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    We recently received a complaint that one of our MD threads had sexist content. Upon further investigation and discussion, the Orca Cola Directors concluded that the material in the thread was inappropriate for an official communication from the league. It had some NSFW elements and a video which objectified women, neither of which should appear in a place people are forced to view in order to participate in our league. We want all coaches to feel welcome in the OCC. The content has been removed. The OCC has a Code of Conduct, and it applies to everyone, most of all ourselves. That being said, we strongly dislike removing content as opposed to having an open discussion about it. But since the problem was in an MD thread, that was not a possibility in this particular case. Should you have any thoughts or comments, we are happy to have an open discussion in this thread.
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    So I dug out this old thing and gave it a bit of a brushup. After I had two absolutely terrible seasons with a necro team, I decided to take the game less seriously, and made an underworld team called Up Yours, Nuffle! I named all the players after the way I guessed they would die. The first troll was 'Fouled by a Goblin,' the second I think something like 'Deadly Bowel Movement.' My star runner was "Death by GFI," etc. A Day at the Office The office was small and stuffy, with the acrid stench of warpstone fumes imprinted in the sparse furnishings. On the floor lay a thick red rug so riddled with mystery stains it was now a permanent fixture. On the wall, a makeshift shelf hosted rows of vials filled with tell-tale grey dust and a single worn book entitled The Smart-Ass Dictionary: Words That Make You Sound Important. At an appropriately sized desk sat a particularly hideous goblin with an oversized jaw and toxic green eyes. His feet were up and his chair tilted back. He wore a permanent savvy grin that clenched down on a chewed-up cigar. A carved wooden sign teetered on the brink of the desk. It read Nubber Gobflap, Head Coach. Nubber was currently giving a piece of mind to a young goblin in a blood-spattered leather apron, who carried the tell-tale bone saw of an apothecary. "I dun care 'ow much that pustulent whinebag says 'is back 'urts! E's playin' da next game! How we gunna stomp dark elves without a troll ta put 'em down in the first place?!" There was spittle spraying all over the room. It was hypnotising the way Nubber managed to talk so much yet never quite lose grip of that cigar stump. "Ah, well. You see his spine did not set right and–" "Damn it Splint, it was yer ineptitude broke his back in the first place!" "Actually, that honour belongs to–" "When I hired ya it was ta keep my team hardy. Can ya do that?" “Snotstone should be able to–” “And what did I tell you 'bout the names?! I hired 'em! I name 'em! They gotta embrace their death, they gotta know it's comin'! If they can accept that, damn near makes 'em illimitable!” “Yes well, not all the players are very happy with–” “Stonkin' gibblets, Splint, you think I pay them to be happy?!” Nubber bashed his goblin fist in the desk, which was built sufficiently shonky to shake impressively under the limited display of force. The wooden sign finally failed its see-saw game and fell onto the rug, as if making a desperate attempt to escape the room. Nubber got up and counted fourteen vials from his shelf, which he placed on the desk. “Go on, get back to work! I want to see some mutations for the next game! Gotta show dem high-falutin', rootin'-tootin', stick-up-their arse elves what's what!” The apothecary made a mock bow and swept the vials carelessly into his satchel before scampering out of the room, all while being showered by more insults and spittle. As the room was once again empty, the shouting slowly dissipated into grumblings and mumbled misgivings. Nubber took his book down and started flipping through the grimy pages. “Laborious stuff this, running a Blood Bowl team. Yes. Very laborious indeed,” he said to no one in particular.
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    Any other prep for teams? Like applying or joining anything or do you just find our teams based off the info provided.
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    You may have noticed that there is a new tab next to the leaderboards called Clubs. The feature gives forum members the ability to create their own sub-communities to the OCC, complete with their own forums and moderation rights, all with the click of a button! This takes a bit of burden away from admin shoulders and removes clutter in the forum feed from particularly active sub-communities (looking at you, Hearthstone thread). So if you have an interest and want a place to organise it within the OCC, there is now an easy option. Want to manage a gambling den? Start a club. Want to revive the OCC Gazette? Start a club. Want to do a secret Santa exchange? Start a club. Interested in etymology? Start a club! Wooo, clubs! Below is a list of current clubs. Streamers TheSpydyr's OCC Game Videos AndyDavo & Zunk on Twitch the Sage OCC content Games Online Mordheim Hearthstone Club NFL Fantasy Premier League Fantasy Other The Marienburg Library (fanfiction!) Woo, clubs!