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Orca Cola Championship

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A place to gather 'round, share stories, and talk tactics... or help the City of the Damned's property value hit an all-time low by running amok in the local Campaign!


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  2. Season 3

    MD1 This Week's Pairings: Death Cheaters(ColoradoCelt) vs. The White Tower(jrpeart) Ordo Purificanus(Rama Set: Gilshelm) vs. Devious Little Cult(Doomy) MD1 starts at 0000UTC, on August 30. Please have matches finished and Match Summary Screens posted by 2359UTC, on September 12.
  3. Season 3

    Well done! And thanks to Cap’n for running stuff.
  4. Season 3

    It's official, after tallying up the points... Congrats goes to Bo/Colorado! Now since you're still Colorado as far as Mordheim goes, did you want your new or old pic to go in the "winner's circle"? Thanks everyone for playing. Be sure to sign up if you're up for next season... the sign ups won't close until a week after I get my computer back online, so you got some time.
  5. Season 3

    I don't know... It's a close run thing, that's for certain. I'll tally up the points and declare the winner, once the room stops spinning. I honestly wish I still drank; at least then I'd have an excuse for this sort of thing.
  6. Season 3

    Don't worry about it, I already know I'm not the winner.
  7. Season 3

    Well, the CPU's heat sink finally kicked the bucket, so I'll be out of commission, until I can get a new one... apart from my phone, that is. I can still declare the winner after tallying everything up tomorrow, but my hands are tied when it comes to anything else.
  8. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Whether you're returning with your current Warband, sack the old lot and start fresh, or want to join the friendly citizenry of Mordheim, now's the time to make it known! All you need to do is write: Name: Warband Name: Warband Race (If New): I might see how I do over the next couple weeks, to see if I may need an assistant or something. There's a lot of stuff going on, apart from my 70-75hr/wk work schedule, so I may need to call out for some help, if needed.
  9. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    You can miss two shipments, and "suffer consequences". The third time ends the game. I intentionally waited until I missed a shipment... I don't know about the second time, but the first didn't have nearly the KABOOM! I was hoping for. Might just wait it out to see how it ends.
  10. Season 3

    Me??? Well maybe.... I did take Rama's hammer for my vamp.
  11. Season 3

    This weeks AI battle was yet another battlefield victory.
  12. Season 3

    All in all, not the best night's work for the Cult.
  13. Season 3

    I beat Doomy in a match that went surprisingly well for once. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1158011536 Forgot to get the report screen but it was a battlefield victory to me. I finally managed to get my first shipment off with 3 days to spare. I think I would have missed it if not for a Veteran skill. In other news I finally got a permanent injury on someone other than Nynaeve or Siuan so Elayne is now getting replaced due to loss of a SP.
  14. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    I'll keep this lot going unless a) Jrpeart does something truly horrid to them or b) missing a shipment is as fatal as I think it is. I've spent a lot of time resting and a new demand just dropped while I have almost no stone. Devious Little Cult
  15. Season 3

    My scheming match went a bit pants. It didn't help that I hadn't realised my leader lost his staff somewhere, suspect Bo nicked it.
  16. Season 4 Sign-Ups

    Bo Diddly (ColoradoCelt) Death Cheaters Undead
  17. Season 3

    Vampires win vs the pesky mortals in a very very close game.
  18. Season 3

    See you on the mean streets of Mordheim!
  19. Season 3

    Monday 2nd 1730 UTC?
  20. Season 3

    @Bo Diddly purification is coming for you! I can play any weekday except Tuesday between 14:OO and 19:OO UTC. Let me know if any of those work for you.
  21. Season 3

  22. Season 3

    Tuesday I have Badminton so how about Wednesday?
  23. Season 3

    Tuesday at that time would be preferable, I have a regular gaming session on Mondays.
  24. Season 3

    Well since I can't do Sunday it looks like a weekday evening would be good. How about Monday at 1900 UTC?
  25. Season 3

    Something has come up for Saturday. Can do Sunday though.
  26. Season 3

    Okay, now that I don't feel like passing out, we can have a proper go at this MD3 Please get all screenshots to me by 2359UTC on October 10.