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Orca Cola Championship

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Got some Orca Cola Coins burning a hole in your... wherever you keep your money? Come, stay a while, tip generously.


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  2. Blitz with snots! Encourage your opponent to triple skull against your snots! What could possibly go wrong?
  3. This made me laugh at 6:15am, no mean feat. In other news, I'm also being accused of being a gentleman. I shan't be able to show my face in impolite society again.
  4. I believe I'm the gentleman in question, though that's a questionable statement as well seeing as one of the prerequisites for being a gentleman is having some kind of grooming standard.
  5. oh! is it a riddle? hmm... the watch? or is it a grandpa that is stuck with his garter in the rocking chair?
  6. that was the worst description of me i have read. i havent given you any coins and im not really generous and im not a gentlemen. but impressive that you can put that many errors in a simple line :)
  7. These coins were given to me by generous gentlemen, so I feel somewhat more responsible on how I use them.
  8. If my tiniest Ogre kills the fattest Elf, it'll net me 30 points. I'm so out, you guys.
  9. Greater the challenge, greater the accomplishment!
  10. playing vs broc with no usefull players 0 mb and vs his regen so count me out
  11. playing against @wismerhill so this should be a walk on the edge, easy! im in.
  12. Blocks and blitzes count, number of block dice is irrelevant Your player must earn SPPs for causing the casualty Injury is evaluated post apo/regen - returning to the reserves counts as badly hurt Winner determined by the net TV of the two players involved: Points = (opposing player TV) - (your player TV) + (injury modifier). Death +50k Permanent injury +30k Miss Next Game +10k Badly Hurt +0 Example: Rookie human lineman kills rookie chaos warrior Score = 100K - 50K + 50K = 100K Entry = 1 coin
  13. Since I was the only scorer, I accept my default win. Hurrah!
  14. Well, I got very close but did not manage to score. What a grand surprise!
  15. RIghto, Bob wins 3 coins - my input refunded due to not playing.