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Orca Cola Championship
  • 1 - The OCC Rulebook

    The Orca Cola Championship Rulebook
    v. 2.6.3
    Part I – General
    A. Basics
    1. By signing up to the OCC, you agree to follow the rules in this document.
    2. Your name on these forums must match your BB2 coach name (contact a greensuit if that is not the case).
    B. Disclaimers
    1. The league admins run the OCC, and their word is law, even if it goes against the rules in this document.
    2. We reserve the right to modify these rules as we see necessary and without warning. We will announce major changes.
    3. Abuse of the rules by appealing to technicalities or wilfully misinterpreting the wording of this document will see you banned.
    C. Required Reading
    1. The following is required reading for all coaches:


    2. Additionally, it is assumed that coaches have looked through the Help Section before asking questions about the league.

    Part II – Pre-season
    A. Signing Up
    1. When you sign up to the OCC, you are committing to playing one match per week to completion for the duration of the season.
    2. The OCC is a European-based league that accepts players from all time zones. Regardless of your time zone, you will need to offer times within generally accepted European hours. N.B. We expect all coaches to make an effort to schedule their games.
    3. You must apply to the in-game league before the stated deadline or risk losing your place for the season.
    B. Your Team
    1. Starting OCC teams must be created completely fresh, with no games played (of any kind), no SPPs on their players, and no prior market transactions or stadium upgrades. Mixed teams are not allowed.
    2. Starting teams must field a minimum of 11 players.
    3. All OCC teams are forbidden to play games or engage in any other activity outside of the OCC league structure. This includes friendly games and player transfers.
    4. You may only have one active team. When you start a fresh team, your old team is abandoned.
    Part III – Season
    A. Match Days (MDs)
    1. The MD runs from Wednesdays 00:00 UTC to Tuesdays 24:00 UTC.
    2. The MD time window is never extended or reduced.
    B. Scheduling
    1. Coaches are responsible for scheduling their games and are expected to contact their opponents in a timely manner.
    2. Coaches are strongly encouraged to use the provided MD thread (found in their division forum) to schedule their games. If they do not, they are required to report their planned game in the MD thread.
    3. When scheduling and reporting in the MD thread, coaches must use the UTC time standard and 24-hour clock (e.g. 21:00 UTC).
    4. If something prevents you from playing at your scheduled time, you must contact your opponent and your tier admins in the MD thread or a forum PM.

    5. The scheduled time is for the kick-off of the match and all preparation should be completed in advance.

    6. Do not make your opponent wait for you. Coaches have a life beyond Blood Bowl. Tardiness may result in unfavourable admin decisions and repeated incidents will lead to a warning. (For more information, see this entry).

    7. Your admins can, on a case-by-case basis, allow a substitute coach to play your game, provided you contact them in advance.
    C. Pre-match
    1. Every coach is responsible for running the game in a stable environment to prevent crashes or disconnections.
    D. Post-match
    1. Successful matches
    Coaches can validate their match after it has been played by clicking 'yes' in the dialogue after the match summary. The result of a self-validated match is final. If the coaches do not self-validate and no complaint is made, the match will be validated when the MD is turned.
    2. Interrupted matches
    i. When a match is interrupted by a disconnect, crash, bug, or other circumstances and cannot be resumed, the coaches should attempt to reach an agreement to replay the match before the end of the MD. If required, they must both request a reset. A reset means the match is started completely anew.
    ii. If the coaches cannot agree to a rematch, for whatever reason, they must contact their tier admins. The admins will make a decision on how to deal with the situation based on the information available to them.
    3. Unplayed matches
    i. If no information on either of the coaches' scheduling is available, a 1-1 draw will be issued.
    ii. If both coaches offered acceptable scheduling windows but were still unable to find a time to play, a 1-1 draw will be issued.
    iii. When a match remains unplayed at the end of the MD and one of the coaches has failed to communicate availability in a timely manner or has offered a scheduling window that the tier admins deem insufficient, their opposing coach will be issued a 2-1 win.
    iv. If one coach makes no effort at all to schedule, they will be issued a 0-2 concession.
    v. Failing to schedule your matches will result in a warning, which may lead to a ban.
    4. Disputes
    If there is a dispute regarding a match result or an unplayed match, contact all your tier admins immediately via forum PM. They will make a decision they deem fair based on the information available to them. N.B. When adjudicating disputes, admins are only required to consider communication found in the MD thread or in forum PMs in which they have been included at the time of the decision.
    Part IV – The Match
    A. Cheats and Exploits
    1. A coach confirmed to be cheating, abusing client functions, or using exploits to gain an unfair advantage will be permanently banned and their name will be put on a cross-league blacklist.
    You can find the OCC's stance on various known exploits here.

    B. Bugs


    Beyond cheating and exploits, OCC coaches are playing the game Cyanide provides, which may include bugs. Due to the random nature of the game it is often extremely difficult or even impossible to determine what effect a bug might have had on the outcome of a match. 


    Any such bug judged by the OCC directors not to be an exploit is considered to be an inevitable part of playing Blood Bowl 2 PC, and the result of the match will stand.

    C. Quitting a Match
    1. Coaches who concede or quit a match in the OCC are generally subject to a 3-point warning. This means the coach is likely to come up for review by the Orca Cola Directors. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, the coach will be subject to one of two possible consequences:
    i. A ban.
    ii. The reduction of the warning point value, and the obligatory application of the 51 SPP rule.
    "any players in the loser’s team that have 51 SPPs or more will leave the team on a D6 roll of 1-3."
    2. Legal concessions (being unable to field three players on the line for a drive) are exempt from this rule.
    3. If your match is cut short for reasons beyond your control, contact your opponent and admin team ASAP to explain what happened.
    D. Match Dodging
    1. Coaches are monitored using a hidden note system for behaviour that suggests they are evading challenging or risky matches. Such behaviour will not be tolerated and repeat offenders will be banned with no chance of returning.
    Part V – Code of Conduct
    1. During all social interactions related to the OCC, you must adhere to the OCC Code of Conduct, regardless of where they take place.

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