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Orca Cola Championship
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    3 - The OCC House Rules


    This document lists the OCC's stance on oddities or bugs in the BB2 mechanics or client that might be considered exploits. If you know of any other mechanics that don't work as expected, you can post about it in our Questions forum or contact the greensuits directly.


    IMPORTANT: It is up to coaches to report violations of these rules to their admins before the MD turns. Once a match is validated, both coaches have accepted its results.




    ALLOWED by the OCC


    1. Re-rolling a catch after a blitz


    The problem: If a player is placed under the ball during the Blitz event, the coach is given the chance to re-roll the catch roll using a team re-roll. This should not be possible according to the tabletop rules (you can't use team re-rolls during the opponent's turn).


    OCC stance: This is allowed. We do not consider the issue to yield a big enough advantage to motivate us spending time and effort policing it.


    FORBIDDEN by the OCC


    1. Touchdown foul


    The problem: A player in possession of the ball is capable of fouling an opposing downed player from the end zone, triggering a bug that lets the foul play out before the TD is scored. Furthermore, this makes the carrier immune to being sent off for the foul.


    OCC stance: This is forbidden. It is up to each coach to make sure that they do not trigger this bug, and to report to their admins if their opponent does so. Abusing this exploit will lead to a harsh warning and possibly a ban.


    2. Both coaches have a wizard


    The problem: If both coaches have a wizard and either of them triggers theirs at the very end of their turn, the opponent wizard will also be lost. It only happens if the wizard animation is still playing when your time runs out, so it applies to the last few seconds of your turn.


    OCC stance: Triggering this bug is forbidden and each coach is individually responsible for not doing so. If you trigger it, it is up to your opponent if they want to continue the game. If not, they can choose to have the game reset and replayed (assuming a new match time can be scheduled within the MD) or they can choose to have the match ruled in their favour, regardless of the prior results.


    3. Secret Weapon + Perfect Defence


    The problem: A Secret Weapon player who enters the pitch during the Perfect Defence event is not expelled at the end of the drive.


    OCC stance: Exploiting this bug is forbidden. This means that when setting up during a Perfect Defence event, you may not bring in any Secret Weapon player who was not already on the pitch.


    4. Thrown ball-carrier hitting an opponent player


    The problem: If you use Throw Team-Mate to throw your ball carrier and they hit an opponent's player it should automatically cause a turnover regardless of where the ball ends up (because the ball-carrier fails to land successfully). But in the BB2 client, the turn continues uninterrupted.


    OCC stance: Exploiting this bug is forbidden. If it happens, the acting coach must immediately end their turn. Failure to do so will result in the concession of the match.


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