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Orca Cola Championship

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Got some Orca Cola Coins burning a hole in your... wherever you keep your money? Come, stay a while, tip generously.


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  2. Seeing as we're playing against Wood Elves, I feel like there's no way we're winning this. On the other hand, I like even numbers. In.
  3. Hah now i got this when i manage to find my economy dashboard
  4. Surprise Scorer Sweepstake rules: Sweepstake: 1 coin entry per coach prior to their game After game, submit your touchdown scorer with the lowest points tally as per these rules: MA + AG = base point score +1 for each skill useful for mobility or agility* -1 for each negatrait affecting mobility or agility** -2 per additional touchdown by that individual player Lowest points TD scorer wins E.g. rookie 'fling treeman scores 1TD = 2 points (2+1-1) E.g. rookie ghoul scores 3 TDs = 7 points (7+3+1-4) Treeman wins! Skill lists: *big hand, break tackle, catch, diving catch, dodge, extra arms, jump up, kick off return, leap, nerves of steel, pro, right stuff, sidestep, sprint, stunty, sure feet, sure hands, titchy, two heads **bonehead, blood lust, loner, really stupid, take root, wild animal Comment below and pay me one coin entry
  5. some of the divs jumping off early- will we be ready to gamble week 1?!?!?!
  6. I'm confused, can't an Australian owner of a drinking and gambling venue sleep off the holiday season in peace? I'm confused, by my count the total is 20. Numbers inserted into top post, please advise where the mistake is. As much as cats are of the devil and should be banned as pets, I don't want a kitten punched because of me. EDIT: Turns out I was confused, accidentally grabbed MD9 numbers for one of the games. C2MC wins big!
  7. When am I getting paid, @Suido? Don't you dare skip out on me.
  8. Well, thanks to Skuld's paper Lizardmen, we hit 20 with one game to go.
  9. If I get "The Price is Right"-ed by Suido I'm going to punch a kitten.
  10. 7 in first 2 matches with all the heavy hitters already playing. The under looks golden.
  11. I used the rng on discord to choose from 20, 21, 23, 24, 26 & 27. Computer says 21.
  12. Regor and Crunky Chops have scheduled for Wed 19th at 2100, bets will close then if no games are scheduled sooner.
  13. Yeah, it's that sneaky rule 2. Gets them every time.
  14. According to my calculations, based off the last 4 Seasons each team played, I've come up with an Average for each of them and therefore I shall place my bets on 22.
  15. I made this mistake too, @Suido wants you to actually pick a number so you can't hog a category. Right... ?
  16. 1TD Sid Vicious 6+2 +(KOR, surehands) 2 = 10 Points About to score twice with them but screwed by a lightning bolt on the 16th! Or tied it at least!
  17. Entrants: Suido: 21 wismerhill: 25 C2MC: 22 bob152: 28 Prize pool: 9