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  2. Coach name (ingame): SorrowCZ Team name: Butterfly Kiss Race: Orc Read the rules.
  3. Back from the grave comes ... Ingame Name / Headcoach: SorrowCZ Race: Nurgle Team Name: Smallpox Messiahs Timezone: UTC +1 Edition: BBLE (at the moment in OCC Holding League)
  4. Last week
  5. Coach Name : Corkir Team Name : Tearing Up Race : dark elf I have read the rules and am here as a ukbbl refugee because of the all important differences.
  6. We will likely need a couple more admins going into Season 3. Contact me if you are interested. Duties include: Taking responsibility. Finding your own butt when given a map. Possibly more.
  7. Ah ok was just checking it didnt get lost in limbo Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk
  8. I totally forgot about that. :| @Tys and @smoked_g60 please let me know what games you want from the pool.
  9. Da Cunning Stunts Human Chubberson Returning, thanks.
  10. 1st place smoked 2nd place Tys and btw did you sent that Witcher game?
  11. Coach Name : RastaJean Team Name : Stelle di mattina Race : Wood Elvs
  12. Wednesday 21th June - Sign-ups and decisions open. Tuesday 4th July - 24:00 UTC - MD9 ends. Wednesday 5th July - 24:00 UTC - Sign-ups and decisions final day (for guaranteed participation). ~Saturday 9th July - Divisions posted. Saturday 15th July - Deadline for signing up in-game. Wednesday 19th July - 00:00 UTC - Season 3 MD 1 kick-off!
  13. First some important things: The team needs to be a fresh one (unless you've already had a team in the competition and are returning from a break) Your players will die. Repeatedly. I know mine have. To be guaranteed a spot you need to sign up by July 5th. The thread will be kept open longer but a spot can't be guaranteed after that point. If you already play in the league please use the decision thread in your group instead of this thread. If you've previously sat out for a season but would like to return, please make a post here and do include team name and race. OCC2 Season 3 starts July 19th Please use the following format: Coach name (ingame): Team name: Race: Also, please confirm that you have read the rules.
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  15. Hope springs eternal, as they say. Noted for the next season, thx ! S!
  16. Hope doesn't do a lot of good in either Blood Bowl or the OCC! Signups for Season 3 will come up in about a week, in this forum.
  17. Hello i'm new here and this is my team information : Coach : Wallygator Team : Lizard man Name : Rijsel Lizard Squad (i hope i m in the good thread btw) S!
  18. You'll be contacted shortly.
  19. Hi Completely new here still reading through posts so dont know if this is the right place, Ive signed up as a reserve with a fresh team of lizardmen (hadnt read this request) Are you still looking for Norse I have a slightly developed norse think its 1300 ish, happy to step in and get some "lessons" from some pros.
  20. I saw a replay of a game on Fumbbl once where a player holdin the ball was sacked in the endzone (knocked down and pushed into the end zone), the ball scattered into the crowd, they threw it diagonally 12 squares towards the LOS where it went out of play again, was then thrown in again 12 squares diagonally towards the opposite endzone where a player caught it and scored a TD. BB's a crazy game and when you roll enough dice, strange stuff happens!
  21. So far we have 1 new signup: Ingame Name / Headcoach: jothejoker Race: Dwarf Team Name: ExamensDurin Timezone: UTC +1 Edition: BBCE
  22. Happened to me in col last night. Failed catch -> oob-> throwin to troll in 4 tz's. Fun times Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk
  23. I lost a game that way in bb1 on turn 16 actually. To say I was unhappy is an understatement.
  24. Yes a turnover on a pass attempt happens when the ball is fumbled or the ball does not end up on one of your players. It can scatter out of bounds and be thrown back in by the crowd and still not be a turnover if one of your players ends up with the ball.
  25. Yep. Just very Lucky [emoji16] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk
  26. Yeah that legit. As long as the ball never touched the ground it would still be his turn Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  27. Just had this happen for the first time, so not sure if this is a glitch or not. My opponent didn't mind, as the game was at its outcome. ~Beastman throws ball to Chaos Warrior (standing next to other chaos warrior). Successful pass, failed catch, reroll, failed catch ~Ball scatters to other Chaos Warrior, failed catch ~Ball scatters back to first intended Chaos Warrior, catches the ball ~Turn continues, Chaos Warrior scores TD. Not sure this was legit or not.
  28. OCC 2 Season 2 prizes are: Championship 1st place - one game from the Top Pool (or lower) 2nd place - one game from the Middle Pool (or lower) 3rd place - one game from the Bottom Pool Tier 1 1st place - one game from the Middle Pool (or lower) 2nd place - one game from the Bottom Pool
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