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  2. Season 3

    Well done! And thanks to Cap’n for running stuff.
  3. What platform do yall use?

    Next year I may have the funds for a new gaming rig.
  4. Yesterday
  5. OCC Season 4 signups

    Coach name (ingame): zZKing Team name: AmazZOver Race: Amazons I can play if any player falls off the list
  6. Season 3

    It's official, after tallying up the points... Congrats goes to Bo/Colorado! Now since you're still Colorado as far as Mordheim goes, did you want your new or old pic to go in the "winner's circle"? Thanks everyone for playing. Be sure to sign up if you're up for next season... the sign ups won't close until a week after I get my computer back online, so you got some time.
  7. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    Your team will get in tomorrow. Meanwhile you will get coach rights asap
  8. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    My new team name is Hunger of Mordheim. I've read the rules
  9. What platform do yall use?

    If you are looking for a PS4 league MML is a very friendly community http://www.mmlpro.com You must play in their farm league first which sounds like it would help you learn the game a bit more. ....that being said we are better :) So go out and get that PC!
  10. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    damnit, ninja'd
  11. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    nope, no race restriction. Just make sure you read our rules and Code of Conduct. welcome
  12. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    You can pick any race.
  13. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    Hi, I'm at work Now. I'll do it Today's evening and update you. Any restriction on Race? I would like to join with Necromantic team, if it's possible.
  14. Game 3 has been planned for Friday 20/10 at 20h00 UTC. Women with Attitude versus Bennd's Frolicking Pansies. They got Tackle, Block and AV9. Let's see who breaks first, my fists or their helmets. Unfortunately for me, I was 10k short of buying another Ogre for this game. But I'm sure we'll be fine... *Cries softly*
  15. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    Yes. Make a new team and tell us what it's called, then have a look at our rules. Someone will contact you with further details.
  16. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    Hi, I came from Steam forum, where I've read that you are looking for fresh teams. I would like to join. Best Regards Glordion
  17. What platform do yall use?

    We don't mind. Maybe you'll convert to PC one day!
  18. What platform do yall use?

    I had actually found these guys and decided to pick the game up. I hope you guys don't mind if I keep posting here.
  19. Last week
  20. Season 3

    I don't know... It's a close run thing, that's for certain. I'll tally up the points and declare the winner, once the room stops spinning. I honestly wish I still drank; at least then I'd have an excuse for this sort of thing.
  21. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    We are looking for a replacement team for a 1460 Skaven team in Division 4C. If you are interested in playing season for the rest of season 4 then contact The Tier 4 Admin team @Sidley, @Kia Sidhe, and @Smiling Tom. I like Skaven so I will make sure you get all the breaks Sincerely, Sidley Replacement found: bob152 After Forever (skaven 1310).
  22. OCC Season 4 signups

    We've run out of reserves so if there's anyone not currently playing who wants a shot, do please sign up.
  23. What platform do yall use?

    If you're looking for an active PS4 League, I've heard great things about the MML from different people (while not playing there myself). In case that what you're looking for, I'll throw the link in here : http://www.mmlpro.com/about/
  24. Season 3

    Don't worry about it, I already know I'm not the winner.
  25. Season 3

    Well, the CPU's heat sink finally kicked the bucket, so I'll be out of commission, until I can get a new one... apart from my phone, that is. I can still declare the winner after tallying everything up tomorrow, but my hands are tied when it comes to anything else.
  26. Season 1 Tier 1B

    MD2 sees me going against some Orcs that I am not too worried about. I feel that I can handle these big green brutes easily enough. Come on in and watch if that's the case or not.
  27. Okay guys, I'm back from vacation... wore myself out a bit more than I planned, but at least I got to relax a bit.  Monday, I'll get back into the grind of things, compile my notes, and work on the winner's Blabbermouthe.

  28. What platform do yall use?

    there is one thing for sure: no x-platform matches, due to sony und MS...
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