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  2. So far the season has went well and started off very nicely. This week we get @the Sage and his non-existent Wood Elves. He is bringing in 7 loners to fight the Lizards. This should be a fun one. Let's hope that Sage isn't able to pull off some goofy elfiness in this one.
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  4. Season 12, Match Day 3 - Preston Chorf End VS Women with Attitude
  5. Thanks. They say you should learn something new every day, they never said it had to be useful.
  6. a bit like this https://www.howtopronounce.com/norwegian/yngve/ But with a w instead of a v at the end.
  7. I give up. How is that pronounced?
  8. I can confirm that my coach name in BB2 is Ynwe
  9. You know what, I haven't thought about that, fair point. Usually the name is so rare I never had any issues with it, even in massive games like League of Legends. Guess I will buy the base game to be sure that I can have the name, otherwise me signing up here makes no sense.
  10. Name changed! Now you are @Ynwe here too! Mmmm did not realize you had not the game yet... You can just pay for a cheap copy with base races, it is so cheap (6-7€ and that is enough to start to play) I think.
  11. If you don't have the game, yet, do you even have an account so that you are sure your coach name will be "Ynwe"?
  12. Nope, would actually want that change! If you could change my name to "Ynwe" (without the "") that would be fantastic! Yeah I talked with Pidpad, who told me the reserve list is rather short. Is fine, would need the experience anyway. I was just gone for so long I didn't get the base game and now would need to pay 45 euros for the entire game (and I heard there are rumors of BB3 next year..) so I would rather wait for a sale, but I realize that is unlikely to happen before I am called up.
  13. Welcome back! We are pretty sure you will get a chance of playing before the end of the present season but we would need to change your forum name, it must match with the in game name. Have you got any issue with that? If not, just let us know and we will change your forum settings in that way.
  14. Coach Name: Ynwe Race: Wood Elves Team Name: Once Upon a Team Returning coach, last game was5 years ago. Also I do not own BB2 yet, am waiting for a sale. If I am needed as a reserve I will instantly buy the game, otherwise I will wait for a possible sale to get the whole game a bit cheaper.
  15. Bump again. New season starting at the end of the month and would be nice to get couple more coaches. New waiting list: https://bbtactics.com/forum/threads/waiting-list.14058/
  16. Hi team i am starting up what is a free agent league call OFL we use to have it in BB1 and am now looking for coaches to give this a crack in BB2... we need about 24 coaches to make it interesting so if anyone wants to play in this league it would be good to have u. rules are on the discord channel to view under play off chat tab.. https://discord.gg/buCuGh kind regards yarrick
  17. the dummy team is because a coach couldnt play the first 2 mds. in 5B we have one that are going to leave. will look in game and see what i can do.
  18. I'm getting a "The Competition is Full" error. Looking at the brackets, the ticket I have is for 5B, but 5A has what looks like an admin /dummy team.
  19. you have a ticket to accept in game
  20. Well in that case, I'd like to sign up! New Team Coach Name: Razzle Storm Race: Vampires Team Name: The Clans United
  21. nope. none what so ever. the only thing that you should now is that most teams in tier 5 already played 10-11 games. so pick whatever team you want to play, and if you want to continue with the team after this season that is a possibility, also, if you like to create a new team for next season (s13) instead you can also do that.
  22. I'd be willing to sign up! Are there any race restrictions?
  23. if someone is thinking about signing up, please do and you can jump right in to the action in tier 5!
  24. Amazons done. As a former 'zon coach I am happy they have the best result so far! Here's the (a bit) battered squad:- Most killer teams don't go for tackle which does mitigate, but meeting a 2400 Chaos team hurt. Great fun.
  25. Season 12, Match Day 2: Sometimes you win, sometimes you play Blood Bowl. Game result page HERE! Women with Attitude VS The Mordheim Horrors @Rama Set shows up to face some Ogres once more after our previous encounter in the 2018 OCC World Cup Qualifiers, however this time he isn't facing some lowly 1350TV Ogre squad... . This time around he faces the extraordinarily gorgeous Women with Attitude in all of their chunky 2000+TV glory. @AllyRdr also did use a huge favour by dismantling Grolack the Elder (Block, +MA, +MA Wolf) in their game. So, with no developed Ghouls and The Cooda Bean Champion Grolack replaced by a rookie there's very few "ball handling-shenanigans" to be expected from this Necro team, which is always good news for any Ogre squad especially since we just got a fresh Kicker in Quick Old Fashioned IV. The inducement phase sees the walking dead hire Wilhelm Chaney, a Wizard, a Bribe and 2 Bloodweiser Babes. With a Wizard on the pitch and no Claw + Mighty Blow on our opponent's side, the gals decide to kick first. Lycaeus the Astronomer fails to remove a Gnoblar from the pitch and only Paris Killton and Amy Shawarma go down on the Line of Scrimmage. With a Bribe on deck, Rama Set feels pretty safe going for a foul on Amy, which results in a stun. Unfortunately for him, we've got an extremely fair referee calling the shots and Ilgoth "Ber" gets sent off anyway. The ladies shuffle around a bit, anticipating the movement of the Ghoul and the Wolves, getting a nice, even spread of Ogres across the pitch. The Necros decide to go for the big hits right away as Lycaeus switches his focus from Gnoblars to Bichelle Omaha after setting up a ton of assists. Bichelle's armour holds and immediately afterwards, Commandante LeBarge wastes a reroll and gets both himself and Paris downed, ruining any plans the Horrors may have had. Eager to show these stringy boys how it's done, Bichelle gets up and busts right through Magister Steffan's armour. The combination of Bichelle's Mighty Blow and Steffan's Niggling Injury gets him removed from the game as he does not manage to Regenerate. This is a pretty big deal, because now the only Guard piece on our opponent's side is Edmond the Duster and thanks to the referee, we're actually up 11-9 players. Demoralised but not defeated, the Horrors move up on the right flank. Wilhelm Chaney takes Bichelle down once more, not causing any damage. Lycaeus, now surrounded by Ogres and Gnoblars tries to make a break for it but proves not dodgy enough for this escape attempt. The gals get a huge turn out of this turnover as Amy Break Tackles in to the cage and knocks out Gelp the Urchin, removing yet another Necro player from the field and freeing up the ball. Quick Old Fashioned IV recovers the pigskin and hands it off to Lennifer Jaw-Rends, who heroically runs away from the giant pile of fighting Blood Bowl players. The Horrors retaliate by punching some Gnoblars and removing Paris from the field (MNG). She'll be stuck at 50/51SPP for a little while longer, I suppose... . Ah well, at least Lycaeus fails another dodge and causes yet another turnover for the Necros. Lennifer, Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley and a couple of Gnobbies scurry over to the left side of the pitch while Amy knocks out another Zombie and Bichelle stuns Lord Bernard the Third. The Horrors catch up to our ball carrier and her escorts pretty quickly but there's no real opening for a sack thanks to a screen of Gnoblars with the occasional Ogre sprinkled throughout. One Break Tackle later, Lennifer is set up on the side of the pitch, at the 20 yard line with 2 Gnoblars on her right flank for "protection". A failed dodge by Full Nelson III and a failed Bone-Head by Amy means that both Werewolves are free to roam the field, but pretty much every other player is tied up. Desperately, Lycaeus goes for the sack but Stand Firm keeps Lennifer safe from the uphill + in to +. Unable to take down our beefy ball carrier themselves, the Horrors call in their Wizard but Lennifer shrugs it off and remains upright on our turn 7, the pigskin still in her hands. The ladies don't take any chances and go for the Touchdown immediately. Lennifer Blitzes aside Lycaeus and dodges her way out of danger and in to the opposing end zone. Turn 7 ends 1-0 for the Women with Attitude. The last turns of the first half see both teams just trying to punch a few holes in to the opposition but there's no permanent damage on either side. The second half kicks off and the gals' plan is fairly simple. Get the ball in to White Dragon's teeny hands, keep Lennifer close by and try to get that little man across the pitch... somehow. A couple of Bone-Heads make it so we don't do much harm to the Horrors but at least we get that ball and keep it tucked away nice and safe in our back field. Rama Set gets his goons to move forward, with Lycaeus threatening our back field while the Golems and Zombies hold up the Ogres on the Line of Scrimmage. Slow and steady wins the race. The girls regroup, recover from their Bone-Heads and we form a fancy cage with White Dragons till safely tucked away. Swilda Ten Tons also gets the knock out on Edmond, getting rid of the last Guard piece our opponent has. The girls keep trucking forward, White Dragon shoved against the sideline, Bichelle and Lennifer guarding his left flank. Lycaeus spots an opening and actually manages to dodge his way through a wall of Gnoblars but this time around he fails his GFI, burns the last reroll his coach has and still doesn't make it in the end. Bichelle Blitzes away and knocks out Wilhelm Chaney, Amy removes another Zombie and White Dragon struts forward, still fairly well protected up against the right flank. The Horrors mark any Ogres that're not with our ball carrier and after taking care of Kindness II and his Diving Tackle, Lycaeus still finds a way to disappoint Rama Set by failing to dodge away from Hot Karl IV. With pretty much all of the opposing players around the Line of Scrimmage, we're free to run White Dragon forward on his own and send everyone else back towards the actual fight. The triple Bone-Head turn finally comes around, allowing the Horrors to threaten White Dragon and forcing our hand. The little star walks it in on turn 14, 2-0 for the Women with Attitude. With 3 turns remaining, the Horrors have a shot at scoring at least once but the girls don't plan to make it easy for them. Get the ref! provides both teams with an additional Bribe as Quick Old Fashioned IV gets a great kick in, all the way to the back field. The Horrors form a cage for Lycaeus on the right flank of the pitch around our 6 yard marker and Wilhelm Chaney runs all the way forward to the 14 yard line. The ladies spread around. Ellen stuns Lord Mayor Helmut while several Gnoblars block the way forward on the right flank. Wilhelm Chaney is given a Gnobbie to chew on and we await Rama Set's next move. Lord Bernard sprints forward with the oval in his paws and not only does he fail his GFI, his armour doesn't hold and the ball is left unmarked on the Line of Scrimmage. With only 1 turn remaining for both teams, we just push as many players towards the ball as possible. By the end of the gals' turn 16, we've got 2 Gnoblars and Bichelle marking the pigskin and unless some Zombie makes a couple of amazing dodges in to a Long Pass, there's very little the Horrors can do to score a touchdown this game. Rama Set doesn't even go for any low probability plays, instead opting to do as much damage as possible in the final moments of this game. Lycaeus stuns a poor Gnoblar and sets up for an assist to knock down Ellen. He surrounds the poor, downed Super Star for one last foul and even though Ellen gets Badly Hurt, it does little for the Horror's morale as Walt the Confessor gets sent off by the referee. The game ends 2-0 for the ladies, yay! ----- Rama Set definitely didn't get very lucky on this one. The early failed dodges, combined with our girls steadily removing players got us ahead by turn 4. Top that off with essentially 250k gold of Inducements doing absolutely nothing and you end up losing 2-0 to Ogres. It also took forever before any of our Gnoblars got removed from the pitch and the only Casualty that mattered was the MNG on Paris. Sure, we only caused 1 Casualty ourselves (only 1 that stuck, anyways) but we consistently got stuns and knock outs to help us along while our entire crew of Gnobbies remained relatively unharmed throughout this entire game. Good game to Rama Set. I said it during the game but I'll say it again here; may his curse be lifted and his team flourish (whenever he's not facing Ogres, obviously). He's a good coach and I'm curious about how he'll handle the remaining games of the season.
  26. Season 9 Inbound. Only the #flingnation are yet to win as their was an Ogre mirror for the final of Season 8! Sign up today! https://forms.gle/8E66TzGtNjWwLFpK9
  27. Season 23 now recruiting! How are we different to the OCC? 10 day match days Fewer tiers with rookie league, main league and then champs (we use swiss format for all except the champs) Ageing on, and trading between seasons. How are we the same? Great coaches and no race limits Stadium enhancements All teams must be created specifically for the league Interested? Sign up now:- https://forms.gle/x9kyHpFz7aBZqUcV8
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