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Orca Cola Championship

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Got some Orca Cola Coins burning a hole in your... wherever you keep your money? Come, stay a while, tip generously.


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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Oh, ok. Well, let's go with that, then.
  3. The game page on the leaderboard shows it under player stats. Duckbutt vs Martin, 190-160-50 = -20, by my count.
  4. Oh yeah, I did a BH on a level 4 (?) chaos warrior but didn't stop to check who the blocker was. I just assumed it wouldn't count. I'll have to run the replay to figure the score.
  5. My only inflicted casualty was fixed by the apothecary. Boooo. Shame on my for scheduling this when I played orcs 😐 Otherwise, it would have scored: 70 - 130 + 50 = -10
  6. Darn it, darn it, darn it! One minute, beaten by just one minute... The vengeance will be mine, @Rymdkejsaren!
  7. MD 7 thread up, get your bet in before your game
  8. Entrants: Suido - no qualifying cas C2MC Borke RK
  9. Back to where we started, but with a better ranking system. Attacking player must earn SPPs for causing the casualty Injury is evaluated post apo/regen - returning to the reserves is no casualty Winner determined by the net TV of the two players involved: victim TV minus attacker TV + injury modifier as follows. Death +100k Permanent injury +50k MNG +0k BH -50k Example: Rookie human lineman kills rookie chaos warrior Score = 100K - 50K + 100K = 150K Entry = 1 coin
  10. I will definitely give you an opportunity to lose your winnings.
  11. I think what you mean is that there's an opportunity for the Shonky Saloon to go into the loan shark business. Cough. I mean, phase 2 operations.
  12. I Goddamn knew it. Pretty sure I only have enough coins left to try this once or twice and that's it. Matchday 6 Played Full Moon Mafia Axler Necromantic - 1610 1 - 1 The BrexitClub The Richest Tea ProElf - 1780 Played Clan of the Circus Bear Javelin Kislev - 1880 1 - 2 Super Salty OCC Puppi HighElf - 1760 Played Cr@sh Test Dummies Kia Sidhe DarkElf - 1820 1 - 2 Mr Men Da Coach Chaos - 1670 Played Vandal's Vex J.J. Cash Kislev - 1470 3 - 4 OCC Lumberjax swompy WoodElf - 1570 Played New Orcland Traitors Spudy Orc - 1640 2 - 0 Damned And Doomed LordJair DarkElf - 1780
  13. Any plans for MD7, been gone for a while as this page is not cooperative.
  14. Well, we're at 12 and there's still Kislev vs High Elf and Pro Elf vs Necro to go. Probably breaking 17+ on this one.
  15. Bet received and locked in. Unfortunately for you, the first two games produced nine TDs
  16. So... 13 is my number!! I was about to pick 0 but...
  17. You have only yourself to blame for this.
  18. Is it over? Did we win?
  19. Thanks C2MC. Upvote removed due to use of Sweedo.
  20. I made this mistake too, Mister Mongloom. You actually have to pick a number, the "range" is just to determine how many Coins you owe to Sweedo. You can do it via "My Economy Dashboard". Then you get a screen where you can choose to send blood money to another user!
  21. I will bet for the 0-13!!! Now I need to know how to transfer the coin to you!