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  2. It definitely has 2 or 3 of the most powerful decks around at the moment, which is unhealthy for the meta game. I would expect to see one or two cards nerfed, but knowing Blizzard that could take longer than it should. I would be happy to see Innervate rotated to the Hall of Fame. That card alone makes it too easy for Druid decks to pull off a lot of overpowered combos.
  3. crafted hunert DK, got shaman one from solo adv. used the 2k dust I received to craft the rest of the midrange hunter deck and some cards for new secret mage deck. still run my pirate deck with FT additions as well. didnt prepurchase neither had I some gold to spare :)
  4. So is the game now broken by Druid?
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  6. Blades of Truth (Cross Platform)

    Episode II: Throne of Hate and Anguish Judith's sense of smell returned first, although in a somewhat heightened form. Around her, the air was moist with the stench of terror and despair. The screams followed soon after. Her eyes opened to reveal an enormous throne in the center of a pillar of light. A skeleton sat upon the throne, wreathed in flames, and roared its eternal malice and pain. In between its bouts of fury, the monstrosity would reach down, pick up a handful of shining objects, and shove them into its open maw. It chewed, swallowed, and resumed its deafening tempest. Corrupted things resembling Seraphim Sisters and Space Marines bearing the Legion of the Damned chapter herded shining people who tried to run from the abomination, forcing their charges towards the skeleton, and the horrible fate awaiting them. Occasionally a soul slipped through, only to be picked up by a Seraphim and flown toward the throne's base. Something grabbed Judith's arm, rousing her from the macabre spectacle. She looked into the frantic eyes of the young woman she killed a moment ago. A Seraphim was attempting to drag the woman into the air; despite years of ingrained discipline, Judith fought against retching when she saw the Seraphim's face. She only saw such levels of glee in cultists who gibbered their dark allegiances while they charged and died. "Don't let it get me!" the young woman implored. "Don't let it eat me!" "Come along now, you juicy little morsel," the Seraphim cooed. The Seraphim jerked its victim free, and the pair started upwards. Shrieking, the captive reached out in desperation to the one who killed her. Judith's hand felt an empty holster where her bolt pistol should have been, so she fumbled for her blade and threw. The blade sank into the woman's chest, and emerged from the Seraphim's back. Unholy eyes locked onto Judith as the Seraphim screeched, each Legionaire's bolter at the ready. Judith dashed towards her weapon, bolter rounds skittering around her. She wrenched the blade free; the woman's form dissipated on the blade, while the Seraphim rotted where it lay. Legionaires charged, and Seraphim swooped down as the Battle Sister fought them off with her remaining weapon. "YOU!" shouted the skeleton, as it looked in the battle's direction. The other attackers fled to avoid a skeletal hand reaching out for Judith. Her blade cracked against a fingertip, flames bursting with the contact. A concussive backlash of distilled hatred hit Judith as the thing roared. Agony pulsed through Judith's sprawled body as she opened her eyes. Her bolt pistol lay near the girl's body, but Judith's was only inches from the Battle Sister's hand. "Thank you," the blade whispered as a ripple of flame played along its edge. * * * * * Platform: Warhammer Quest Adventure: Revenge of the Grey Minstrel (Story Mission) Outcome: Successful Levels: Judith(2)- Dirty Blow Gear: Judith- Flame Bullets Okay, here's something to ponder while I head of to continue painting Judith. I'm thinking of creating a Mordheim Warband for when I can't make it to Games U... it'd make for great hive-based narration. Do you think there are already enough platforms, or would you like to shoe-horn one more in?
  7. Blades of Truth (Cross Platform)

    FROM THIS MOMENT ON: Though I have written violent content in the previous sections of this thread, I'm putting up a disclaimer now, and in the first post, stating that they may be content which will be upsetting to some people. Those who know my writing, understand that while not lewd in nature, this may have some "objectionable material" to those of a sensitive disposition.
  8. Hallo folks, Just a quick note to say, if you missed Andy's 1/4 finals champ ladder game vs aDant's killer dwarves...you might want to check this out: This has to be one of THE most dramatic games of BB I have ever seen. Enjoy! Zunkbot
  9. Those Orcs were hilarious. Glad to see Andy is playing some new Orcs in S8!
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  11. Up Yours, Nuffle!

    Cheers, Thorrek!
  12. Up Yours, Nuffle!

    Nice work, this!
  13. So I dug out this old thing and gave it a bit of a brushup. After I had two absolutely terrible seasons with a necro team, I decided to take the game less seriously, and made an underworld team called Up Yours, Nuffle! I named all the players after the way I guessed they would die. The first troll was 'Fouled by a Goblin,' the second I think something like 'Deadly Bowel Movement.' My star runner was "Death by GFI," etc. A Day at the Office The office was small and stuffy, with the acrid stench of warpstone fumes imprinted in the sparse furnishings. On the floor lay a thick red rug so riddled with mystery stains it was now a permanent fixture. On the wall, a makeshift shelf hosted rows of vials filled with tell-tale grey dust and a single worn book entitled The Smart-Ass Dictionary: Words That Make You Sound Important. At an appropriately sized desk sat a particularly hideous goblin with an oversized jaw and toxic green eyes. His feet were up and his chair tilted back. He wore a permanent savvy grin that clenched down on a chewed-up cigar. A carved wooden sign teetered on the brink of the desk. It read Nubber Gobflap, Head Coach. Nubber was currently giving a piece of mind to a young goblin in a blood-spattered leather apron, who carried the tell-tale bone saw of an apothecary. "I dun care 'ow much that pustulent whinebag says 'is back 'urts! E's playin' da next game! How we gunna stomp dark elves without a troll ta put 'em down in the first place?!" There was spittle spraying all over the room. It was hypnotising the way Nubber managed to talk so much yet never quite lose grip of that cigar stump. "Ah, well. You see his spine did not set right and–" "Damn it Splint, it was yer ineptitude broke his back in the first place!" "Actually, that honour belongs to–" "When I hired ya it was ta keep my team hardy. Can ya do that?" “Snotstone should be able to–” “And what did I tell you 'bout the names?! I hired 'em! I name 'em! They gotta embrace their death, they gotta know it's comin'! If they can accept that, damn near makes 'em illimitable!” “Yes well, not all the players are very happy with–” “Stonkin' gibblets, Splint, you think I pay them to be happy?!” Nubber bashed his goblin fist in the desk, which was built sufficiently shonky to shake impressively under the limited display of force. The wooden sign finally failed its see-saw game and fell onto the rug, as if making a desperate attempt to escape the room. Nubber got up and counted fourteen vials from his shelf, which he placed on the desk. “Go on, get back to work! I want to see some mutations for the next game! Gotta show dem high-falutin', rootin'-tootin', stick-up-their arse elves what's what!” The apothecary made a mock bow and swept the vials carelessly into his satchel before scampering out of the room, all while being showered by more insults and spittle. As the room was once again empty, the shouting slowly dissipated into grumblings and mumbled misgivings. Nubber took his book down and started flipping through the grimy pages. “Laborious stuff this, running a Blood Bowl team. Yes. Very laborious indeed,” he said to no one in particular.
  14. Season 3 Question(s)

    I sent 4-5 friend invites via steam.
  15. Blades of Truth (Cross Platform)

    (Imperial Truth, Part II) Judith's jump pack roared to life as the Battle Sister used her wargear's impetus to close the distance with their unseen assailant. She followed the las bolts to a male heretic. He shot at her once more, dropped his las rifle, and ran. A second of returning fire destroyed the coward before he took his third step. The jump pack's trajectory took Judith to the cavern wall beyond the corpse. Angled so her feet touched the wall, Judith kicked off, and set another burst from her jump pack's exhaust. "Hurry!" Judith yelled as she glideddown the sloping mine tunnel. "We don't know it killed the Budgie. " Behind Judith, almost inaudible against the jump pack's fury, came another of Nadia's calls. Staccato's return came close, around a blind corner. The Psyker panted, cowering with her back against a section where the tunnel collapsed. Staccato kept a few yards away from its quarry, close enough to keep the young woman from escaping without offering an opportunity for her to attack. "Why?!" the heretic girl demanded. "You're monsters!" Bolt Pistol raised, Judith's voice was as soft and comforting as the stone around them. "You're the monster, Heretic. Your existence is an affront to The Emperor." Tears mixed with the dirt on her cheeks, damming the flow. "You don't know the truth. I do, I've seen it! Just--" a round pulverized the woman's face, ending the conversation. Instead of dropping, the Psyker's body exploded like a sapphire going supernova. The blue shockwave hit the Battle Sister and knocked her over. Judith's head slammed against a stack of crates, oblivion swallowing the warrior's consciousness. * * * * * * Platform: Warhammer Quest Adventure: The Grey Minstrel (Story) Result: Success
  16. Season 3 Question(s)

    One thing that helps a lot is getting the other Generals on your friend list, that way you can send match invites without having to worry about anyone else jumping in their place.
  17. Season 3 Question(s)

    Any other prep for teams? Like applying or joining anything or do you just find our teams based off the info provided.
  18. Season 3 Question(s)

    Just a friendly reminder to get your Warband race and name in by 2359UTC Tuesday night, so I can plan the MD's out.
  19. Blades of Truth (Cross Platform)

    Episode One: The Imperial Truth Bolt pistols drawn, the two Sisters of Battle chased their quarry through the abandoned mine tunnels of Phryxis Gamma. They ran after the sounds made by another duo, Sister Nadia's best Gryph-Hound and a terrified young woman. An alleged Psyker, the girl fled as her father fought off the Inquisitors. "The Heretic must be fast, if Staccato is having a rough time keeping up," Nadia commented in between breaths. Sister Judith Fleis leapt over a forgotten barrel, eyes scouring for signs of other heretics. "More likely, you spoil him too much." Nadia grunted in response, before singing out a series of sharp notes. Staccato's reply echoed from a side passage. Accompanying the beast's call was a spray of lasfire. * * * * * Okay, I'm going to do this in one hour chunks, or more if time permits. I'll get back to Sludge when I can, but this is like Their Hour of Need... it'll take up a good deal of time to do properly. The story already played itself out in my mind, at least as far as the first adventure goes. One thing I need to do is find a transport the Sisters can fly, in order to keep with the fluff. So, what do you guys think so far?
  20. What was the name of the youtube upload Zunk mentioned last night? The one where Griff was surfed? I am keen to see that. EDIT: Found it!
  21. I got the Demon DK from the prologues and Arfus the Beast is my only legendary so far.
  22. Mage decks

    Yeah certainly brings back some bad memories!
  23. Mage decks

    For the nostalgic people out there... ### Mech Mage # Class: Mage # Format: Wild # # 2x (1) Clockwork Gnome # 2x (1) Cogmaster # 2x (2) Annoy-o-Tron # 2x (2) Frostbolt # 2x (2) Mechwarper # 2x (2) Snowchugger # 2x (2) Unstable Portal # 1x (3) Spider Tank # 2x (3) Tinkertown Technician # 2x (4) Fireball # 2x (4) Goblin Blastmage # 2x (4) Gorillabot A-3 # 2x (4) Piloted Shredder # 1x (5) Loatheb # 1x (6) Toshley # 1x (7) Archmage Antonidas # 1x (7) Bonemare # 1x (7) Dr. Boom # AAEBAf0EBrgI+g7cD54QoxCmzgIMuwKWBYgPiQ+MD44PlA+CEIUQkBCWEN8WAA== # According to Deck Tracker, I am on 21-5 with this deck, which is a lot better than you would think for such an old deck. I recently removed the last Mana Wyrm to slot in the Bonemare - this card is amazing.
  24. Blades of Truth (Cross Platform)

    Okay, with all the stuff going on, not to mention it took me over an hour just to mail myself a picture of the Warband, I finally had the time to put a photo of The Cast in place. I'll edit this post to denote Cast Members, and what they do during lunch tonight. 1) Staccato the Budgie: •Warhammer Quest- Ogre •Shadowforce: Armageddon- Purestrain Genestealer 2) Sister Nadia, Budgie Keeper: •Warhammer Quest- Grey Wizard •Shadowforce: Armageddon- Hybrid with Autogun (Weapon Reload), Bolt Pistol, Photo-Visor 3) Bladematron Judith Fleis: •Warhammer Quest- Witch Hunter •Shadowforce: Armageddon- Leader with Autogun (Weapon Reload), Bolt Pistol, Power Pick, Photo-Visor 4) Servitor Jane1381: •Warhammer Quest- Marauder •Shadowforce: Armageddon- Initiate with Autogun (Weapon Reload), Photo-Visor The following are Shadowforce: Armageddon- 5) Servitor Blem421: •Heavy with Flamer 6) Servitor Drake223: •Hybrid with Autogun (Weapon Reload), Bolt Pistol, Photo-Visor 7) Servitor Nelson630: •Heavy with Heavy Stubber Story idea is ready, first draft will be underway soon.
  25. Season 3 Question(s)

    Great! Let me know what you're going to run when you get a theme down.
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  27. League structure for OCC2

    As photobucket has gone greedy here's an alternative picture of the league structure:
  28. Arena

    This was an amusing way to end the game. My board; after the enemy Mage had traded; was a 6/6 Flame Elemental. The enemy Mage's board was a 3/3 [I forgot what] the 2/4 Gnome that draws a card; and Kazakus; who he'd just played and made a potion. This is like; Turn 12. The enemy Mage is on 12 HP. Thing is earlier I played my Arcanologist and pulled the only secret in my deck; which is a secret I actively draft in Mage area after it carried a deck to 12 wins with a 2 of: Counterspell. I also had a Flamestrike. So; knowing like a book what the enemy Mage was going to do; Spend 10 mana play Kazakus potion [Especially with the speed they made the first selection]; I Flamestruck + Counterspelled. Of course; I wondered if the enemy Mage would walk right into it. They do have 4 other cards and I did just play a secret I've been sitting on since Turn 2 right after he played Kazakus. The Mage thinks for about 5 seconds. And plays a 10 mana Kazakus Potion. Counterspell pops; and they immediately concede. I don't even get the satisfaction of checking the sidebar to see what they were going to do. That's how fast the concede button was hit. Also why the hell is every Babbleing Book giving me Freezeing Potion or Glacial Mysteries?
  29. Hunter decks

    It's the only DK I don't have! Does look like fun though!
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