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Orca Cola Championship

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A great place to hang out and watch Spydyr's stream videos!


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  2. Season 8 Tier 1

    Last match of the season and it's a mirror match against @Crunky Chops and his Lizards (which have had a much better season than my Lizards have had). At this point, I know I am getting relegated, so my main focus is trying to survive, so I can have a good full team to start next season out! Let's see if we can accomplish that!
  3. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 7 is against @Fantus and his Chaos. The last Chaos team I have to face this season...finally! hahaha
  4. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 6 and I get to hopefully smash on some Amazons coached by @zulu501! Maybe I can actually have a week where I get to survive and not be slaughtered! YAH for me!.
  5. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 5 and it's against a 2nd Chaos team in as many weeks. This is the gauntlet of my schedule and this week's obstacle is @Stahlburg!
  6. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 4 is against the first of the Chaos teams, as I face off against @FedtStensDyr. Come on in and join in the fun of Blood Bowl!
  7. Season 8 Tier 1

    I hate playing against the circus guys, especially when their dice are good and they are leaping all over the place and doing goofiness on the pitch. Can I avoid one of those matches here in week 3 against @Sliceanddice and his Kislev team?
  8. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 2 and it's against some humans coached by @Vaehnin. I feel comfortable with this match-up and I have a full Saurus roster as well! Let's hope Nuffle favors my dice on this day!
  9. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 1 has me matched against @antman and his Orcs. This is a big first round match-up as this is one of the few teams in the division that can match me ST for ST, especially with me having some rookie Saurus. How well can I handle the Orcs and this match?
  10. Season 8 sees the Lizards back in Tier 1 for yet another time after being relegated from the Champion Division at the end of Season 7. They are now representing in Tier 1A and this should be a fun season with some hopeful team rebuilding. Come and follow my journey through the this current season while I try to get back to the Champions Division! Spydyr
  11. Match 9 and the last match of the season. At this point, I can't stay in Champions and will be relegated, so this match is all about surviving, so I have a good team to work back through Tier 1 next season. Let's see how well we can make this work againt @Regor and his Nurgle!
  12. Match 8 sees me just trying to survive with a full roster for a change. I pretty much cannot stay in the Champions division at this point and will be relegated, so it's all about surviving against @skydancer and his Necromantic team.
  13. Match 7 and I am feeling good about potentially killing me some low-down dirty rats! @Crystal_Hunter's rats to be exact! Bring on those pesky Gutter Runners! In all seriousness, I really need a win this week to have a good shot at staying in Champions for next season and not getting relegated! Come in and watch to see if that happens. :)
  14. Match 5 was adminned, as my opponent and I weren't able to get connected in time to get the match played. But, match 6 was played! And it was against @AndyDavo and his High Elves! This was always going to be a tough match-up for the Lizards against a great coach and a nicely built team. So, just how tough was it? Come on it and find out!
  15. Match 4 is a crazy one against @RTSD and his ugly green and bloaty goons! This one sees a one turn TD and a bunch of dodging insanity towards the end. Come hang out and watch this barn-burner with us!
  16. Match 3 is against a 2nd Dark Elf team in a row! YAH for me...mebbe I can survive 2 matches in a row! Thanks to @Gaudi for the fun match.
  17. Match 2 is here and I get a respite from the hard hitting teams! Although this Dark Elf team coached by @Antonlunau looks pretty beefy and I may be eating my words by the end of this one. I have a feeling this match is going to be super tough! Come on in and see for yourself.
  18. Match 1 has me facing off against a familiar foe, as the Lizards and the Orcs coached by @antman promoted up with me from Tier 1 last season. I won the match-up last season and I know that antman will be looking to get some revenge this time around! Can he do it? Come on in and find out!
  19. Season 7 sees the Lizards back in the Champions division after being promoted. There's a nice mix of races in the division this season, with a few heavy hitters and some softer, more agility based races as well. Come and follow my journey through the craziness and insanity! Spydyr
  20. 2018 World Cup Qualifier

    Well here it is everyone...the first round of the elimination side of the World Cup Qualifiers and it's against none other than AndyDavo and his Dark Elves. We did a collaboration stream and had some big fun with it. Unfortunately the sound on my recording wasn't working as expected that morning and all you can through the entire video is my voice and no one else's voice. Sorry for that, but you can still see a good and fun match below!
  21. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Last match of the season and all I need to do is pull a draw in this one to earn a promotion back to the champions division for next season. This one is against @notorious noob and his NEC. I know one thing for sure, I will happy to get out of this crazy kill happy division this season!
  22. 2018 World Cup Qualifier

    It's been fun so far for sure...frustrating end to the first 2 matches, but was able to overcome it and do some goofy gutter runner antics to win those last 3.
  23. Exciting stuff coming up for you in the WC Qualifier - I hope you are enjoying the ride so far!
  24. 2018 World Cup Qualifier

    The last match of the 1st round and it's as simple as this. beat @Luke4444...I have to win to advance to the elimination round. A draw does me no good. So, win and I advance. (Not quite sure what happened here...I must have been half asleep...as I got the video upload completely wrong and had my opponent listed wrong as well)...all fixed now tho.
  25. Season 6 Tier 1A

    Match 8 and I need a big win here against the Orcs of @antman in order to have my chance at promotion. Let's see if I can survive a match intact as well. It's been a rough season on that front.
  26. 2018 World Cup Qualifier

    Match 4 and I feel like the tide is turning for the rats. A win here against @Tupi and the Norse and I am back in the running to at least take that 2nd place spot and advance!