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  1. Awesome - looks like that will save me figuring out how to playback and record on my phone. If you send it to @Borke he will take care of it!
  2. Yes i have some fun tax stuff to deal with this week and next but after that getting it out of my Phone somehow is on my to do list!
  3. Ok cool! Let me know if you need anything - i have to figure out How to get the file out of overcast - failing that it’s gonna have to be a “record the podcast in real-time” solution
  4. I can maybe rip episode 13 somehow if its still missing. Am looking into proper hosting options too.
  5. Let me just say to Andy, the_Sage, and Spydyr - I appreciate your work (well - Spydyr, I haven't seen your streams but I think I've seen your world cup games?) You're all great coaches and you do great things for the community. I specifically want these podcasts to be up because they serve a different niche than youtube videos and pdf guides - for one thing, they make a lot more sense in my mind when I'm doing dishes, and the interview format where different coaches discuss long-term league play is very rewarding. As is Juriel's analysis of team builds - whether you agree with it or not. I do recommend your streams to beginners - but I think you'd agree these podcast episodes are good resources too.
  6. Is anybody in touch with them and can ask them? If not I can pm them here, but it seems they haven't been active in OCC for a while...
  7. Cool, then I just have to figure out how to do it if you can get them to me :) I think we might need their permission too, though, right?
  8. Streams are great but those podcasts are better team guides than I've found anywhere on the web - most team guide videos are very superficial compared to them. I agree watching good players stream is also useful, but these resources just happened to be excellent in their own right - and good to start with before watching streams.
  9. I can provide hosting if somebody can get the files from @xannder - I doubt Juriel has them
  10. grumplekins

    OCC cast?

    Are @xannder and @Juriel still around? the old podcast feeds are dead and I would like them to not be - can we get them hosted somewhere? Lots of beginners out there need those in-depth race guides! /grumps
  11. Hi! I'd love to get back into the OCC. I did have to leave mid-season before, so I know I am at the mercy of admins. It's all good, I understand the rules apply to me as well. My life is much easier to organise now so I can commit. If you'd allow me in, I'd like to play this team: Coach Name: Grumplekins Team name: The Canterbury Ales Race: Necromantic NOTE: I presently have a team in BB2 with this name. If I am granted admission to the OCC, I will create a new team and recycle the name
  12. have you pm'd the admins about reset?

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