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Orca Cola Championship

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Got some Orca Cola Coins burning a hole in your... wherever you keep your money? Come, stay a while, tip generously.


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  2. Bob staggers around outside the closed bar. God damn it. Someone is going to gamble me something. He starts drinking his flask and challenging random strangers to feats of blood bowl as they walk by. "Hey you in the cab- I bet you my new blitz-ra kills a delf!" "You- you there- come over here and bet me- my total ball control stat will beat yours by 3%- I bet my House!" "If say 2 guys were close to winning the 2A fouling title, would anyone like to say, place a relevant wager?" BET ME
  3. Study is piled high with as yet unpacked boxes. The struggle continues. So you're definitely not closest to the mark, but I'll give your coin back.
  4. how far off was I @Suido with my bet? and did I manage to win back my coin?
  5. W00t! I had no coins left, so now i can gamble again!
  6. The correct number is 20! The prize pool will be split between @wismerhill and @brocCooLi Meanwhile, the rest of us can all boo and hiss at the orcs and lizards for their boring game.
  7. Heperu Sethat, thro ra. 6+2 + SH= 9 and Mongloom did not score
  8. Mick Jagger scored on debut: 8+4+2= 14 Elvis Presley scored twice, including his (and my) first ever 1TTD in the OCC: 9+4+3-2=14 On the other hand, my opponent pulled off a skink long pass to saurus play in their turn 8, which was hella surprising. 5, RR, 6, 6, GFI, TD. Which set the stage for Elvis to make 4 dodges and 3 GFIs for the 1TTD equaliser.
  9. Ditto. White Dragon, King of the Gnoblars scored a TD. 5+4 = 9 + Dodge + Right Stuff + Side Step + Sure Feet + Titchy 14.
  10. i had totally forgot this. but i was not the only one had a line with wrestle score once, 6+4=10 rooker catcher, 8+4+1=13 catcher with dodge and block scored twice, 8+4+2-2=12 rookie blitzer scored once, 7+4=11 so my line on 10. what about the rest of you? @Suido @wismerhill @C2MC @bob152 @Mongloom
  11. me four! but with the same player and not an ogre. but same.
  12. im in! bet on 19 so i can go for the surprise scorer to.
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