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  2. Yes someone have stolen the Darkside Cowboys name :-) So I had to put a space in before. Well spotted.
  3. All coaches up to here have been added to my spreadsheet.
  4. Is that an intentional space at the beginning of the team name, Jester77?
  5. Oni Goku Chaos Dwarf OCC Marauders 18+
  6. Yesterday
  7. Pocket Sludge

    I8day: fist... sludge hopes, oh diary, sludge's head hurts, so sludge going to whisper to diary. sludge hopes diary doesn't mind. sludge also has to use other hand, since sludge is chained to... sludge doesn't know, diary. thing sludge tied to is weird sheep-camel, thing. sludge thinks sheep-camel is some chaos monster, since thing doesn't look natural, and spit at sludge thre... four times just now. sludge tried to be nice to sheep-camel, but sheep-camel doesn't like sludge at all. trust sludge diary, sludge feels same way. sludge remembers some of last night. weirdo took friends to shadow concert. concert was great fun, even sourpuss stopped frowning, almost. orcs, tasty goblin snacks, and other things all had fun at show. Then it happened, diary... sludge doesn't know if something was in beer, or concert food was off, but everyone ran to the privy. sludge managed to fight sludge's way inside. sludge doesn't really like thinking about it... poor sourpuss... must have been something in beer, because friends went back to find one band tunic left. troll who couldn't hold troll's drink wanted tunic. good thing little tasty was there to stop beer jug from hitting ground by putting head in way of hitting ground. not only could troll not hold drink, troll could not keep beer down. troll got sick on sludge, troll got sick on sourpuss... although sludge has to say sourpuss didn't smell any worse since privy fight. as diary can guess, troll made talking salad of self. also, sourpuss moped self into daze. still, friends kept troll from ruining things until sourpuss came to and threw troll out. as reward, friends got tunic! oh, head hurts now from writing too loud. friends went back and enjoyed rest of show as best as could. sludge doesn't remember as well after. remember some things. kitties played for three hours on facetube... nerf ball... lots of pictures sludge can't say to diary, pictures that dirty. sludge not remember coming home, let alone sheep-camel. sludge will talk to diary, when sludge feels better. first, sludge needs to get away from sheep-camel before sheep-camel spits at s... just spit at sludge again. sheep-camel is spitting salad, diary. talk to diary soon, love, sludge * * * * * Gear: Weirdo (Vestments of Shadow) Level: Sourpuss 2 (Prayer of Devotion)
  8. bob152 khemri Mummies of Death confirmed
  9. brocCooLi Wood Elf Curse of the Tree WCE 18+
  10. Coach name : JRCO Team: Wood Elf Team name: Fossebourg Metalos I Confirm that I am above 18 years old
  11. Javelin Necromantic Wolves of the Calla 18+
  12. Orielensis Wood elves Elf Correcting System 18+
  13. Season 6, Match Day 2 breakdown, brought to you by the People's Champion: Griff Oberwald! Griff: Greetings and salutations! Once more, it is I, Griff Oberwald. Exemplar of the Human Race! We're in for another week of forced labor, down here in the basement of my own personal nightmare. *sigh* Last week went fairly well for the Women with Attitude but what's more important is that my prediction was spot on! The game was a 1-1 draw and I am the absolute God of Blood Bowl! Now, for this week's match. On Thursday, the Ogres will face off against @Bantha and his Vampires. Bantha is a veteran of the sport and a well-respected coach who deserves nothing more than my praise and... [Suddenly, a ghostly fist the size of a Dralaskan cabbage manifests itself out of thin air and slams Griff into the table. Over the course of a few seconds, the rest of the apparition reveals itself.] OOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEAH! Shut your cakehole, skinny boy! Yeah! [Griff stumbles briefly but manages to quickly compose himself] Griff: What in Sigmar's name is going on? The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: The Macho Man heard about the upcoming match between the Women with Attitude and the Vampires, yeah, and he has decided to come out of retirement to tell that loser, Bantha, that his team of blood-sucking pipsqueaks doesn't stand a chance! The fancy-men in black will get chewed up and spit out, yeah, like this motherlovin' Slim Jim! [The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage summons a pack of Slim Jims and violently eats one without removing the wrapper.] The last time the ladies faced a Vampire team, the pitch was CLEARED on turn 7! Yeah! We will do exactly the same to the Vampires... or Vampiers, whatever their name is! The Macho Man isn't afraid of a coach who can't even spell his team's name consistently, yeah. Don't worry about no Bloodlust rolls, Bantha, yeah. BECAUSE DEAD MEN NEED NO BLOOD! [Alarmed by the screams of a former WWF Champion, a handsome coach comes running into the room] C2MC: Quickly, Griff, grab those Ghost-Tranquilizers! Griff: WHY DO YOU HAVE GHOST-TRANQUILIZERS? C2MC: Don't argue with me and grab 'em! [Swiftly, the Human Superstar pounces towards a nearby cabinet and grabs a small rectangular box out of it. With the finesse of an Elven Thrower, he launches the box at the handsome coach. Unfortunately, the handsome coach isn't an actual Blood Bowl player and doesn't quite catch the small box. It shatters into a million pieces against the wall.] C2MC: Ah, crud. The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: Hold on, brother. There's no need for such drastic measures, yeah. The macho man is just... lonely and desperate for attention. You don't know how sad and quiet it is out there on the spirit plain, yeah. The Macho Man wants you to give him a second chance, brother! C2MC: Are you kidding me? You let Queef Latina die! ...I cried for three days! Griff: Just... give him a job so he'll pipe down... . C2MC: ... Fine. You're back on as our Smack Talker, Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage. But don't you dare come within five feet of any injured player! The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: OHHHH YEEEEAH! MACHO MADNESS HAS RETURNED TO THE OCC! You won't regret it, brother! Yeah! [As the Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage and the handsome coach talk about their new arrangement, Griff rubs his temples with his middle-and index fingers.] Griff: If it's alright with you guys... I'm going to go and rest for a little bit. That sucker punch really messed up my noggin'. [Griff exits the room and walks through the large halls, obviously built to accommodate the Ogre team. He slowly looks around, as if to confirm that nobody's followed him. He opens the door to the Women with Attitude locker room silently. Once he's halfway through the door opening, Griff whispers softly... .] Griff: Hey, are you already here? [An unseen figure pulls Griff into the locker room and muffles his voice as big, sausagy fingers clamp around the door and pull it shut... .] THURSDAY 22/03/2018 20h00 UTC THE VAMPIERS STRIKES BACK VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE TWITCH YOUTUBE
  14. Suido Chorfs Never Mind the Bulls 18+
  15. Last week
  16. zippy75 Orcs OCC Moog's Atomic Raiders 40+
  17. the Sage Dark Elves I suck at naming teams 18+
  18. Sardaor Dark Elf Darkstar defilers 18+
  19. Coach name (in-game BB2): Mercy Flush Team: Necro Team name: Ruff Justice Confirm that you fulfill the age requirements of the BB2 World Cup 2018: Confirmed!
  20. Ozone Norse Too Clean has no Taste I am legally an adult in my country. (although my wife still considers I might be a little childish...does it count?)
  21. Stringer Bell Orcs Rick Rerolled Yes
  22. TheSir Orc The Bruiser Brothers Old enough to not want to see it in print...
  23. dionysian Dark Elves Normal Tuesday Afternoon 18+
  24. [VOD] OCC Tier 4B Game 1

    Well, it turned into Dutch banter so it wouldn't have been very informative or entertaining to you. The game itself was fun, even though once again there were surprisingly few casualties on both sides. Louizypher's Wizard did the most damage and was the most disruptive and the only two casualties I rolled did end up being deaths (one got Apo'd ).
  25. [VOD] OCC Tier 4B Game 1

    Unfortunately I was a bit busy with that whole World Cup thing and didn't get to watch the match live. Good to hear though that the ladies are proceeding on a unorderly fashion
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