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Orca Cola Championship
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A great place to hang out and watch Spydyr's stream videos!


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  2. Neither will I. This was just an very weird turn of events and I couldn't help but vent a little. Hopefully your next game has a few more turns in it.
  3. Yeah I definitely missed the use of the APO on the KO'd hob. And yes, I believe that Sardaor is a redsuit. I will not begin to try and reason what should and could happen here. It is between the admins in this case. But, I will say that I was absolutely stunned by first the concede, and then the subsequent removal of the team from the division. There certainly wasn't that much of a team destroying on my part to count for that. My guess is was just frustrated that I was able to get the defensive TD without using the Wizard and then using the Wizard like I did. But, he still had both bulls and the 2 claw kill pieces that could have destroyed my Saurii, so I felt the use of the Wizard there to potentially protect my team was a viable play. It stinks to lose a coach in this manner, but it is what it is. And just for clarity, on the signature bar of Sardaor, it says that he has the in-game chat muted, so he won't see any texting or reply. That's why I didn't go back and forth through the in-game chat.
  4. So usually I just quietly watch the replays of your team because they're entertaining, and then I saw this one pop up and I though to myself "Alright, we're watching the VOD because this needs some context". Unfortunately, the VOD didn't give me much to go on as you seemed just as perplexed as I was. There was no banter between coaches and you were so surprised by the conduct of your opponent that you missed the fact that he used his Apo to get a Hobo K.O. rerolled to a Stun. The OCC does not allow a Coach to concede, unless you have a very good reason and I don't think "My Claw + Mighty Blow didn't kill all the Saurii" qualifies. Especially not after only 3 Turns of game play. I even thought Sardaor was a Redsuit, so he should definitely know better. I can understand having a crummy game and unleashing the rage-cage after several turns of getting boned, but this just came out of nowhere... .
  5. Week 2 and it's a quick match in this one, as @Sardaor and his Chorfs did not have a fun match this time around! Come enjoy the shortened match!
  6. Here's our first match of the new season...let's hope we can have a good season and get back up to Tier 1. We are going against @BigAshW and his Dwarves!
  7. We are now in the 11th season of the Lizards run and they had a not so good season last season and have been sent back down to Tier 2. So here we are grinding our way back up to Tier 1 next season hopefully. Come and follow our journey over these next 9 games to see how this season pans out!
  8. Last match of the season and there's still a slim chance that I could stay in Tier 1 and not demote, but I need to win here and have some help. And survive as well...that's always important! But first I have to beat this Necro team coached by @naoufel70
  9. Match 8 and somehow I still have a slim chance at not getting demoted. It all starts with having to win this game here first though, so come on it and see if I can pull off a win here against the Nurgle coached by @MaidenManiac!
  10. Hey hey, it's match 7 and I get a mirror match as I get to prove my mettle against the other Lizard coach @Skuld. His Lizards are faring much better this season than mine as well, so let's see if we can knock him down a peg or two.
  11. Match 6 and lookie at what we have here...yet another elf team and Dark Elves at that. You all know how much I absolutely hate playing against these specific elves. Let's hope that this match against @Galenth goes better than my last 2o or so matches against the Dark Elves! hahaha
  12. Match 5 and it's another elf team...only this time it's @Arwens Arrows Wood Elves. Maybe this will be the week I turn things around this season! Come on in and find out!
  13. eh, that's BB man. I just already know when I play against DAE, it's gonna be that way...doesn't matter if I'm playing with Lizards, KHE, or something else that is going to be my game. :)
  14. I still fell kinda bad about how that turned out
  15. Match 4 and it's against the 2nd of the 3 Dark Elf teams. Do you remember in week 2 when I said that the Dark Elf race is my nemesis race??? This time @Antonlunau gets to carry that torch ever onward!
  16. Cor!..thanks for posting. Not seen it yet..am awaiting contact from another league Coach for a late night game... ..but I'll post a link into my Team post
  17. Here we are with match 3 and I get one of the few teams in the division that scare me for the potential damage that they could do. It's the Chaos team coached by @Waleed. Let's see if we can survive this one and maybe even pull off the win!
  18. Match 2 and I get to coach the Lizards against my nemesis race, some Dark Elves! This team is coached by @Rhúnon and it shapes up to be a good one!
  19. Match 1 and it sees me playing the Humans coached by @Velihopea to start the season off. Here goes boys...let's do this!
  20. Season 10 sees the Lizards back for yet another season on the climb to win the OCC. After a season in Tier 2 (as low as they have been since Season 4), they fought their way back up to Tier 1 and have redeveloped some of the lower level and rookie Saurii on the way. Come along on the journey this season to see if the Cola Guzzlers try to get back to the Championship division! Spydyr
  21. Last match of the season and I am locked into 2nd place no matter the result, so I am promoting. My goal in this one is to survive first and foremost, but to also try and get some SPP''s on some key players. Let's see how I do against @Hlinic in this one.
  22. Match 8 and I'm still in need of winning to maintain my chances to promote back up to T1 next season. This week I get @Peiper and his Chaos!
  23. This is a match that I really need to win to pretty much lock up a chance to get my promotion back to Tier 1. Let's see if I can keep the Wood Elves coached by @Creatan from doing Elfy things!
  24. Oh baby, this season is shaping up good so far in my attempt to get back up to T1. Can I continue to get the wins and get that promotion? Come on in and watch the match-up this week against @Geiger and see if I can make that happen!
  25. Yippie Kai Yah! It's match 5 and some Chaos team coached by @Wainaja is knocking at the door and ready to cause some havoc!
  26. Match 4 is against @Alessus and his honorable knights! Well not too honorable because he's trying to hurt my poor little skinks! How dareth he!
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