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  1. Jester77

    AD Invitational

    I’m interested if we can get enough.
  2. Jester77

    Home / Away

    Yes they for sure should- it looks like it is different over in the UKBBL, in a small sample I had 2x 6 homematches in 11 possible pr season as Chaos- so it looks like it is another formular for 12 participants, but that does not help our league for sure...
  3. Jester77

    Home / Away

    The Bret, Ogre and Vampire teams are also all away teams - all having 4 home matches each season, except for a few 6 home matches which I guess accures when there are to many away coaches in a division, but none of them ever hits 5.
  4. Jester77

    Home / Away

    And yes there seems to be some pattern when an awaycoach bumbs into something (prob too many other away coaches) then some goes up to 6 homematches - never 5, this is pretty silly.
  5. Jester77

    Home / Away

    I will try backing later - so maybe we could get their attention this is just to silly.
  6. Jester77

    Home / Away

    And the same goes for Hudd, Stahlburg, Zogar, Waleed and midievil -I think this is based on races in some order. Hence it is all Chaos coaches.
  7. Jester77

    Home / Away

    The first I looked on is @Fantus and he is an away coach as well - 10 seasons with 4 home matches each, so I guess that rules all random out.
  8. Jester77

    Home / Away

    I am aware of the possibility of it being random, but I find it highly unlikely- have only look through a few coaches, 6 to be precise. And of those Antman and I seems to be away coaches- while Anton and TomasT seems to be homecoaches. I have as well looked on one season of UKBBL and there I had 6 home and 5 away, so I wondering if it could be some alfabetic method or team ID who makes the way- hence the coach ID does not seems to have any logical pattern. I will however look through some more OCC coaches and try and find some more away coaches, so we definitely can rule the random part out.
  9. Jester77

    Home / Away

    @antman with his team Angry Tusks have the exactly the same disease as mine in the 10 season he has played (and the one about to be played) he has exactly 4 home matches in each. I guess this means it have to be some kind of method then IMO, do you agree @wismerhill ? Or am I seeing ghosts here.
  10. Jester77

    Home / Away

    It could be that way, thats a lot of unluck, but absolutely possible- but when you know what weirdness Cynaide have coded in the past I doubt that is the case.
  11. Jester77

    Home / Away

    I forgot to write that the two seasons Anton got 4 home matches, he is in division with African Necros- a team who is before him in the alphabetic ranking, therefore I was thinking that it has to be something with this….
  12. Jester77

    Home / Away

    Does anyone know how the home/away fixtures are generated? I was kind of wondering hence I each season gets exactly 4 home matches and 5 away matches, other teams like Antons Dark Delights seems like a home team and is nearly every season he got 5 or 6 home matches except for two seasons were he only got 4. I think must be coded someway in a strange alphabetic way, which I cannot see at this point or maybe it has something to do with the coach-id, so if anyone have a hint to this I would really like to be enlightet. Here are the few samples I have done so far: Season Chaotic Stormtroopers Antons Dark Delight African Necros Dirty Fockers 1 4 5 2 4 5 3 4 5 4 4 4 6 4 4 5 4 6 4 4 6 4 6 4 6 7 4 6 6 8 4 4 4 6 9 4 6 4 6 10 4 4 6 6 Home 40 53 36 32 Total 90 90 72 54 %-wise 44,44% 58,89% 50,00% 59,26%
  13. Jester77

    Adding Images to Posts

    It was just af copy of the webadress on the image done from a computer in Chrome, so it must be something with the Mac part.
  14. Jester77

    Stadium Enhancements Names?

    I have the Foodarea and that is the one who cancel the Throw a Rock and get the ref event. The VIParea is the Royal Box, with the double fame thing. Nuffle is indeed the cheap starplayer stadium, Nuffle Alter.