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  2. Anyone who's not in already, please use the S12 signup thread. This one will be locked and forgotten.
  3. First some important things: It is assumed you'll be able to play at what's normally considered European friendly times (so, evenings UTC+1 winter/ UTC +2 summer) and/or weekends. The team needs to be a fresh one (unless you've already had a team in the competition and are returning from a break) It can't be a "mixed team". They're quite frankly not balanced at all. Your players will die. Repeatedly. I know mine have. To be guaranteed a spot you need to sign up by June 12th (midnight UTC) (divisions still have to be 10 teams though so take that guarantee with a pinch of salt). The thread will be kept open longer but after the cut-off date you will be on the reserve list (still, divisions of 10 so there might be room). If you already play in the league please use the decision thread in your group instead of this thread. If you've previously sat out for a season but would like to return, please make a post here and do include team name and race and mention that it is indeed a returning team. OCC Season 12 starts June 26th Please use the following format: Coach name (ingame): Team name: Race: By signing up you confirm that you've read the rules. If you are a returning coach, please do mention that and if it's a new team. I know which teams are eligible to return and where they go, but it helps and some people like to name new teams the same thing. One more thing: Please do not edit your post, if you change your mind make a new post.
  4. Decision threads and signup thread posted: May 26th Md8 starts: May 29th Md9 starts: June 5th Md9 ends: June 11th (midnight UTC) Decision threads closes: June 12th (20:00 UTC) Signups "close": June 12th (midnight UTC) [The thread will still be open and if there's space we'll do what we can] Divisions posted: June 17th -ish (could be earlier and ideally not later) Signups ingame close: June 21st (20:00 UTC) - If you are not signed in to your division by this point you risk being replaced. Season 12 starts: June 26th
  5. Ogres Completed. Thank Nuffle. The team as you might expect is a bit beaten up:- Lost 3 Ogres overall, the last ST 4 one in the last game (which was notable for 5 boneheads in a row, with a RR), where I was also unable to break skink armour at all. The one word that springs to mind with Ogres is "Frustration". If only that guy hadn't boneheaded, if only that 2D against had not been a double pow, if only the Snots would take just the one hit before leaving the field, if only POMB would work. If only. Played 49 games, but only 6 TD.
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  7. Season 11, Match Day 7: Git Stomped. Game result page HERE! Forces of Grimmforest VS Women with Attitude I wish there was some way to describe this game and make it look cool but there's very little to be said here, @EvilSmoothie Fouled us in to oblivion, shattering brocCooLi's Boota Point-Record in the process. A Wizard, several bribes and a Chainsaw make their way on to the pitch and from the get-go, we are completely screwed. Bichelle Omaha is the first to almost die, but the Apothecary steps in and manages to save her. Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley is next on the docket, but gets out with just being Badly Hurt. Dame Juicy Drenched, our fresh Super Star takes fouls for 3-4 turns before she finally gives in to the call of the Grim Reaper and Paris Killton suffers an AV-loss. The only reason this was not a 2-1 Victory for the Forces of Grimmforest, is because Mr.Smoothie was too busy scoring Dirty Git points. Our TV has been reduced severely, and our next game will be played with only 4 Ogres due to Paris' injury and the fact that we rolled a 1 for our winning, actually reducing our Treasury because of how bloaty we were before. Dame Juicy also got the MVP after the match, so the only thing we gained is 4SPP on Donkey Punch III thanks to a Stunty-Pass and a Touchdown. The Referee intervened twice during the whole game, once during the first half when our opponent fouled every turn and once on our opponent's turn 16, preventing him from scoring the game-winning touchdown. We had a few fun moments. Paris made a pretty neat cage-dive and our GFI's were amazing throughout the entire game. But as a pixel-hugger man, this was a devastating tragedy. Out of the 8 Casualties caused by our opponent, only 3 were Badly Hurt, 2 were deaths and the rest was MNG or worse. Let us hope this never happens again.
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  9. Season 11, Match Day 6: Ogre here, Ogre there, Ogre everywhere. Game result page HERE! Da Tiny Titanz VS Women with Attitude It had been a while since the Women with Attitude faced off against another team of equal girth, and we were not let down by our opponent's will to fight in the slightest. @Com Yarrick, King of Ogres, denizen of South Zealandia and Coach of Da Tiny Titanz just stood next to me and we talked back and forth for the entire game while the players did all of the heavy lifting. Even against another Ogre team, we somehow end up against a Wizard and a Bribe. We're not bloaty, we're big boned! The game starts off with Da Titanz receiving, but a Blitz! puts a quick end to Yarrick's plan of seizing the initiative. Especially after Amy Shawarma brutally kills an opposing Ogre. the Apothecary was there to save the poor fella, but it's an immediate advantage before the ball has even hit the ground. The trend continues as the ladies score K.O.'s and Casualties like nobody's business, while Yarrick slowly descends in to madness and his team grows smaller and smaller. One thing Da Tiny Titanz have always been a lot better at than punching, is throwing Gnoblars around and getting them to land properly. They prove that a little bit of luck can go a long way as the half ends 1-0. Our own TTM attempt on Turn 8 was a spectacular failure. The second half sees the girls play the running game since our Gnoblars couldn't stick a landing if they had runway lights and a marshall there to guide them. Since we keep up the removal of opposing Gnoblars and Ogres alike, Yarrick is eventually forced to use that damned Wizard of his. Against all odds, a lone Gnoblar sneaks in between approximately 37 other players, grabs the ball and runs off. It takes a lot more effort than I'd like to admit, but near the end the gals even up the score and the final whistle is blown. 1-1. We couldn't have Ogre-strated it better. --- Good game to Yarrick. Ogre on Ogre action is always fun and this game was no exception. I'd talk about how many SPP we got out of this game, but we already played MD7 and we'll get in to a little more details there... .
  10. Okay, anyone up for a match on Friday the 24th, say kickoff at around 1900UTC? It'll give me enough time to put together a level 5 version of the Wild West themed Witch Hunter Warband I'm having a ball playing.
  11. Anyone up for a Mordheim match, say around 1830UTC? I have to take Mrs. Cap'n to work until her car's TCM gets replaced, so I'll have some game time available. 

  12. T2C is currently looking for a replacement Nurgle team or similar. Anything close to an 1860 nurgle team would be considered. Or a direct copy of this team: http://www.bb2leaguemanager.com/Leaderboard/team_detail.php?team_id=2202358&community_id=1 Replacement is available for the match week starting 5/22. If you want a chance to play a few weeks in 2C let me know!
  13. Season 11, Match Day 7 - Forces of Grimmforest VS Women with Attitude - WEDNESDAY 22/05 - 16h00 UTC
  14. Well here we are playing match 5 and we get the nasty and ugliest stinky green Nurgz that we have probably ever seen. Can we win? Can we survive? Can we please get this 2 hours of our life over with? I'm tired of this stink and rot! Let's go @RTSD.
  15. And you are IN now!!! You will receive a ticket as you are joining the league in the middle.
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  17. Coach name (ingame): Joiny Team name: Undead Lightning II Race: Necros
  18. Dalaran Heist came out a few days ago. Have completed the first wing and it looks promising so far. First time in a while that they've done a more in-depth single player experience with multiple wings.
  19. Heya guys, have any of you run a Blood Bowl themed RPG? If so, how did it turn out? Thinking of using 7th Sea or Steampunk for the game engine. Something I already have,  and is not overly complicated like WFRP is (Not to mention the lack of books).

  20. Season 11, Match Day 6 - Da Tiny Titanz VS Women with Attitude - MONDAY 20/05 - 18h00 UTC
  21. We have had recently a drop so... we would have a seat for a new coach if interested... Still 4 matches to end the 11th season and the chance to keep that team for season 12 or just reroll to a different one at the end of the season.
  22. T6 is currenlty looking for a replacement of a Chaos team. Anyone who is interested contact @Mongloom, @Ozone and me.
  23. Match 4 and I get the fill-in coach @RytterT for the Amazons. Let's see how this goes.
  24. I'll bump this. Season 16 is starting in couple days and there is still room for few coaches. The waiting list link is still the same as on Ilgoths post.
  25. Season 11, Match Day 5: Black Hole of Stupid. Game result page HERE! Women with Attitude VS The Cadaverous Host Sometimes, your team can have a bad game. Sometimes, your opponent's team can have a bad game. Sometimes, both teams have a bad game and the end result is a cacophony of bad dice at the wrong time and good dice at the exact right time only to have some more bad dice afterwards to kick you in the kidneys when you think you've finally recovered. The Women with Attitude may not have suffered horrendous injuries against @Flyktsoda's Cadaverous Host, but this match was a psychological horror. The ladies decide to receive because we don't want to get clawed at from the get go and our offense is rather pitiful. Multiple Gnoblars bite the dust instantly and with 83% of the gals down on the ground for most of the half, we try for a long bomb towards a lone Gnoblar we somehow managed to sneak in to the opposing end-zone. A 6+ Interception crushes our dreams and the Host scores on Turn 8 with relative ease. The second half sees the Host attempting hand-offs which never seem to work, giving the ladies multiple opportunities to mark the ball and there's even a time where we actually steal it, only to be let down by White Dragon in the end. We were 0-3 on "Gnoblars landing" this game. After some more brutal beat-downs and a fancy sack by Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley, the Beastmen finally figure out how to perform the dreaded hand-off and score once more. Turn 16 rolls around and a "High Kick", caught by Ellen gives us a shot at making this a 1-2 game. But Ellen Bone-heads and the game ends 0-2. It was incredibly insane how this game went. Sometimes our plays failed right from the start, but we had several moments where we blossomed in to greatness, only to be horribly let down afterwards. Same goes for Flyktsoda, his ball-handling was atrocious and I'm pretty sure that every CLAWPOMB (except for one on Bichelle Omaha) ended in a Stun. What a terrible, terrible game. We should definitely do that again some time, Flyktsoda!
  26. Okay Coach Name: RytterT Team name: Disney Villain Race: Undead
  27. sure. just make a new post with the team you want to play.
  28. can I change my race and team? i dont want to play underworld
  29. Well, I'd say they have at least one fun positional, the Centaur. And depending on your affinity to fouling, they might arguably have a second fun "positional" as well
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