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  1. fake news! And be aware, Magnus will say he has a 1300 TV team he wants to play with and will suddenly appear with a 2000 TV ready to tear you a new one!
  2. Hey Ynwe,


    been playing BB2 for a few years now, so I think I got the fundementals down, but I'd be interested in part 3 of the introduction letter, since I never really got out of 45-50% winrate zone. So if you offer some tutorship, I'd happily take the lessons :)




  3. @luxolyons Remember: One more thing: Please do not edit your post, if you change your mind make a new post. So if you want to play with a different race or don't want to play this season, please tell us so in a new post
  4. Ynwe

    OCC discord link

  5. a bit like this https://www.howtopronounce.com/norwegian/yngve/ But with a w instead of a v at the end.
  6. I can confirm that my coach name in BB2 is Ynwe
  7. You know what, I haven't thought about that, fair point. Usually the name is so rare I never had any issues with it, even in massive games like League of Legends. Guess I will buy the base game to be sure that I can have the name, otherwise me signing up here makes no sense.
  8. Nope, would actually want that change! If you could change my name to "Ynwe" (without the "") that would be fantastic! Yeah I talked with Pidpad, who told me the reserve list is rather short. Is fine, would need the experience anyway. I was just gone for so long I didn't get the base game and now would need to pay 45 euros for the entire game (and I heard there are rumors of BB3 next year..) so I would rather wait for a sale, but I realize that is unlikely to happen before I am called up.
  9. Coach Name: Ynwe Race: Wood Elves Team Name: Once Upon a Team Returning coach, last game was5 years ago. Also I do not own BB2 yet, am waiting for a sale. If I am needed as a reserve I will instantly buy the game, otherwise I will wait for a possible sale to get the whole game a bit cheaper.
  10. Will sign up then after I come back from Japan. Thanks Kjelstad, probably is what I heard years ago. Will buy it. Thanks for your answer guys, see you soon.
  11. Hey Pid, I remember you well. Ye I actually live in Vienna which is one reason I am interested in the tournament... Albeit it is 8 freakin hours away... Could have been in a bigger city! Good to hear so you guys moved somewhat to discord? That explains the lesser activity. Week 1 huh? That is unlucky, how long is the season again? 10 weeks? Gonna be a whole till the new season. Guess I will have to wait a bit...
  12. Hello, Used to play a bit of bb but stopped many years ago. Currently am in Japan for 6 weeks and met a Swedish player. Was fun to talk about again and I want to give wood elves another shot. So I have some questions What game is occ on? Still bb2? Think I remember a new game coming out after I left. How healthy is the occ overall right now? Back when I played it was quite big from what I recall. But forum activity seems a bit low ish (like the training grounds for example) right now unless I am reading it wrong. S12 just started right? So I will have to wait a few months, any other fun option to play a bit of bb till I could potentially join the occ again? And maybe a bit of an off topic question... How is blood bowl overall doing? I never played any warhammer even though I love the 40k lore, but I do know GW isn't too popular for the most part. So was just wondering overall how the boardgame itself is doing right now. OH ye, is it also possible to change your forum name? Really dislike my current name..
  13. yeah, currently rank 16, but I only play a few constructed matches every week. Lost lost once so far to a priest were we were both top decking, but besides him most of the games are no challenges... Shaman removal is awesome! also went 12-3 yesterday with a warlock run. My best arena experience so far
  14. the 1/7 taunt is generally considered a very bad card. Doesnt trade well and if silenced it becomes utterly useless... Shiledmasta for 4 3-5 is much better imo
  15. great servers have been down for 24 hours....
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