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  2. Season 5 Divisions

    awesome, but you could've mentioned the Bretonnian Champion!
  3. Playoffs?

    Looks like Francois and the Strikers won round 1- Congrats! Your local rookie, the Bears of Death, eagerly await you in round 2!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Season 5 Divisions

    It looks great. My two cents would be not to even list both coaches and teams. I'd go with something like: 7 Divisions....210 Teams....1 Massive Fight!
  6. Dungeon runs

    I've beaten it with Druid, Hunter and Warlock so far. Now going for the long struggle of Rogue
  7. Arena

    How far did you get? Unstable evolution doesn't seem like a bad Arena card. There are obviously a lot more bad evolution outcomes now than before, but the fact that you can keep evolving until you get a good outcome makes it decent I think.
  8. Dungeon runs

    Have only tried it once with Warrior, Rogue, Druid and Paladin so far. Was able to beat it with Paladin thanks to the perma-stealth card.
  9. Meta is still up in the air, but tempo decks still seem to be the norm. Corridor Creeper now being added to tempo decks for nearly every class is a bit dull. Have had some fun with a Healadin type deck using Lynessa, which is quite good at containing tempo decks, but it gets raped by virtually any Priest deck. Warlock does seem to have improved a lot with some of the new cards.
  10. Dungeon runs

    i only beat it with druid came close with hunter and mage
  11. Last week
  12. Arena

    This is a dirty; dirty Shaman arena deck and while it's only 2/0 so far; it has absolutely run over both enemies so far. The first being a Rouge with The Lich King. The other was slightly less impressive... but absolutely hilarious. A Priest. He played quite a lot of minions; and a Thoughtsteal. When he's obviously dead, he Shadow Visions. 1 card pops up. Thoughtsteal: Created by Shadow Visions So... the only spells this Priest had in his ENTIRE DECK were Thoughsteal x2 and Shadow Visions. Did I mention he drafted Lightwarden? I was scared for the deck's lategame; then Pick 30 was Legendary with Malchezarr and Deathwing: Dragonlord [And some random garbage leggo]. With no dragons... the option was clear. Even without Malchezarr; it has 2 4 mana 7/7's; 2 Cubes; 2 Hexes; Doppleganster with some Evolve support; and even a bit of Jade and weaponry. [And yes I did pick Unstable Evolution x2. The other Epic choices there were even worse.]
  13. Dungeon runs

    I keep trying Warrior; keep failing, although I did get to the Final Boss [The deck-destroying demon]. Then the Daily Quests fix; and I try Hunter because why not. Clear first try. Face is indeed the place. [I had multiple Leeroys and double Ward]
  14. Season 5 Divisions

    I really like it. Just one thing i would change: instead of: 7 divisions, 210 coaches, 210 teams (which doubles the info and isn't really correct), i would go for: 7 tiers, 21 divisions, 210 coaches/teams
  15. Season 5 Divisions

    @james cook Awesome.. Instagram next
  16. You are understanding something wrong. This is related to the premier League fantasy game and has nothing to do with blood bowl.
  17. you going to have a league whit The Premier league team names of blood bowl or I m understanding something wrong
  18. OCC Season 4 Prize Pool and Winners

    Like those Telltale Games stuff
  19. Dungeon runs

    Then i must suck Lock i came to 6 Rogue stranded at 5 Now on Hunter
  20. OCC Season 4 Prize Pool and Winners

    I would like The Wolf Among Us - middle pool
  21. They are fun, but I am slightly disappointed in the difficulty. First try I beat it as Shaman, Rogue and Hunter (I think I have one class left to play).
  22. Season 5 Divisions

    wich success for him ...well played James Cook
  23. OCC Season 4 Prize Pool and Winners

    Congrats to the winners! Well done on the season.
  24. Season 5 Divisions

    Wow, thx to the admins for all the work! The league is real big and takes some efforts to pull this! And great work on the poster too, it looks awesome! love it!
  25. Season 5 Divisions

    Nice! I´ll use the opportunity to spread the banner to different gaming forums, if the author doesn´t mind.
  26. Season 5 Divisions

    Great stuff!
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