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  1. Yesterday
  2. 4 more for another division.
  3. Hi all, ready to join: Coach name (ingame): Celaino Team name: Oh see, Seamen Race: Human
  4. Can sigh up with a new team: Coach name (ingame): Laacis Team name: [OCC] Just sad Race: Necromantic
  5. Tier 5 filled. Need another 6 for another division for T6.
  6. On top of that we need 5-6 more teams to fill another division (if we can't get there some will have to be held in reserve).
  7. Right, seeding issues. I need 3-4 volunteers for T5 (where most teams have played a season already, there might be exceptions). That means you guarantee a spot in the league (divisions needs to be full) but you get to play experienced teams instead of rookies. Reply either here or by sending me a pm. Discord works as well.
  8. Spreadsheet updated to here.
  9. Returning Team Coach name: El_Duderino73 Team name: 4 Stunned Dwarf Technic Race: Dark Elves
  10. Last week
  11. Returning coach, new team and I understand I may be too late this time. Coach name (ingame): Merlinpig Team name: Witches and Wizards Race: Dark Elves
  12. Returning team: Coach name: Rymdkejsaren Team name: Quantum Sufficit Race: Necromantic
  13. New team: Coach Name: LaserBrum Team name: Mother Earth OCC Race: Lizards
  14. New team: Coach Name: Badger69 Team name: Athletico Mince Race: High Elf Signed up as a reserve last season but not played any games with this team yet. Thanks!! (Nearly missed the deadline!)
  15. Mongloom

    Tie Breakers

    We have relocated some information on the forum, old links could not work. Post has been edited. Every race can defend and to avoid receiving TD, not every race can score a lot. You won't find most casualties on the list either, it is a way for balancing the competition and... we are not like most leagues, we are THE LEAGUE!
  16. Fantastic performance @Regor. Congrats!
  17. Here's something to wet everyone's appetite during the off-season! It's the last match of the season and I should be pretty safe to promote already, but could lock down the Tier 2-B division title if I win this match. Come on in and see how I fare against @Luke4444 and his Humans!
  18. Rinjarni

    Tie Breakers

    this link is non existent now, was trying to find out why 3. Least TDs conceded came to be? surprised to find it this way where most leagues go for the most TDs scored? I may of fallen foul to this but im not bitter, just interested in the thought process, if anyone can enlighten me
  19. Okay, priority shift for a bit. Working on a special project for my wife. The main character is a diabetic elf with a seizure condition. Let's face it, she shook off two grand mals that were less than an hour apart. It's about time she was shown how impressive that is.

  20. changed. use LordOfChaos777 when you log in in the future :)
  21. Ah sorry... Yes in game it's LordOfChaos777. If you could change my pseudo it would be great!
  22. Hello. Old coach for BB1 times back. Coach name (ingame): Coyote-zgz Team name: Long shot Rangers Race: High elves Yes. I confirm that my coach name is Coyote-zgz Please, change my forum name. Thanks.
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