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Orca Cola Championship
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    2 - The OCC Code of Conduct

    The Orca Cola Championship Code of Conduct

    V. 1.1


    This code applies to all communication related to the OCC, including (but not limited to) the official forums, the Discord server, and in-game chat during OCC league matches.


    The Short Version


    No bigotry, racism, sexism, hate speech, verbal abuse, personal attacks, or harassment.


    The Longer Version


    We are not gagging you. You are allowed to complain about bad luck and friendly banter is fine as long as you ensure it is perceived as such.


    You are allowed to disagree with other people's opinions or openly challenge their ideas, as long as you maintain a civil tone.


    What Happens on the Pitch


    More than anything else, we look for a good attitude in our coaches. This means you can be humble in victory, and lose – if not with a laugh – then at least with dignity.


    Blood Bowl is a game that can and will frustrate you and treat you unfairly. When that happens, don't blame the opponent. When it happens to your opponent, don't rub it in.


    In short: don't confuse the game with the coach. Your players getting fouled, injured, or killed is part of the game, and it is no reason to lash out at your opponent.


    Naming policies


    When naming your team and players, consider the Short Version of this code. It comes down to common sense. Avoid stupid, obviously evil stuff like Nazi generals or racial slurs.

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