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  2. To comply with OCC policy I'll change your name on the boards to MrStarck
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  4. All Hail Nurgle. ps. You stink!
  5. One time, Two times, Three times a Champion! Congratulations to @Regor and his disgusting team on another Championship in the OCC! We hereby present you with THE CHAMP STAMP! Also a special mention to @wolves in exile for being the only undefeated player this Season! A grand accomplishment for any player, a normal Wednesday night for us, Belgians. We're pretty amazing. Cheers to everyone who participated in Season 13. And to quote the Hunger Games: "Remember that the odds will never be in your favour." Wait... .
  6. Coach name (ingame): MrStarck Team name: Ball Handling Masterclass Race: Khemri
  7. Coach Name: cwctoby Team Name: Grim Wood Reapers Race: Necromantic
  8. New (Returning Coach) Coach Name: Cerumol Team Name: Telev Greehorns Race: Chaos
  9. New Coach Very New Fresh Team Coach Name : luxolyons Team Name: The Albanian Republic Race:Human
  10. Then apply NOW to become a redsuit! You will be faster than your opponents!!! FASTER IS BETTER, WEAR THE RED!!!! You'll be helping out admin a tier. Highlights include: Turning the MD Posting MD threads Dealing with delinquent coaches Access to the admin lounge Obeying the fickle whims of the greensuits The possibility of admin awards... Or not, Houston we are having problems on the awards! Please note that the creative part of MD threads is separate from the redsuit admin tasks. If you want to participate creatively, apply to the Fluff Team. (You can do both! That won't bother us at all) Contact @Mongloom now and we'll fit you with a nice red suit and matching manacles. *Yeah okay so it won't be phenomenal. But you'll have power**. **Though if you abuse it we'll nail your butt to your face***. ***Yeah, that's possible. Do you want to find out how? Probably not. But apply for the job. It looks great on your CV****. ****Okay, no it doesn't.
  11. your name on the forum need to be the same as your in game name. will change it for you.
  12. New Coach Name: Venomwolf9 Team name: Cult of Bhaal Race: Undead
  13. New Coach Name: Venomwolf9 Team name: Cult of Bhaal Race: Undead
  14. Hey folks! If there is a place for my team in T2, I would like to be back for S14. Last time I played in S11, Tier 2C. Coach name: Galenth Team Name: Lords and Ladies Race: Dark Elves If no place opens up in T2 I can sit out another season. Thanks!
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  16. New coach. Coach name: joppa Team Name: Angry Stoners Race: Underworld Denizens
  17. Returning coach with new team. Coach Name: cwctoby Team Name: Race: Necromantic
  18. Technically returning coach (played during BB1 like five years ago) but probably new. Coach name: OnyshiWa Team name: Team Graveyard Shift Race: Undead
  19. Spreadsheet (mostly) updated to here. Ynwe's post is valid.
  20. @luxolyons Remember: One more thing: Please do not edit your post, if you change your mind make a new post. So if you want to play with a different race or don't want to play this season, please tell us so in a new post
  21. New Coach New Team Coach Name : Hidelfon Team Name: Mordheim Renegades Race:Orc
  22. Your name on the forums is going to be changed to luxolyons to comply with rules and avoid any kind of confusion.
  23. For now it's time to wait. Divisions are likely to be posted on the 18th (at some point during the day). Very unlikely to be done earlier as I'm away playing a tournament this coming weekend. Once divisions have been posted (in this section of the forum), you will have to find the league and your division in game. I usually post some kind of instructions in the first post in the division listing.
  24. Returning coach with new team Coach name: Louizypher Team name: Yellow Streak Race: Wood Elf
  25. Hey look guys, it's another Nurgle team! Woot woot. We love playing against Nurgle! And this time we get @Raslurbat
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