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  1. Grats, Drasko. Very well done!!!
  2. We'll PM to all the reserves when a spot opens in lower tiers. The quickest to answer gets the place.
  3. To the divisional boards, pls.
  4. I take the noob in low tiers. Do you write fluff?
  5. No cap. You can start to plan your wussie team.
  6. You've posted in decisions thread. This is for teams, which didn't play on S35.
  7. There is a decision thread in your diviosional board. Post in there.
  8. No chofs either. They weren't allowed since the release date was so close to season kick-off.
  9. That's in OCC1. In OCC2 it's a 2-1 admin win for the one not DCing.
    1. wismerhill


      welcome back

    2. bjj hero

      bjj hero

      Loving some Scorpions! I'm requesting Dokken next...

  10. Another horrible match for Boys but something happened:

    - Well, not actually him but still... :-)
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    2. jounisii


      Thanks, bud. The coffin has been waiting for tens of matches ;-)

    3. Ronkoteus
    4. jounisii


      Thanks, Ronko.

  11. Fouling boots. On. Shoot mentality. Check. Bring it, wussie!!!

  12. Bearicide done. Unfortunately only 6 CASes, but 3 were permas and 2 MNGs. Boys powah!

  13. Won't this fucking travesty never end?!?!?! 3 weeks and counting...

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    2. Nakkikassi



    3. Barristan


      We still want a report Joun. Let it all out.

    4. notafunhater


      What Barristan said. Grit your teeth man, you'll bounce back.