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  2. Season 8 Signups

    Coach name (ingame): cbbakke Team name: Dark Vices Race: Dark Elves
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  4. Match 6 and I am feeling good about potentially killing me some low-down dirty rats! @Crystal_Hunter's rats to be exact! Bring on those pesky Gutter Runners! In all seriousness, I really need a win this week to have a good shot at staying in Champions for next season and not getting relegated! Come in and watch to see if that happens. :)
  5. Timeline Season 7 -> Season 8

    As a rule, we don't do any extensions over the summer as people tend to have their vacations spread all over the summer months.
  6. Timeline Season 7 -> Season 8

    Mid august start... wow.... 2 weeks for the first match maybe?
  7. S8 Fluffers assemble!

    Want to try your hand at writing mdthreads? Sent me a pm to join the s8 fluff team!
  8. Oh, ok. Well, let's go with that, then.
  9. First some important things: The team needs to be a fresh one (unless you've already had a team in the competition and are returning from a break) It can't be a "mixed team". They're quite frankly not balanced at all. Your players will die. Repeatedly. I know mine have. To be guaranteed a spot you need to sign up by August 1st (midnight UTC) (divisions still have to be 10 teams though so take that guarantee with a pinch of salt). The thread will be kept open longer but after the cut-off date you will be on the reserve list (still, divisions of 10 so there might be room). If you already play in the league please use the decision thread in your group instead of this thread. If you've previously sat out for a season but would like to return, please make a post here and do include team name and race and mention that it is indeed a returning team. OCC Season 8 starts August 15th Please use the following format: Coach name (ingame): Team name: Race: By signing up you confirm that you've read the rules. If you are a returning coach, please do mention that and if it's a new team. I know which teams are eligible to return and where they go, but it helps and some people like to name new teams the same thing. One more thing: Please do not edit your post, if you change your mind make a new post.
  10. Decision threads and signup thread posted: July 17th Md8 starts: July 18th Md9 starts: July 25th Md9 ends: July 31st (midnight UTC) Decision threads closes: August 1st (20:00 UTC) Signups "close": August 1st (midnight UTC) [The thread will still be open and if there's space we'll do what we can] Divisions posted: August 6th -ish (could be earlier and ideally not later) Signups ingame close: August 10th (20:00 UTC) - If you are not signed in to your division by this point you risk being replaced. Season 8 starts: August 15th
  11. The game page on the leaderboard shows it under player stats. Duckbutt vs Martin, 190-160-50 = -20, by my count.
  12. Oh yeah, I did a BH on a level 4 (?) chaos warrior but didn't stop to check who the blocker was. I just assumed it wouldn't count. I'll have to run the replay to figure the score.
  13. LLC BBCE signup

    Oooooh. Undead Quiet have been feeling too quiet.
  14. Season 7 Signups

    I'll likely get around to posting the proper signup thread after I manage to sleep, which at the moment seems rather hard.
  15. My only inflicted casualty was fixed by the apothecary. Boooo. Shame on my for scheduling this when I played orcs 😐 Otherwise, it would have scored: 70 - 130 + 50 = -10
  16. Last week
  17. Season 7 Signups

    @Pidpad I've sat out my 9 weeks. I want back in! Same team, I'm going to make these humans work even if it kills me...
  18. LLC BBCE signup

    Feel nostalgic to play with your former OCC1 team? Join the LLC S4. 2week matchdays ALL old OCC BBCE teams allowed
  19. Match 5 was adminned, as my opponent and I weren't able to get connected in time to get the match played. But, match 6 was played! And it was against @AndyDavo and his High Elves! This was always going to be a tough match-up for the Lizards against a great coach and a nicely built team. So, just how tough was it? Come on it and find out!
  20. The Boomsday Project

    Yeah new expansions are always the best time and I should be on holidays at home when it hits. Haven't got any pre-order yet as I'm buying a car but I'll probably get one or the other before launch day.
  21. S7 Replacements Wanted

    Great, thanks.
  22. S7 Replacements Wanted

    Perfect. Ticket accepted and I can see my opponent. We are also scheduled to play Monday. So all good :)
  23. S7 Replacements Wanted

    @Hordemaster The admins updated the division settings, and I resent the ticket. Can you try again please?
  24. S7 Replacements Wanted

    Got the ticket but the competition does not allow custom teams currently.
  25. S7 Replacements Wanted

    Ticket sent, thanks
  26. S7 Replacements Wanted

    Hi Javelin, That was an old REBBL WCQ team. Just rebuilt them to be identical to the team I am replacing. Bloat and injuries all. Ready to be invited now, they are a custom team so the div needs to allow that.
  27. S7 Replacements Wanted

    @Hordemaster I looked for your Fairest Foulers team to invite, but that current team is at 1200 TV and not build like the team you planned to replace at 1650 TV. Did you want me to invite the 1200 TV team, or do you plan on building a new team?
  28. New expansion announced earlier this week: https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/expansions-adventures/the-boomsday-project/ Looks like fun - Mechs are coming back in a big way, which should also have an impact in Wild. I bought the 80 card pre-purchase, because it’s less than half the price in my country store. Launch date is 7th August. Is anyone else hyped fof it? At the very least it should hopefully drastically shake up fhe meta!
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