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  1. How does the meta look like currently?

    Prisoner something, yeah. Had a whole 'dwarf prison team' theme going on.
  2. How does the meta look like currently?

    Yes we did. agi5, ma8, blodge. He was a legend in the occ1.
  3. Is spiralling expenses active?

    The winnings screen at the end of a match does show the loss due to spiraling expenses. I don't think there's anywhere else to see it once you click OK however.
  4. Season 5 Divisions

    I'd go the other way and list it as "210 coaches". Saying 210 teams implies there might be coaches with multiple teams.
  5. OCC Season 4 signups

    I would add that there will most likely be folks who fail to sign up, given we have a whole bunch of new teams this season (something like 80-90 new teams).
  6. Question about OCC rules : freezing team for one season?

    No. If you choose to switch teams, the change is permanent. You can sit out with a team for one or more seasons however if needed.
  7. Are there any stupid questions?

    I use the Snipping Tool in windows a ton for MD posts and the like. It's quite handy.
  8. Possible glitch? (failed pass)

    I lost a game that way in bb1 on turn 16 actually. To say I was unhappy is an understatement.
  9. i see my team in division 3a , i dont have received invitation for league, i 'm in o no?

  10. Concesions, money and SPP

    With the new warning system in place, we should be able to keep better track of those issues. Admin teams are responsible as well for keeping track of dodgers/missers in their divisions.
  11. I will note that the OCC has enforced this on I believe two occasions in the past, which involved an admin rolling the dice on camera for veracity.
  12. Disciples headed back to 2D, our home sweet home, for the third time. Hopefully some of the bashers will be gone this time however.

    1. bjj hero

      bjj hero

      It looks like all of the least bashy teams could be leaving 2D...

  13. Graz on the birthday! :)