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  1. Don't be shy - we still have never had Ogre or <gasp> 'fling winners! Surely this cannot stand?
  2. here we go: Think you can do better? Signups:- https://goo.gl/forms/23xWK3RU7FqjjMXm2
  3. Season 20 now recruiting! How are we different to the OCC? 10 day match days Fewer tiers with rookie league, main league and then champs (we use swiss format for all except the champs) Ageing on, and trading between seasons. How are we the same? Great coaches and no race limits Stadium enhancements All teams must be created specifically for the league Interested? Sign up now:- https://goo.gl/forms/ES59wW9GlRXe2aWt1
  4. Whilst I figure out how to do a highlights vid of the final, we're accepting new entries until the weekend! Ogres and 'flings have never won - can you be the first?
  5. Season 8 won by Lizards, somehow beating flings. I think @Khornight cheated. So that means we are looking for fresh blood for Season 9! Signups here (and you'll need to join the discord too) https://goo.gl/forms/23xWK3RU7FqjjMXm2
  6. It's not too bad tbh, I can usually get a game in at lunchtime as COL rarely last more than an hour. I did have 3 concedes in a row the other day, but that did let me buy a new Vamp (after one of the 3 in my team died on a dodge) I couldn't complain. I've just started Delves and bought a new Welf, can't wait to start to use assassins for the first time. Blitz-Ra just got PO too so hopefully that will be fun.
  7. Orcs done:- Until I got over say 1800 it was going fairly well. Those claw teams at high TV hurt. Lost a couple of POMB blitzers and never really recovered. The Blorcs also got hit hard and I lost a few. The ST5 dude came late, but was great!
  8. Hmm. I guess the issue is that to win, you employ the best tactics. The best tactics are the 2-1 grind. There are plenty of ways to combat the 2-1 grind, and if you find yourself consistently stalled on, then there is probably an issue with your positioning. There are games where your armour is paper, theirs is diamond and you roll on 1s, but over the season playing well will trump any dice variability. That said, I do run the largest stunty league on BB2, so perhaps that insanity will be more to your liking?
  9. This is much more like it. This was quite hard to keep playing... In a lot of games, it felt like I was only 1 3+ dodge, or a non kickback on a saw away from a draw if not a win. I had an amazing ST1, Dirty Player, Sidestep, ... saw that won MVP 8 times. He was amazing and when he eventually died it was a sad day. The best the bomber did was BH 3 elfs off a throw, otherwise was a real liability. Never got HMP ? Never saw the troll eating a gobbo animation (and only had a handful of TTM TDs). Often was reduced to 2 trolls vs the world which is very depressing. Finally, I spin all my teams at the same time, and when the gobbos got into the mix they were chosen above almost all the other teams despite being in the middle of the block I would enter. So at least it was over quickly.
  10. bit more bash (wanted to try and get the duller teams out of the way. Yes I am aware I could have gone down a crazy mutant route..) Didn't do too much CLPOMB spam, just enough for 1 to consistently blitz each turn. The ST6 tents beast was great - but got MNG the same game he got the +ST - game 49 so he never took to the field. There's also a lot of coaches who don't understand disturbing presence, Foul Appearance is the most annoying skill to play against I think. The rotters were surprisingly resilient - a new rule I created was to keep on the team anyone I "converted", hence the 16 player squad.
  11. The next one was easily the most fun so far:- I was really worried about the AV7 and yes, there were games when I was nearly pitch cleared, but these bad boys REALLY put the hurt on. Danny D the 7447 runner - OMG! Except the yeti who was terrible - 42 games, 197 blocks, 61 armour breaks, 10 CAS, no kills. Marco the high SPP beserker also got -AV early on, only to roll +AV later. what a legend.
  12. Heh, have you played much in COL? The coaches quality er... is variable. For example, my dorfs rolled a Chorf team last night. They were 180 TV ahead of my boys, yet had fairly undeveloped players. Then I noticed... 7 Rerolls. 7. Seven. ?
  13. Next to finish - Chaos! at the end. My bae:- Fairly basic, but effective. I honestly don't know how I kept meeting multiple CLPOMBers - well at least I don't know how their coaches ground out the results to get the right amount of SPP without going insane from boredom. Lessons learnt:- 1. AV8 is surprisngly weak 2. A niggled Minotour is a massive liability, even with block. 3. Killing Guard SF MB dorfs is pretty close to orgasmic, and is pretty much orgasmic when they then concede. In fact at high TV there are some Longbead only Guard, SF, MB dorf teams. I would rather put out my eyes.
  14. 1st to finish was... Rats! This proves perhaps my mediocrity as a coach, I finished 20-10-20. Was probably my best player. The gutters consistently got niggled and/or killed. I never got a 1 turner or claw on the vermin. I got through 4 Rat Ogres, including at least 2 with block iirc. That said, it was immense fun causing bash teams, especially Chaos, to concede once I had stolen the ball. I subsequently used this time as a filler in another league so I can't post the ending squad.
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