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  2. Woo Going! Get to game instead of job hunting today! Dont know whether to do blood bowl,  mordheim,  or lose my mind in overcooked!

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      Captain Thorrek

      Gotta love autocorrect!

  3. Arena is a lot fun at the moment. The drafting pool is made up of cards from: Basic. Classic. Naxxramas. Whispers of the Old Gods. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. The Witchwood. Rise of Shadows. It's a nice mix of old and new cards and changes the Meta entirely. The card pool is also set to rotate quite frequently, which should keep things fresh. It's a great way to get back into HS without having to fork out a lot for new cards.
  4. We're still looking for a 2B team!
  5. Oops i was wrong then Your Norse will do just fine. @brocCooLi or myself will issue a ticket to you. Welcome back!
  6. BB2 Manager says it's 1490 TV; and in 5B I have a heavily battered Norse squad from the early days of OCC2 laying around; Groggy Ice II; that I retired because it got so mauled [Numerous stat busts; such as -AG lv3 Lineman; -MA Ulf and -AV Zerker and dead players by the end of the season]. Bonus points since it's actually a retired OCC2 team so it could technically continue in the League if I want it to. It currently sits at 1200 TV but that's with the bank to replace a dead Zerker; and a 110 TV Zeker currently on MNG due to a -AV. [But I'd rather an AV busted Zerker than no Zerker; funds are tight] Reckon with a Zerker replacement and my MNG Zeker back 1400 TV is pretty close. Not sure if 5C can handle my +AG BlodgeStepper Runner however... especially since he's only 3SSP from hitting Rank 5. It's certainly not the same as the other team [It's clearly been through the meat grinder more with the injuries and standout players; I think the team lasted 3 seasons; going out on one of my Rubber Helms] but it's probobly close 'nuff. If you want a similar-TV Bash-ish team; I also got 1410 Ogres from OCC2 as well.
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  8. Reminder that we're still looking for someone to play the last 7 match days with something like a TV 2000 chorf team. These substitute teams can be a great way to play some relaxing BB, since you don't really care how the team does! And your fellow OCC coaches will appreciate it!
  9. We are looking for a replacement team in 5C TV1340 norse this is the team: http://www.bb2leaguemanager.com/Leaderboard/team_detail.php?team_id=2384279&community_id=1 anything similar would me good
  10. Here's a link to the team to be replaced if anyone wants to build and play a replica! http://www.bb2leaguemanager.com/Leaderboard/team_detail.php?team_id=2166787&community_id=1 But any similar TV bash team would be appreciated.
  11. We are looking for someone to replace a 2000~ bash team in tier 2. Anyone except any coaches currently playing in tier 2 can volunteer. The replacement team does not have to an OCC team (it can be from opens, another league or costum built) but it can not stay in the league after the season is completed.
  12. Neither will I. This was just an very weird turn of events and I couldn't help but vent a little. Hopefully your next game has a few more turns in it.
  13. Yeah I definitely missed the use of the APO on the KO'd hob. And yes, I believe that Sardaor is a redsuit. I will not begin to try and reason what should and could happen here. It is between the admins in this case. But, I will say that I was absolutely stunned by first the concede, and then the subsequent removal of the team from the division. There certainly wasn't that much of a team destroying on my part to count for that. My guess is was just frustrated that I was able to get the defensive TD without using the Wizard and then using the Wizard like I did. But, he still had both bulls and the 2 claw kill pieces that could have destroyed my Saurii, so I felt the use of the Wizard there to potentially protect my team was a viable play. It stinks to lose a coach in this manner, but it is what it is. And just for clarity, on the signature bar of Sardaor, it says that he has the in-game chat muted, so he won't see any texting or reply. That's why I didn't go back and forth through the in-game chat.
  14. So usually I just quietly watch the replays of your team because they're entertaining, and then I saw this one pop up and I though to myself "Alright, we're watching the VOD because this needs some context". Unfortunately, the VOD didn't give me much to go on as you seemed just as perplexed as I was. There was no banter between coaches and you were so surprised by the conduct of your opponent that you missed the fact that he used his Apo to get a Hobo K.O. rerolled to a Stun. The OCC does not allow a Coach to concede, unless you have a very good reason and I don't think "My Claw + Mighty Blow didn't kill all the Saurii" qualifies. Especially not after only 3 Turns of game play. I even thought Sardaor was a Redsuit, so he should definitely know better. I can understand having a crummy game and unleashing the rage-cage after several turns of getting boned, but this just came out of nowhere... .
  15. Week 2 and it's a quick match in this one, as @Sardaor and his Chorfs did not have a fun match this time around! Come enjoy the shortened match!
  16. Here's our first match of the new season...let's hope we can have a good season and get back up to Tier 1. We are going against @BigAshW and his Dwarves!
  17. We are now in the 11th season of the Lizards run and they had a not so good season last season and have been sent back down to Tier 2. So here we are grinding our way back up to Tier 1 next season hopefully. Come and follow our journey over these next 9 games to see how this season pans out!
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  19. Season 11, Match Day 2: Sometimes, bad things happen. Game result page HERE! WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE VS UNEQUALED GLORY HOGGERS A wonky mix of @Ugh (Oook!) failing tons of Dodges in the first half followed by the ladies failing to perform during the second half. We Kicked, hoping to force the Wizard early on but it didn't happen. We were able to score on Turn 8 thanks to White Dragon and Lennifer Jaw-Rends. As expected, the Bloodweiser Babes did their job and our opponent still had 11 players by the time the second half came around, which is never good news. Especially when the kick is pretty deep. After thinking I'd secured a proper spot, safe from Wizards and Elves, Lennifer double Bone-headed and my turn clock ended without me realising it. There was a big battle for the ball, but AG4 won it eventually and Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley was not able to Break Tackle her way to the ball-carrier on Turn 15, otherwise we may have been able to force a draw. Another loss to the Elves, the trend continues. Good game to Ugh (Oook!).
  20. now when i actually tried to figure out when, i think it will be more or less in between season 12 and 13.
  21. not sure about that. just guessing, but i think its closer to season 13.
  22. your math is better than mine
  23. but that is in october, early october but still. so im not sure how it affects season 12? maybe season 13?
  25. this is about an actual RL TT BB WC :) real life table top blood bowl world cup
  26. Will there be a World Cup in BB2 this year?
  27. deleted my post cause I am stupid
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