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Orca Cola Championship

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A great place to hang out and watch Spydyr's stream videos!


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  2. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Last match of the season and all I need to do is pull a draw in this one to earn a promotion back to the champions division for next season. This one is against @notorious noob and his NEC. I know one thing for sure, I will happy to get out of this crazy kill happy division this season!
  3. It's been fun so far for sure...frustrating end to the first 2 matches, but was able to overcome it and do some goofy gutter runner antics to win those last 3.
  4. Exciting stuff coming up for you in the WC Qualifier - I hope you are enjoying the ride so far!
  5. The last match of the 1st round and it's as simple as this. beat @Luke4444...I have to win to advance to the elimination round. A draw does me no good. So, win and I advance. (Not quite sure what happened here...I must have been half asleep...as I got the video upload completely wrong and had my opponent listed wrong as well)...all fixed now tho.
  6. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Match 8 and I need a big win here against the Orcs of @antman in order to have my chance at promotion. Let's see if I can survive a match intact as well. It's been a rough season on that front.
  7. Match 4 and I feel like the tide is turning for the rats. A win here against @Tupi and the Norse and I am back in the running to at least take that 2nd place spot and advance!
  8. Match 3 and it's against @Kia Sidhe and his Bretonnian team. Can my season turn around finally...please...I need some luck to go my way!
  9. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Alright sports fans, tonight we have match 7 against some more Chaos. This time it's against @dynamoDes. So, my goal in this match is to survive! Intact! Without losing another piece to Death! Especially my last 3 leveled Saurii or my Block Krox, or my super stud Skink! Oh yeah, and I want to win as well to stay even with the top 3 coaches and teams.
  10. Week 2 and all I want is to rebound from the frustrating match in the first week against the woodies! Can I do it here against @Mongloom and his Norse?
  11. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Match 6 is again @JJape and his Necro. This is yet another rough match for the Lizards, as the Cas's just keep piling up. This season is taking it's toll like I was afraid that it would.
  12. My first match in the OCC WCQ sees my Skaven taking on some Wood Elves coached by @Arwens Arrows. This should be a fast paced, quick scoring match here. How many TD's total will be scored? 4...5....8? Come on in and watch and find out!
  13. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Match 5 pits me against @Rama Set and his Undead team. This is one of the lesser scary teams in the division, so I feel like I should be pretty safe right! Right? Come on in and see who dies!
  14. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Match 4 and yet some more claw to survive! @Oni_Goku is bringing a Necro team to the Pitch and will be fielding 2 really ugly and nasty looking wolves that scare the absolute crap out of me! Let's hope I can survive and squeeze out a win in this one.
  15. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Match 3 sees me playing the 2nd team in the division that scares the absolute shit out of me. The Chaos of @Stahlburg. Hopefully I can survive this match intact and maybe even sneak out a win!
  16. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Match 2 and it's against what I consider to be the softest hitting team in the division this season. @Archie Bunker and his Humans. Come on in and see if I can survive match 2 and come away with a win.
  17. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Match 1 sees me playing what is probably one of the top 2 scariest teams in the division as far as being set up to hurt you. The Nurgle team coached by @RTSD is nasty as can be. This is one of the 2 matches that scares me the most and I am getting it out of the way first. My main 2 goals are #1: SURVIVE! and #2: Hopefully Win! Let's see if I can accomplish either one of those.
  18. Season 6 sees the Lizards back in Tier 1 after being relegated from the Champion Division. They are now representing in Tier 1A and this division is no joke this season. Plenty of very heavy hitting bash teams. It will be a gauntlet run to make it through this season with a healthy and intact team. Come and follow my journey through the craziness and insanity! Spydyr
  19. MD8 in the OCC Champion Division. Playing the defending champ Bret team. I have to win here to have any chance of staying in the Champion division, otherwise it's time to get relegated! @Pidpad
  20. Match 7 against some Undead coached by @BallztotheWalla and I really need to win this match to keep my chances of not be relegated alive. Can i do it?
  21. MD6 against some more Orcs...this time dode's Orcs. It was a nail-biter to the end and was a fun match Thanks for a good first match ever against you @dode
  22. MD5 against Barserks Orcs. Big green and ugly Orcs!
  23. Stream Schedule

    Sunday 2/4/18 OCC Champs Division MD6: LIZ v ORC (Dode). Kick-off around 21:00 UTC.
  24. Stream Schedule

    Saturday 1/27/18 GOBBLN Stomping Fields MD3: KHE v ORC (Shushnik). Kick-off around 17:00 UTC.
  25. Stream Schedule

    Friday 1/26/18 OCC Champs Division MD:5 LIZ v ORC (Barserk). Kick-off around 23:30 UTC.
  26. I will try to remember to update this thread once my matches are scheduled here in the OCC for the stream viewers to know when the stream will be live. Will also update with other league matches that will be streamed.