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  1. Jester77

    Adding Images to Posts

    It was just af copy of the webadress on the image done from a computer in Chrome, so it must be something with the Mac part.
  2. Jester77

    Adding Images to Posts

  3. Jester77

    Stadium Enhancements Names?

    I have the Foodarea and that is the one who cancel the Throw a Rock and get the ref event. The VIParea is the Royal Box, with the double fame thing. Nuffle is indeed the cheap starplayer stadium, Nuffle Alter.
  4. Jester77


    Anyone knows when we will get the leaderboards back or are the lost - and we are back to the dark age again?
  5. Yes someone have stolen the Darkside Cowboys name :-) So I had to put a space in before. Well spotted.
  6. Jester77 Dark Elves Darkside Cowboys 18+
  7. Jester77

    OCC Season 5 Prize Pool Winners

    You can use mine as a give away, as well Andy- as it goes to a good cause and promote the OCC.
  8. Jester77

    Pidpad's Pidpad Challenge

    It is pretty impressive that you can score so much with some ag2 mv4 guys... Will you consider taking mv or ag on a bob if the chance occurs?
  9. Some how I manage to defeat the Dark Elf's 2-1 after overtime - so I guess I will be 2nd round fodder instead. Just make me meet you Ethelred - then we can play back to back hence we are up in 2nd round of the OCC as well - then you can get the RPS trophy and I an victory in 1A
  10. Jester77

    the Sage's OCC videos

    Thanks for the heads up about bying the new teams in a bundle. 7 euro is also money, I will donate them towards OCC then.
  11. Hi @Ethelred, I have joined the Cup -1680 in Team rating and the team stinks, but would love to face Shirley - what a beautiful cow you have @Rymdkejsaren
  12. My TV-raising in Matchmaking went terrible wrong lost my two best players and the only ST guy got an AV bust, So instead of raising my TV I'm down to 1500 and all the X-factor is gone- don´t think I have time to any more matches so really looks like you have some 1. round fooder - darn.
  13. This sound fun and a lot of stress I would like to join the cup, but I would like to raise my TV a bit more if possible dont have so many BB2 teams yet with a notable TV -so will wait a bit with my registration in RPS until we are closer to the 11 of February. InGame Coach Name: Jester77 Steam Name (if different): ricco1977 Team Name: Horror Hordes Race: Chaos TV: 1700+ MP Comp it comes from (e.g. COL): Open Ladder Speciality Moves: Chaos Cookies