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Orca Cola Championship
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    2 - Orca Coins


    Orca Coins


    Coaches who rank high in the OCC will receive Orca Coins. Coaches can check their Orca Coin status at their economy dashboard, available in the drop-down menu found by clicking your name at the top right of the forum page. Orca Coins are tradeable.


    Coin Distribution



    1st - 200 Orca Coins

    2nd - 100 Orca Coins

    3rd - 50 Orca Coins


    Tier 1

    1st - 60 Orca Coins

    2nd - 40 Orca Coins

    3rd - 20 Orca Coins


    Tier 2 & 3

    1st - 20 Orca Coins

    2nd - 10 Orca Coins


    Tier 4 & 5

    1st - 10 Orca Coins


    Orca Cola Brawl

    1st* - 30 Orca Coins

    2nd* - 10 Orca Coins

    *Team ranking



    If your forum reputation is 25 or higher, you can claim a one-time gift of 10 Orca Coins here.


    How it works


    Rules for cashing out games


    • Games may only be cashed out during the cashout window. It begins with the off-season and lasts until the end of MD3 of the following season.
    • Each coach may only cash out one game per cashout window.
    • Coaches can cash out a game regardless if they gained any coins that season or not.
    • To cash out a game, PM @Suido. First come, first served.


    Cost of games


    • When a game enters the pool, it's price is set to the current undiscounted Steam price x 10.
    • Any game not picked at the end of the cashout window will have its cost reduced by ten (minimum cost: 10).
    • Further, I reserve the right to change costs to reflect the market.


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