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  2. Coach name; Bloodsplatter Team name; Rattus Superbus Race; Skaven
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  4. Coach name: BirdManDarkWing Team name: Dwarfs of the Golden Hill Race: Dwarfs
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  6. Someone broke COL! Every single opponent so far has finished their match and been generally friendly. Also I accidentaly gave my mutated rat block instead of wrestle.
  7. Last week
  8. new coach Coach name (ingame): MOLO Team name: skaven all my love for u Race: skaven
  9. Why not let us just concede if all it takes is 1 dead player, he literally stopped playing after turn 2 wtf
  10. If you are referring to the MD7 match, we have been looking at that particular match. We have come to the conclusion that there was no "losing huge on purpose" happening here. It was a decision motivated by the goal of team preservation. Of course we want to encourage competive play, because many if not most of the coaches enjoy the competitiveness first and foremost. However, competitiveness can also take on the aspect of "live to fight another day".
  11. Preserving ones team is not against the rules when the match is lost. You and Maniac trying to tell other people how they are supposed to play the game and in a league, when their conduct doesn't go against the rules sours the league just a quick.
  12. how about people losing huge on purpose like alessus did in div 1b this season? shit like that sours a league real quick.
  13. yes, Pid. New team. Sorry, should have stated that.
  14. I recognize that team name, but it's a new team, correct?
  15. My spreadsheet is updated to here.
  16. New coach/player Coach: SiN!Booty! Team name: Booty! Race: High Elf
  17. I am back as well Coach Name: Bärserk Team Name : Trampoline Enthusiasts Race: Kislev
  18. Sod it, may as well come back also... Coach Name: AllyRdr Team Name: Oakglade Reavers Race: Wood Elves
  19. Just won versus UW because they fouled before scoring and got sent off. Also lost three rats that match, but the most important ones survived. My throwers aren't doing too well though.
  20. wait... what?? no stunty??? who dis???? and what have you done with c2mc????
  21. Time to redeem my past failures. New team time. Coach name (ingame): C2MC Team name: The Restitution Dirge Race: Undead
  22. Returning coach Coach Name (ingame): GodEmperorRex Team name: to be determined Race: Lizardmen
  23. Ended up getting a late service call that i couldn't get out of. 


    Don't know how late you can go



  24. Hmm Just some math. Stunty cup runs for another 3 weeks, then playoffs for possibly another 4 OCC starts end of feb as well, meaning od have to juggle 3 leagues and captaining 1... Think ill have to pass but will likely want to join amd captain the next one
  25. It seems I figured it out this time. After the CCL comp closes, you can "join a competition" again, without having left the old one. That lets you join the new COL season with your experienced team. Neat. So that's what I'll do from now on.
  26. Coach name (ingame): actunpt Team name: Gloomy Girls Race: Dark Elves
  27. yes. this sort of things are monitored and will be handled by the tier admins.
  28. There is a TV 100 team in 1B now. This is sadly not even the first time Ive seen someone delete their team mid season either here in the OCC. Is this monitored somehow? I sure hope so... While it doesnt matter that much for my team it makes a huge difference for other teams in the division. Is this kind of behaviour accepted? I bet everyone of us would rather have played vs 11 loner pesants and some star players for SPP farming and free wins....
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