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Orca Cola Championship
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    1 - Replacement Teams


    There are two ways a coach can join the OCC after the season has started: as a reserve or a substitute.




    Anyone who signs up after the cut-off date is placed on the reserve list. If a team drops out from the league in a tier that has fresh teams a reserve can take their place. A reserve starts with a fresh team which can play on in following seasons and earn awards. Remember, you can only ever have one non-substitute team in the OCC.


    (A team that has played in the OCC before also becomes a reserve if they sign up late, but they can only replace a team of similar TV and playstyle).




    Substitute teams are temporary teams that jump in to take the spot of a developed team after a coach quits the league or disappears mid-season. These teams should have a similar TV and playstyle to the team they are replacing. To this purpose, they are allowed to have games played outside of the OCC league structure. They cannot go on to be seeded in future seasons and cannot earn any awards.


    A note on custom teams: You may also choose to recreate the team you are replacing using the custom team option added in LE. You may not create other custom teams to join with.


    The need for replacement teams is always announced in the Sign-ups & League Information forum and sometimes also in the Locker Room and on Discord.


    Why play a substitute team?


    By playing a substitute team, you get the chance to:


    1. Test out new teams or tactics against dedicated coaches within a persistent league structure.
    2. Help out the OCC by making the divisions as fair as possible.


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