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Are you tired of people trying really hard and winning games? Have you grown bored of professionalism, player tips and strategy? Boy, do I have news for you! I'm doing a thing on twitch.tv/c2mc.


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  2. Diving Tackle helps a lot when the Elves show up, though. I agree with pretty much all of your points, really, but DT did help a lot against more Dodgy teams since there's no real other way for me to dissuade someone from pouncing in a Gnoblar cage. I guess I'll see what teams show up for Season 6, maybe I can get rid of one or two of the DT's.
  3. I agree that being selective about your skills is probably a luxury Ogres can't afford. And I wasn't talking as much about the present, as I was about the future. Ok, maybe a little bit about the present. I think the Wrestle/DP is bloaty, and I think that all the DT Gnoblars are bloaty. The Leader/Wrestle Gnoblar is ok for now. If you get +AG on any of the skilled Gnoblars, you're going to be sad because now they have unnecessary skills which they don't need to do their main job: Fly like an eagle and score. Also, developed players level more slowly (unless their additional skills help them in leveling, like Block or MB), which means you will have less frequent chances of getting +AG on a Gnoblar.
  4. I'm excited about the spiralling expenses, I've never actually had a team developed enough to qualify in the past. But honestly, from my limited experience, I don't think Ogres have much room for min-maxing. Ellen is a powerhouse and I wouldn't trade her for any other player at the moment. And my only other doubles are on Gnoblars. Kindness provides Leader. It's bloaty, sure, but still cheaper than an actual reroll. Wrestle is bloaty once again but at a combined 60TV, it's still cheaper than a reroll and it helps in keeping the Leader alive. Softness has Dirty Player, which is great. Did he really need Wrestle? Probably not. I thought about giving him Sneaky Git instead of his double but I decided it would be funnier to have a secondary Wrodger on the team. The Gnoblars will probably eat the dirt at some point, but until then I don't think there's much wiggleroom. The only real decision I've made in regards to keeping TV lowered is not buying my 4th reroll yet. And until a more experienced Ogre coach tells me all of his secrets, I will continue to grow larger and larger until my TV devours all, like some sort of Great Maw.
  5. I gotta say, the team is looking good! The death of Queef Latina was a tragedy and certainly a setback, but you came out of the season stronger than you've gone in. Of course, the TV is already starting to skyrocket. What are your plans of dealing with that, with both the inducements you might be handing out, and with the spiralling expenses?
  6. Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley Value: 240K Level 5 52/76 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard, Tackle. 18 Matches 3 MVP 151 Blocks Succeeded 50 Injuries Inflicted 17 Casualties Inflicted 1 Kill Inflicted 1 Crowdsurf Inflicted 40 Yards Running Coach's Notes: Ellen doesn't just hold on to her position as team cap'n at the end of Season 5, she has outperformed all of her teammates by an enormous margin. It's honestly not even fair to compare any of the other girls to Ellen at this point. For example, Ellen has succeeded 151 Blocks, the Ogre closest to this number is Peaches with 98 Blocks succeeded. Injuries Inflicted? The next Ogre in line only has 29! There's but one nasty habit Ellen has developed over the last Season, and that's to Bone-Head when she's on the Line of Scrimmage, but I am more than willing to overlook that if she continues her stellar performance! My dear, sweet Ellen. I gave you the tough love and called you my least favourite Ogre on several occasions during your first season with the team and you have not only showed myself and the world that you are a noteworthy player, indeed, you have made me look like a fool for not realising your potential sooner. Peaches Value: 200K Level 4 32/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Guard, Break Tackle, Stand Firm. 18 Matches 3 MVP 7 Casualties Inflicted 1 Kill Inflicted 49 Blocks Sustained Coach's Notes: Ah, Peaches. I called you the team's guardian angel last season and you have continued to do your nickname justice. Peaches still holds the record for most Blocks Sustained with 49, only threatened by Ellen (of course) with 47. This fine lass managed to swoon some of the judges and won herself 2 MVP's this season, helping her reach new heights! She's the first Ogre to master the art of "standing firm" on the team and who knows... maybe she'll be the first Ogre to Frenzy too. Dame Juicy Drenched Value: 180K Level 3 17/31 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Piling On. 15 Matches 1 MVP 6 Casualties Inflicted Coach's Notes: Dame Juicy Drenched, her beauty only matched by her fierce lust for violence on the pitch! Juicy was one of the newer recruits last season, but she's made her mark and earned her spot on the team and in my heart. Only being awarded 1 MVP in two seasons, Juicy has had to work for her SPP herself and finally she has gained that precious second level! I wish her the best of luck and much Elf-meat in her future games! Paris Killton Value: 160K Level 2 13/16 SPP Skills Acquired: Guard. 18 Matches 0 MVP 1 Touchdown Scored 5 Casualties Inflicted 1 Crowdsurf Inflicted 1 Casualty Sustained Coach's Notes: Well, you might think I made an error here and just used the same player evaluation as last season,... and I wish that were true. Paris and Peaches were Guard-buddies throughout Season 4, but it seems that this one was left behind. The only things Paris has gained compared to the olden days is an additional 2 casualties inflicted. She was a "Jane of all trades" in Season 4, but now it seems she's only interested in supporting the Blocks of her teammates. Maybe Paris is the reason her teammates have skyrocketed into greatness? Maybe, she's the hero this team needs, but not the one it deserves... . Bichelle Omaha Value: 160K Level 2 13/16 SPP Skills Acquired: Piling On. 12 Matches 0 MVP 5 Casualties Inflicted 1 Touchdown Scored Coach's Notes: Bichelle took her sweet time warming up, but now she's all hot and bothered and ready to eat your face! Even though she's played less games than most of her sisters, she's quickly catching up in Blocks Succeeded and the threat of an Ogre with Piling On is never to be underestimated! My favourite Bichelle-moment so far was a cagedive into a team of Orcs to prevent a touchdown. This glorious Ogre won us that game, and she'll continue to win us games as she improves and gets larger! Amy Shawarma Value: 140k Level 1 0/6 SPP Skills Aquired: None. 2 Matches 1 Casualty Sustained Coach's Notes: Much like Bichelle last season, Amy Shawarma has not really played enough games to paint a real picture of what she's capable of. Her career was almost ended in her first game when one of Gobas' Ogres nearly gave her a Niggling Injury, but she got back on her feet and now she's ready for more. Amy's catchphrase is "It's Shawarma time!" I hope she forgets it's her thing in a few days, because it was funny the first few times, but now she's just annoying everyone with it. HONOURABLE MENTION: Queef Latina Value: 180K Level 3 21/31 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Piling On. 14 Matches Coach's Notes: My poor Queef Latina. TAKEN IN HER PRIME BY BUTTHOLE DARAYAWUS! With 101 Blocks Succeeded, 5 Casualties Inflicted and 2 Kills she was the only other Ogre to come even close to Ellen's record! Not to mention that she was a scoring threat! 148 Yards Running and 2 Touchdowns to her name! I will always remember her as the dodgiest Ogre to ever walk the pitch and I hope she's now Piling On idiots on that big pitch in the sky. Good night, Queef Latina. Your spirit shall live on! GNOBLARABLE MENTIONS: Softness Value: 80k Level 3 20/31 SPP Skills Aquired: Dirty Player, Wrestle. 17 Matches 4 MVP 1 Kill Inflicted 6 Casualties Sustained Kindness Value: 80k Level 3 17/31 SPP Skills Aquired: Leader, Wrestle. 16 Matches 3 MVP 1 Casualty Inflicted 1 Kill Inflicted 5 Casualties Sustained ---------- ---------- ---------- Full gallery with all player cards can be found HERE!
  7. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 9

    Congratulations, on the win, the overall season, and the great level!
  8. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 9

    Oh boy, oh golly Jeez. This one went REALLY well for us. Once again we get to spend some money on inducements and we do not waste time buying us a good 'ol fashioned Bribe. With 140k remaining, I was contemplating if I should spend 10k of my own, hard earned moolah and invest in to a Wizard, but I always feel like Ogres aren't really good at capitalising on getting the ball loose, so we hired our buddy Nobbla instead. I do not regret the decision, as Nobbla was able to foul a Flesh Golem into oblivion, removing a key player on turn 1 and afterwards he Blitzed down an AV6 Ghoul, which he also fouled several turns after. Repeatedly. Chainsaws can be a surprisingly good substitute for Tackle, it turns out. Unfortunately, Nobbla couldn't reign over the pitch forever and he was eventually sent off. Good thing we had six Ogres left to pick up some of the slack and crush a few skulls. Not only were our Blocks effective, our fouls kept up the pace and by the end of the first half, we scored a touchdown and permanently removed 4 players, including the previously mentioned Flesh Golem and Krell, a S4/Guard Wight. Ryuuji manages to even up the game in the second half, but he's down players and doesn't have the Agility necessary to outrun 6 Ogres. The pounding continues, as several Zombies bite the dust. To top it all off, Paris Killton makes a TTM play that doesn't even require any rerolls and essentially secures an Ogre victory. PLOT TWIST! I set my girls up int he back field and feed Ryuuji some Gnobbies. He has one turn left and can't really make a 1-turner happen. I don't mind wasting my 16th turn if it means victory and the safety of my girls. However, a Goddamn riot happens and we both gain a turn. Ryuuji positions agressively and walks one Wolf forward, flanked by Zombies. Panic-sweat sets in, as I immediately anticipate some insane Dodge-shenanigans resulting in a disappointing draw. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EXCITING EPISODE OF OGREBALL Z! Thanks again to @Ryuuji for the game and for being a good sport. He had some trouble breaking my poor gnobbies' armor and I didn't have many issues tearing his team a part. We joked about him maybe sacrificing Gnoblars to the wrong God, but after a game like that, it seems likely.
  9. C2MC: Hey, the Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage, it's Tuesday evening! Our game against Ryuuji is tomorrow morning, where's the smacktalk thread at? The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: It's the last game of the season, man. Doesn't that mean ANYTHING to you? C2MC: Well, sure. But that doesn't mean we're done. There's Season 6 and more to look forward to! The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: For you, maybe! Do you think people will appreciate the Macho Man rambling in crazy talk and constantly intersecting "yeah" all over his vocabulary? People are tired of the Macho Man... and next season... you'll do without me. C2MC: Oh, come on, Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage. We had fun, right? You had an amazing run, and you'll always be welcome to run the team's Apothecary. The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: I guess you're right, brother. I can only rise up to this final smacktalk post and make a final effort. C2MC: Thanks a lot, Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage. The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: Let's do this! Ladies and Gentlemen (who'm I kidding, just gentlemen). Put your hands together, for the last time. The one, the only, THE GHOST OF MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! OHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEAH! The Macho Man is back for one last time, bringing you the truth and the power, yeah. wismerhill and his corrupt administration couldn't bring us down, Gobas couldn't bring us down, yeah, and Ryuuji WILL TRY, BUT HE WILL FAIL TO BRING US DOWN in the final match of the Season! Yeah! We've seen Ryuuji play and judging by his position on the Leaderboards, yeah, we'd say his incompetence as a coach is only matched by his inability to beat Darayawus in a proper match! Yeah! The Necromantic are a proven EZ-mode team and this man makes it look like they're actually difficult to play, yeah. With their Wolves with Claws and Dodgy Ghouls, they should've crushed this Division BUT INSTEAD THIS DIVISION HAS CRUSHED THEM! Don't think that just because it's the last game of the Season, the Women with Attitude will go easy on you, yeah, Ryuuji! We will turn your Wolves into fancy coats and shawls and the rest of your team into brunch! Don't look down, or to the sides. Yeah! Look up, BECAUSE WE'RE RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU! WEDNESDAY 21/02/2018 10H00 UTC WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE VS THE FAST AND FURIOUS!! STREAM YOUTUBE
  10. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 8

    WATCH THE BELLY-FLOPS HERE! Oh, boy, that was more fun than I thought it would be. Thanks to @Gobas for the game, for inspiring my own play and for sharing super-secret Ogre tips whenever I need them! He has, knowingly or unknowingly, actually helped me get better at the game and I hope that trend continues as the Women with Attitude roll on to their final match of Season 5. Our Ogre-off starts off very sneakily. Gobas declares he doesn't know what a ball is, and immediately grabs the pigskin and runs it downfield. All the while, he uses his S6-Block Ogre to overpower my poor girls. There's a bit of a tussle, but the first drive is rather uneventful. Until I get the luckiest Block in the universe and good ol' reliable Peaches actually kills Mash Ookh Khan, an Ogre with Block, Tackle and Guard! The first half ends with me going for a hand-off into a TTM play but the Gnobbies are unwilling and we're down 0-1. Second half, second schmalf. The game continues and follows the same trends as the first half, namely; -> I cannot pick up a ball to save my life -> Gobas' fouls are about as deadly as cottonballs to a Minotaur -> The Referee is COMPLETELY ABSENT However, after some more fighting I also decide to use my Apothecary to prevent a Niggle on my newest Ogre, Amy Shawarma and the terror of having something worse happen to one of my other girls sets in. I decide to go from zero to hero in the ball-handling department and manage to hand-off the ball to none other than Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley. Ellen valiantly dashes towards the end zone while her teammates try and keep Gobas' Ogres occupied. The game ends up a 1-1 tie. (in favor of the Women with Attitude of course!)
  11. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 8

    I am legitimately terrified my team is getting annihilated. I mean... *ahem* Gobas is going doooooown.
  12. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 8

    I like this, looking forward to it
  13. The most anticipated matchup of Division 5, nay, Season 5 of the OCC. A young, talented and handsome Ogre coach faces off against his less-handsome senior. And here to tell you all about it, the one and only, THE GHOST OF MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! The MACHO MADNESS is upon us once again, yeah, and this time I don't even have to pretend that this game is going to be a slaughter like you've never seen before! Yeah! The Women with Attitude face off against the Praag Khans, a vicious Ogre team coached by Gobas, yeah. The Praag Khans find themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard, because they choose to punt skulls instead of pigskins... . Yeah! Now lookie here and lookie there, kids, the Macho Man ain't gonna sugar-coat this one for you, yeah. Gobas may have more Block, Piling On and he may be completely and utterly insane but there is only one way to win against someone who does not care about winning. Yeah! We will lower ourselves to his level, yeah, and fight FIRE with EVEN MORE FIRE! Our Gnoblars will not Dodge, they will FIGHT FOR DEAR LIFE! Yeah! The girls will overcome their severe lack of abilities with sheer FORCE OF WILL! Yeah! The touchdowns do not matter. Last man standing is the winner... . [Queue the dramatic music] Hot and steamy OGRE on OGRE ACTION! WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs PRAAG KHANS Thursday 15/02/2018 20h00 UTC STREAM YOUTUBE
  14. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 7

    And the results are in, a (rare) win for the Ogres! Thanks again to @77Rebel for the game, I wish him the best of luck in his last few matches. This one started of slowly. The Dark Elves chose to kick and lost a few Linemen right off the bat. Our girls slowdanced their way up the pitch, stunning (literally) many Elves in the process. Eventually I made one of those drive-ruining mistakes, which was promptly corrected by a hand-off to Peaches, who had no trouble grabbing onto that slippery ball. Even though it was a rainy day! 77Rebel eventually ran a little thin on Elves for the infamous Elf-screen and Peaches ran a glorious 7 squares into a 1-0 advantage. The second half didn't go so well for the Dark Elves, as a mechanical error caused their Ball Carrier to take a 5+ Dodge over a 3+ Dodge, and things went downhill from there. The ball landed in the hands of an inexperienced Lineman, who was promptly Blitzed down by Bichelle Omaha, WHO CAUGHT THE BALL AFTERWARDS AND RAN FOR THE FINAL TOUCHDOWN! Bichelle earned 7SPP in this game, which is pretty sweet for the average Ogre! Did I mention I fouled 12 times and didn't cause a single casualty (by fouling anyways)? Watch our glorious campaign to victory HERE!
  15. It's time to grab a bucket and shave your squigs, because here he is again; THE GHOST OF MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! Ohh, yeaaaaaah, brothers and more effeminate members of the community. We're back to continue the PAIN TRAIN TO SPAIN, yeah, with our third opponent 77Rebel, another lesser coach from the forgotten sinkholes of Europe. HOWEVER, yeah, this time, the Macho Man feels their pain. The Lost Bandits have underperformed so far and we can only assume that this is because of the other teams' cheatin' ways and tricksy traps. THE MACHO MAN WON'T EVEN MENTION WISMERHILL AND HIS CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION! Yeah! 77Rebel, the Women with Attitude promise you a fair game, yeah. No scumbaggery, and definitely no bribery! An even match, in which WE WILL COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY CRUSH YOU! Yeah! So come on down and join the festivities. Yeah. There's free knuckle sandwiches for all Elves who show up before 10PM. SUNDAY 11/02/2018 19H00 UTC LOST BANDITS VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE STREAM YOUTUBE
  16. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 6

    So ends our game against Zzking's Amazons. My main problem with this one is that I only rolled 20k for my winnings and I still won't be able to get that precious 6th Ogre in for the next game against the Dark Elves. The match itself was surprisingly even at first. I rolled a crapload of POWs in the first few turns, but I wasn't able to remove a lot of Amazons very quickly. @zZKing played very aggressive and I honestly didn't know how to deal with his playstyle very well. He relied on a whole heap of one-die blocks and he wasn't shy about making them! Near the end of the match the INSANE amount of 3+ Dodges simply got the better of me. Both mentally and in-game. If I recall correctly, the Amazons only came up short on a Dodge roll two or three times. However, I do feel like I played this one as best as I could. Often I'll catch myself being out of position, or committing too hard to one side and have the enemy team simply run past my girls, but in this game my Ogres were always right where the action was. And the action wasn't too hard to find because Zzking was very keen on moving into base contact! Another game in the books. Another lesson learned. YOU CAN DODGE... I MEAN FIND THE GAME HERE!
  17. Dear opponents. Because of the unfortunate death of our Star Player, Queef Latina, there will be no trashtalk post for matchday 6. As we mourn the loss of a great player, no, a great PERSON. Just kidding, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE GHOST OF MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! Ooooooooooh, Yeeeeeeah! Better pull your socks up Zzking, because the Women with Attitude don't let tiny setbacks, i.e. the death of several players, hold them down. Yeah. MUCH LIKE THE FUNGUS ON OUR SOLES, WE DO NOT GO AWAY SO EASILY! Yeah. The Amazons are an all out disgrace to anyone who supports women's rights, yeah, like the Macho Man himself! Walking around wearing hardly any clothing is just plain stupid, especially in a sport that involves full-body contact! Yeah. We do not NEED a sixth Ogre to take care of you, Zzking! By the time the second half rolls around, yeah, our girls will be ready for more and yours will be nursing plenty of broken fingernails, teeth, bones and SPIRITS! YEAH! Saturday 20:00 UTC BIG GIRL on SKINNY GIRL Action! WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE VS AMAZZOVER STREAM YOUTUBE
  18. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 5

    Gentle Savior please look down, There's someone by your side, A small bewildered Ogre lass, That needs you as her guide.... ----- Well, the game against @Darayawus didn't go so well. Not only did we take a loss, we lost our favourite Ogre. I know that some people will put blame on me, for hiring the Ghost of Macho Man randy Savage to serve as my Apothecary/Professional Trash Talker but I swear to Nuffle, his degree from the University of Very Real Apothecaries looked very real when I first glanced over it. As a final kick in the shins, we also rolled a 1 for the winnings, so we're 30k short of hiring a replacement Ogre, that means we face the Amazons on MD6 with 5 gals. This is all payback for getting lucky against Sir Mewash... I'm sure of it. YOU CAN WATCH THE CARNAGE HERE.
  19. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 5

    The fact that he's ranked number one after four matchdays sort of hinted at the fact that he's probably not an idiot. I am especially terrified of the fact that I'll be facing over 600K Induced Halfling scumbaggery. But what I hope for most is that this game proves to be entertaining as all hell. EDIT: I used fact three times in two sentences. Kill me, now.
  20. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 5

    This is going to be great! Dara is a legendary coach with Flings, you will have your work cut out for you
  21. C2MC: Hello, Mr.Savage. Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: Hello, coach! Please, call me "The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage". Are you here with the trashtalk script for this week? C2MC: Yes, here you go. [Hands over crumpled piece of paper.] Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: *Snort* There seems to be some mistake. This here paper says your girls are facing the number one team in Diviion 5C. C2MC: Yes, that is correct. Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: Yeah, but it also says they're... Halflings... . C2MC: Once again, that is correct. Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: Are you serious? The top threat, the ultimate opponent in this Division so far is a Halfling team? C2MC: Yes. In fact, they're the only team in our Division that doesn't have a single loss to their name yet. Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: Come on, brother. Are you SERIOUS? C2MC: One hundred percent. Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: ... *Defeated sigh* Fine, I'll try to make this sound like a proper match, BUT I MAKE NO PROMISES. C2MC: I know, Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage. But I believe in you! Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage: Thank you, brother. Oh yeah, brothers and sisters! Halfway through this Season of the OCC League, the Women with Attitude stand upon the pitch once more and this time they will face their most fearsome opponent yet, yeah. Darayawus coaches the Flings in Pink, yeah, the only team in the Division that hasn't lost a game so far, yeah. BUT THAT IS BECAUSE THEY HAVE YET TO FACE AN OPPONENT AS FIERCE AS THE WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE! Yeah. Oh, you better prepare your last meal, Daraya-WUSS, yeah, because this restaurant has a strict NO MERCY POLICY! We will crush you beneath our feet and use your tiny helmets as thimbles when we have our next "Girls Only Knitting and Sewing Fun-Fun-Fun"-night! OOOH YEAH! TUESDAY 30/01/2018 20h30 UTC WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE VS FIP (FLINGS IN PINK) STREAM YOUTUBE
  22. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 4

    I believe my above creation in Paint shows how well this game went for us. A VOD can be found HERE! My Turn 1: I hardly do any damage. Sir Mewash's Turn 1: he demolishes two of his own guys. My Turn 2: I punch dudes and they die. Sir Mewash's Turn 2: He starts turn 2 with 5 players on the field. I feel like I played well and got rewarded handsomely by the game. The only huge screwup on my part was a Dodge away from a Thrall that I didn't see, and I was saved by my last reroll. Sir Mewash had a horrible first half, he was pitch cleared by turn 7, but I knew he had a chance to even it out or even win, because (let's be honest here) I'm playing Ogres. In the second half, Sir Mewash has one AMAZING turn where his Thralls pick up the slack and pull off Dodges, Passes and GFIs in the snow like it's nobody's business. The game, however, had other plans for him. I always feel bad for my opponent when things go down like this, but @Sir Mewash took the punches like a champ and took it the only way an experienced coach would. If he was a lesser player, he would probably never touch Blood Bowl again. Once again, Mewash. I'm so sorry, please don't ban me from the Forums.
  23. Here we go again, fight-fans! Get ready to grab a beer and kick some rear, because it's time for an Admin beatdown! And here's your host, the one and only... THE GHOST OF MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! Oh yeah, brothers and sisters. After we called out Wismerhill for trying to scam the Women with Attitude out of a fair match, we finally get a chance at retribution! Yeah. One of his lackeys, yeah, the treacherous and sneaky Sir Mewash has been sent to put an end to our girls' run through the Orca Cola League, yeah. But Mewash does not realise that it will be HIM, yeah, who'll be taking the first pain-train back to whatever cave he crawled out of. Those puny Vampires cannot possibly stand up against the might of an Ogre, yeah, let alone a whole squad of 'em! We will take his pointy-teethed faces and ram so many 10 ton fists into them that no dentist in the Old World will be able to put them back together, yeah! So grab your toughest mouthguards, Mewash. Because you're gonna need 'em! OH YEAH! WEDNESDAY 17/01/2018 19H00 UTC WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE VS [VEGETARIANS] STREAM YOUTUBE
  24. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 3

    Once again we face a dodgy Elf team. This time, it went a lot better than our game against GaryW, though! Thanks a lot to @dinobot for the game, he was a swell opponent even though he was having some issues with the Leap+Blitz commands. Hopefully he'll improve over time so these mechanical issues don't hold him back in future matches. A link to the game can be found HERE!
  25. AND ON THE THIRD DAY, THE LORD SAID "OH, YEAH". HE CALLED UPON THE GHOST OF MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE AND HE SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD. Oh yeah! Rejuvenated and emancipated after their recent victory against Da Skullbasherz, Women with Attitude takes to the pitch even more confident than ever before, yeah. But the slimy Director Wismerhill is doing everything in his power to PREVENT them from achieving greatness! Yeah! Mister Wismerhill has made a last minute change to the Division, yeah. He has replaced Howlers United, a young team that showed lots of promise with another Elf squad, yeah, KNOWING FULL WELL that our girls have trouble with the dodgy Elves! Well, Mister Wismerhill, you can try to keep Women with Attitude down, yeah, but they will rise to the top, even if you choose to use... no, ABUSE your power as Director to get more Elf teams into the League, yeah! WE WILL RISE ABOVE THE LOW BLOWS AND SCUMBAGGERY AND WE WILL REPAY IN KIND, WITH LOW BLOWS AND SCUMBAGGERY LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN! OH YEAH! FRIDAY 12/01/2018 19h00 UTC WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE VS TREEBORN STREAM YOUTUBE
  26. [VOD] OCC Tier 5C Game 2

    Hey gang, we played a videogame this evening! I really don't want to spoil too much but this game had a few extravagant and juicy Ogre-moments that really made this a lot closer than it should have been. We have everything folks, from Gnoblars being flung around to Ogres and Orcs dodging into places they shouldn't. Fouls, mayhem and saggy man-boobs are all the rage in this one! Thanks again to @Louizypher for the game and for being a great opponent. A VOD of the game can be found HERE.