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Orca Cola Championship

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A great place to hang out and watch Spydyr's stream videos!


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  2. Season 1 Tier 1B

    MD9 has me already locked into a promotion to the Champion division next season and pretty much locked into 1st in Tier 1B this season. My main goal is to survive this week and if I win, then that is even better.
  3. Season 1 Tier 1B

    MD8 has me playing another Chaos for the 2nd week in a row. The dice were not very kind to @FedtStensDyr But it is a good win for the Lizards and pretty much cements their division lead and 100% locks in a promotion.
  4. Season 1 Tier 1B

    Somehow I missed game day 6. Sorry about that guys. But here's MD7 against the Chaos team that shares the first spot in the division with me. @Fantus played a good match with what he had, but this one was pretty much fated to go the way of the lizards.
  5. Season 1 Tier 1B

    MD 5 sees the Lizards needing a win to get back into the fight for the division lead. Can they get it?
  6. Season 1 Tier 1B

    Match 4 featuring the Lizards going against some Necro team that is living at the bottom of the division and the coach decides to make this a down and dirty fouling game!
  7. Season 1 Tier 1B

    MD 3 has me going against some Chaos and trying to deal with a hard hitting Mino. It was a frightening prospect that I somehow find a way to overcome!
  8. Season 1 Tier 1B

    MD2 sees me going against some Orcs that I am not too worried about. I feel that I can handle these big green brutes easily enough. Come on in and watch if that's the case or not.
  9. MD1 See the Lizards going against some pesky Undead. Can the Lizards get off to a good start this season in their quest to get to the Championship division?
  10. Season 3 Tier 2C

    The last match of the season gives me a chance to finish in 1st and win the division. I have already locked up my promotion for next season and will be moving up to Tier 1. Come watch this fun match against some Humans coached by @J.J. Cash
  11. Season 3 Tier 2C

    MD8 brings a match where all I really want to do is survive since I am already locked into a promotion for next season (despite my game play which looks oddly and completely the opposite of that mentality...haha).
  12. Season 3 Tier 2C

    Hey look, it's another Necro team in MD7. Who would've thought it? Haha, it was a another great match for the Lizards. @Geiger definitely didn't deserve that dicing that occurred in this match. Come and check out the fun.
  13. Season 3 Tier 2C

    MD6 has come and gone and yet another regen team tries to unseat the Lizards. Come watch and see if the coach @wolves in exile is able to complete the task set before him!
  14. Season 3 Tier 2C

    MD 5 was another fun match for the Lizards as they run through yet another broken down and Undead team, in this long line of games against the dead teams. Come hang out and see how the match ends up going!
  15. Season 3 Tier 2C

    Another match where the armor breaks were heavily favored towards me. This one didn't go well for the Necro.
  16. Gonna check it out at once!
  17. Season 3 Tier 2C

    MD3 sees me beating the piss out of some Woodies. Come on in and enjoy the carnage.
  18. My run through Season 3 of OCC2 in Tier 2C.
  19. My run through Season 2 of OCC2 in Tier 2C.
  20. Season 1 Tier 3B

    My run through Season 1 of OCC2 in Tier 3B.
  21. Season 3 Tier 2C

    Match 2 in Tier 2C against some Orcs.
  22. Match 1 of the new season against a Chaos team and a coach that I have never played and no nothing about. Come and see how it turns out!
  23. Season 2 Tier 2C

    Last match of the season. If I win, I am looking pretty good for a promotion. If I draw, I would still have a chance, but it would be slim. And if I lose I am eliminated from promotion, but would stay in the same division for next season.
  24. Season 2 Tier 2C

    awesome to know you are a veteran of the game. It's always nice for viewers to know (and I do try to state this during my streams) that you never know what is going on in your opponents mind. You don't know or understand what his strategies are. So, even though I make comments on game play and try to reason with why a coach may do what he does...I don't know their thoughts or their minds. With that said, it was a fun game and you took advantage of numbers nicely. It is good to be in this league and meet so many new coaches from the other side of the ocean. It's a nice respite from always playing some of the same coaches in the US all of the time. Hopefully we shall meet up again in future seasons and I will have my chance at revenge! :)
  25. Hey Spydyr, Only just watched this; didn't realise you uploaded to YouTube. Nice commentary; couple of criticisms you made were fair comment; there were alternatives. A couple of criticisms, I had considered what you suggested on the stream but had motives for doing as I did which you didn't discuss. Certainly agree that the two mega-saurii going out so early was absolutely crucial. Just a final note: whilst I fully recognise my limited proficiency at BB, I'm not completely a rookie as you speculated early in the video; been at this daft game since the mid-80's. I've played in OCC since season 2 (8 years) and UKBBL for around 6 years. So nice to finally meet you! Take care and hopefully bump into you again for the revenge match. Cheers, Z
  26. Season 2 Tier 2C

    Week 8 sees me going against a winless Chaos team. If I win this one, then I think that it pretty much locks me into a promotion for next season. Come and see if I can lock it up or not.