in them, as well as the league's history. Over time a certain style might come to dominate, and there's also the usual ebb and flow of "Claw vs. Orc vs. Elf vs. Claw", which might be at one extreme right now, but then turn back another way in a few months. It's going to be difficult to put your finger on why exactly the OCC might be particularly bashy in this context, and it will be equally difficult to judge whether another league will turn out to be more or less bashy now, or in a few months. However, it's not the first time I've heard that the OCC is currently more on the bashy side. In fact, Schlice wrote analysis on the statistics here and here, and the OCC turned out to be a bit weird and bashy - but this was a couple of seasons ago at least. Your own impact No matter how bashy the league is that you play in, you can always choose to "play around the bash". Fast, agile teams can be pretty successful in a bashy environment - especially if all the claw teams have reduced the number of Orcs. You shouldn't get too attached to your players, of course. After all, you're playing Elves/Skaven with tons of MB players around, someone's gonna get hurt. But you can still be very successful, even when your team gets beaten up regularly, if you're playing Elves against lots of Chaos/Nurgle/Chorf teams.
  13. Borke

    OCC Awards

    We will share the burden (hopefully )