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Are you tired of people trying really hard and winning games? Have you grown bored of professionalism, player tips and strategy? Boy, do I have news for you! I'm doing a thing on twitch.tv/c2mc.


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  2. Well, hello there! You're here early today. Looks like last week was a pretty rough one for the Women with Attitude, let's check in with the tiny, baby Ogre and see how the team's handling everything. I'm sure that the power of friendship will get them all through this difficult time in their li-. Wait,... what's that sound? It almost sounds like... . oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, yeeeeeeeeah! *A ghostly bicep clotheslines the narrator in to the nearest wall, immediately knocking him unconscious.* OH, YEAH! The Macho MADNESS is here once again! Yeah! Even on the Astral Plains of Non-Existence, news quickly spread of the epic rematch between the Women with Attitude and the Cuyahoga River Bends, yeah! The Bends are still under the supervision of @Sidley, one of the more corrupt and backstabbing members of the Orca Cola Administration. Last time these Orcs faced the Premium Power of the Overpowering Ogres, they barely eked out a victory, yeah, mostly because of their cheatin' and underhanded ways, yeah! But, oooh, we've come prepared this time, Sidley, yeah! There is exactly ZERO percent chance that the green machine will trick our girls in to another loss, yeah. We've done the math and we've done the science, yeah, and we're CONFIDENT that the only outcome for the Bends is a DEVASTATING DEFEAT! You've only faced PANSY PUSHOVERS so far, Sidley! Yeah! But now, the kiddie play-dates are over and it's time for some FULL-CONTACT FACE-TIME between the Ogres' fists and those faceholes you Orcs call noses! Yeah! YOU NAME THE TIME AND YOU NAME THE PLACE BECAUSE THE MACHO MAN AIN'T SO GOOD AT GEOGRAPHY OR READIN' THE CLOCKS, yeah! But one thing he's very good at, yeah, is talkin' the talk and walkin' the walk and he just got himself some brand new boots, yeah. And these boots were made for walkin', yeah, AND THE WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE WILL WALK ALL OVER YOU! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, yeeeeeeeeah! *The narrator wakes up in a daze, as The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage vanishes back in to oblivion* What the... . Oh, my head. Well, it looks like there isn't any time left for a story about the tiny, baby Ogre this week. I should probably check-in to the nearest Apothecary because I'm pretty sure I have a severe concussion. I'm sure you'll join me again next week as we pick up where we left off. Oooh, the room is spinning. I'm,... I'm going to throw up. *Static* SATURDAY 23/06/2018 - 12h00 UTC. WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs CUYAHOGA RIVER BENDS TWITCH YOUTUBE
  3. Just a quick update, we've rerouted the plumbing from our player's bathroom in to the Skaven tunnels below the Stadium. Also, the cafeteria is now only serving large plates of prunes, figs, dates and raisins.
  4. Fair and balanced game that was, Yes-Yes!
  5. Season 7, Match Day 3: Wasn't even Close. Watch the game HERE! WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs ONYX Match Day 3 sees the Women with Attitude up against @Hairy Coo's Onyx. Judging by his record and the development on his players, there's not much we can do to prevent a loss on this one. Especially with 5 Gnoblars sitting the game out. I only have 2 things on my mind: 1. Keep everyone alive. 2. Get Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley her last 4SPP. Winning the game, or even getting a draw was at best a tertiary concern. With our Journeyman Gnoblar on the pitch, we enter the slaughterhouse. A promising start, we win the toss and decide to go first. The only way for the ladies to put up any kind of a fight is to remove as many rats from the field as quickly as Ogrely possible. I have a few main targets; Biohazard (the ClawPOMBer), Sonny Seeza (Stormvermin with POMB, Tackle and Guard) and one of the many Homies (Dirty Player). Since there's 4 Gutter Runners and enough Tackle around, I task Amy Shawarma with ball-management-duties. 5 Ogres on the line should be enough since my opponent will likely just Blitz a Gnoblar or go for a big hit on an Ogre once per turn. Kick-Off. An angry fan (I'm pretty sure it was @Filadeus coming to finish the job) with a rock immediately takes care of one of our Gnoblars, bringing us down to 4 for the remainder of the match. Hairy Coo also gets one of his Linerats hit but it''s just a Stun. Unfortunatezly, this was a Linerat on the LoS, so the girls miss out on a Block. Pity. The Blocks we do get aren't very effective. One K.O. and that's it. Even Dame Juicy's Blitz costs us a reroll as she Double Skulls her way in to the opposing Dirty Player. He does go down, but no harm is done to the sneaky ratman. I move Amy and a friendly Gnobbie sidekick into position to pick up the ball next turn right before our first foul. Once again, no harm done. Onyx do what they do best, run past the large, burly gals and take down a Gnoblar on the way to the ball. Amy does manage to get her mitts on the pigskin before the Skaven can close the gap and we position ourselves far enough away from the nasty Stormvermin. Towards the middle of the pitch, there's an opening for a Blitz on Sonny Seeza and Dame Juicy's the one to take him down. Bosh, bing, the rat hits the deck and Dame Juicy piles on top of him. Not even a scratch on the guy. The ladies try their best to position closer to the ball carrier and another foul sees the impenetrable Stormvermin Stunned. Better than nothing, I suppose. A few GFI's get all the rats in position and Amy is swarmed by Gutter Runners before she can realise what the hell's going on around her. A 1-Die Wrestles her to the ground as a screen of tiny ratmen secure the ball. We scramble and get as many Ogres down there as possible, to no avail. We can not prevent a Touchdown. 0-1 for Onyx. Another turn on the LoS. Perfect Defense for Onyx, but we have a few girls in base contact, still. Ellen goes for the Dirty Player and we get another good hit in, but the Armour holds. I'm sensing a theme... . The rest of the Blocks are ineffective as well and we're set-up for another Skaven Touchdown by turn 5 or 6. The entire ratmen squad runs past us but Biohazard is open for a Blitz, an opportunity I cannot afford to let pass. We Block some linerats out of the way and Bichelle Omaha gets in on the filthy ClawPOMBer but doesn't even manage to score the knockdown. Amy shows her prowess as an Agility-Ogre once more and gets the pickup, only to be knocked out cold the turn after. Onyx stalls, eager to hunt for some more Injuries... disaster strikes. The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage gets to work and a quick piledriver to the side of the Magic Dome seems to do the trick. Bichelle joins the substitutes and is ready to rejoin the fight. In an attempt to retaliate, Miley Steambus plows her foot in to the Skaven Blitzer's face, but the ref is alert and actually notices the giant Ogre pulling off the illegal play. Not only that, the Blitzer doesn't even stay down. Some Gutter Runners stall for a bit longer and score again on turn 8. Half time, 0-2 for Onyx. Skaven on offense, a heavy commitment to Dame Juicy and another Blitz from Biohazard. We survive. There's no way to fight back (touchdown-wise), so we completely accept the loss and hope to grind some SPP by punching the ratmen in the face. We have no Gnoblars left, no Apothecary and 5 Ogres on the field. The only damage we've done so far is one Casualty on the Dirty Player. The rest of the game is essentially 1 Blitz per turn for both sides as the Skaven dance around the Ogres. The Women with Attitude's attempts don't bear fruit. But Onyx knows how it's done. Biohazard strikes again as he knocks Amy down so hard, parts of her Armour fly off. -AV on the Block/Break Tackle Ogre. That one hurts real bad. Such a valuable player... ouch, my soul. I stand on the sideline... powerless and with a heavy heart. Is this what it's like to be the coach of Bridgeburners Ninth? The game goes on for a bit longer but there's nothing more of note that transpires. We have 4 players, desperate for a few SPP and on the other side, Onyx, racking up the Touchdowns and ending the game 0-5 in their favour. In the end, all we got was 2SPP on Ellen, so she's still 2 short of being the first Ogre Super Star in OCC2 and an MVP for one of the Gnobbies. And then, to throw some more salt in the wound, we roll a 1 for our winnings. I cry softly as the ladies try to console me. I try putting on a smile to hide the sadness, but my eyes do not lie. I am a broken husk of a man, desperate for a proper performance after a terrible 6th Season. And Season 7 has only proven to be even worse so far.
  6. Oh, hey, I didn't see you there! I was just making some flapjacks. What's that? You'd like to hear more about the tiny, baby Ogre? Well, why don't you sit down right there and I'll tell you the next part. And have some flapjacks while you're at it! Tiny, baby Ogre watched the Ogres play the Zons, he watched how tiny women kept evading Ogre's brawn. The Fashionistas may have claimed the victory that day, but the Women with Attitude were just glad they got to play. The Gnoblars, on the other hand did not come out unscathed, most of them were bruised and beat, the rest looked quite fazed. "Let's go, little 'un" one of the Ogre players says, "It's time to eat and drink a lot and prepare for our next match!" "We face the sneaky, sneaky Skaven really soon", "We'll 'it 'em 'ard! Bang, zoom! Straight to the moon!" As tiny, baby Ogre walks along the fancy pitch, he sees the Amazonians feasting on some flitch. Tiny, baby Ogre decides he might aswell, an he congratulates the Fashionistas on a game so swell. The Amazons appreciate the gesture by the little brute, and decide to take a picture with the whole entire group. "Take this, little Ogre" says the Zon Captain with a smile, as she hands him a present to improve his new lifestyle. A big ol' Blood Bowl Helmet that fit right on his big ol' head, to protect his big ol' skullbone if he ever gets hit bad. Tiny, baby Ogre runs back to his Ogre pals, to show off his brand new helmet and think of words that rhyme with "pals". "Watcha got there, little 'un" one of the Ogre players speaks, "Oh, that's a fancy little 'elmet! You'll be good well 'ard with this!" Tiny, baby Ogre spends the whole evening with the squad, They eat and drink and talk of all the times that they got Clawed. "I sure 'ope those Skaven Blitzers ain't too big a deal", the team captain, Ellen, grunts as she finishes her meal. "You'll do great, as always!" tiny, baby Ogre shouts, "And I'll be right there to support you as you make all Ogres proud!" Wednesday 13/06/2018 19h30 UTC. WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs ONYX TWITCH YOUTUBE
  7. Season 7, Match Day 2: Protect your giblets! Watch the game HERE! WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs GLAMOROUS FASHIONISTAS Palms are wet, knees weak, ate spaghetti. There's spaghetti on the pitch, so much spaghetti. I'm nervous, because of all the spaghetti. Afraid that @Filadeus will turn my team in to spaghetti. On a more serious note, I'm not a fan of spaghetti. I'm also not a fan of Amazons with enough Guard on them to easily fight back against my damsels. That's just not fair! To quote my Season 7 overview: It's time for kick-off! We get to play on our home turf, so the Magic Dome is in effect. More importantly, Filadeus' Referee Rest Area isn't. The big gals lose the toss, probably because "meatballs" isn't something that's marked on either side of the coin. That's the last time I let a fan call the coin flip. Filadeus decides to defend first, which is probably a good idea, it's not that hard for Amazons to be aggressive and pop some Gnoblars while Bone-Head does all the hard work. As it turns out, failed Bone-Heads aren't even our biggest concern as the fans descend from the stands and kick some of our girls in the vageen. 2 Ogres and several Gnoblars bite the dirt and this sets the Fashionistas up for an excellent foul on Amy Shawarma. Paris Killton does manage to Knock Out a Guard Blitzer and our newest arrival, Miley Steambus tries to pick up the ball but something gets stuck in her fingernail and she fails the Pick Up. The Amazons move up, immediately pummel our Dirty Player into submission and proceed to Foul Amy. A Stun, we got lucky. Ellen gets up, rubbing her crotch in pain and she decides to Knock Out another Guard-piece. We try to secure the ball, but Backhand II fails his Dodge, ending our turn prematurely. The Fashionistas capitalise, moving in on the Ogres and getting 2-die Blocks everywhere. The Ball scatters away from it's previous square and lands perfectly for Filadeus. He wastes no time, picks it up and secures the carrier, simply by pushing all of his Amazons into base contact with our ladies. Our only hope is a 4+ Dodge from Miley in to a POW on the carrier, but once again a failed Gnobbie Dodge ushers in the end of our turn. Ogloth Lord of the Pitch pays for his mistake with an MNG. The skinny girls once again proceed to knock most of our big girls down and score their first touchdown. 0-1 for the Fashionistas. Ah well, at least we get another shot at causing some damage on the Line of Scrimmage. Just kidding, Perfect Defence. We try our best to re-position and get some hits in and Dame Juicy Drenched finally makes the first skinny bitch bleed. One Guard piece, MNG. The other girls scuttle about in an attempt to keep the downed Dame Juicy safe and at the same time secure the pigskin. Not a bad turn, all things considered. Enraged by the loss of a Blitzer, the Fashionistas make an extreme play. Kate Upton Piles On to Miley, but fails to break Armour and Dame Juicy eats a Foul. Both plays don't bear fruit and leave the Zons a bit more exposed than they'd like. Ellen Blitzes, but doesn't hurt anyone and a Foul sees the Killer, Kate Upton, removed from the field. It's just a Knock Out, but we'll take it. Plenty of players left for the Amazons, though, as they easily muster up a few more 2-die Blocks and Foul Ellen in to the Shadow Realm (-MA). I pray to Nuffle that The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage actually comes through for me on this one, and he does. Ellen joins the substitutes. The girls try and keep the ball safe, but Amy does the classic Bone-Head into Bone-Head thing and our Blitz goes to waste. Only one thing left to do, set up on the sideline and go for the Throw Team-Mate. A couple more Bone-Heads make sure the plan changes and we move further up field, hoping that a bad roll keeps Kindness and his new pet football alive. One of the Blitzers has a go at it and Kindness Wrestles her to the ground... but the ball scatters away from any Ogres and Gnoblars, allowing a Thrower to move in, and set up for the turn 8 touchdown. 0-2 for the Fashionistas. With a nearly guaranteed win, Filadeus doesn't even have to try that hard anymore. He spends most of the second half trying to score a vanity Pass and level-up a Thrower while our girls achieve very little on the other side of the field. We can't even put up a proper fight because there's too much Guard on the enemy team. Every turn sees a few Ogres knocked down and the few Blocks and Blitzes we do manage are very ineffective. Even out Throw Team-Mate play, after a failed vanity pass, sees Kindness sent to the Injury Box aswell, MNG for him. Another touchdown on turn 13. 0-3 for the Fashionistas. It is at this point that Nuffle turns to us and says "Alright, time to punch some Zons" as we proceed to roll POW after POW and cause several Injuries on the scantily clad womenfolk. The Zons' eagerness to prevent a Throw Team-Mate touchdown keeps them in contact with the Ogres and we finally get some good hits in. A little something to boost morale, and some valuable SPP on a few of the ladies. The game ends, a crushing loss for the Women with Attitude. Amy walks away with the MVP and we're missing 5 Gnoblars for our next match... . That should be interesting. Even though I asked Filadeus to "not hurt me too much", he politely declined and viciously pulverised most of my Gnobbies and several Ogres. I would probably have done the same if I were in his shoes, so yeah, that's a thing. I really hope we can hurt some of those sneaky Skaven next week... . Because we're not starting with a big bench, that's for sure.
  8. Welcome back, children. How nice of you to return to my little abode for the next part of tiny, baby ogre's journey. Let's see what he's up to this week, shall we? Tiny, baby Ogre could not contain his glee, he watched the Ogre team perform, he fell in love immediately. Fists and feet and gutplates crunch on skellymen of bone, and Khemri retaliates leaving many Ogres prone. The match was over now and although the Ogres lost, they leave the pitch with a smile and talk of all the Gnoblars they have tossed. Tiny, baby Ogre grabs a player by the arm, "Hello, missus!" he says, with his tiny, baby Ogre charm. "I love this game and I would like to join your mighty team!", "To be a Blood Bowl player is my biggest, largest dream!". The rest of the team's Ogres gather up around the cub, and with a handshake and a group-hug, he is welcomed to the club. "Yer a little small to be a player, dontcha think?", "But I tell ya, what, you can be our Bloodweiser Baby and bring us all our drink!". Tiny, baby Ogre nods his head and says "Okay!", he'll travel with the ladies and build friendships on the way! Everyone gathers up their things and packs their duffel bags, and on their way they start, back towards the mountain's crags. The next match is a home-game against the skinny Amazons, you know, those silly, little ladies that wear bikini's made of bronze? The walk up-North is longer, much tougher than you'd know, many Gnoblars lose their lives, but they're handy walk-snacks, though! Tiny, baby Ogre falls asleep about half-way, but his new friends carry him with them, he's not that heavy anyway. When they arrive, they show the little feller all around, the Stadium, "Fancy Rental", and the rest of the training ground. "Oh boy, this one's even grander than the last" Said tiny, baby Ogre. His amazement once again surpassed. "I can't wait for the match to start and cheer on my new friends!" "Right here on the Blood Bowl pitch, where the fun time never ends!" Friday 08/06/2018 18h00 UTC. WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs GLAMOROUS FASHIONISTAS TWITCH YOUTUBE
  9. Season 7, Match Day 1: Off to a Great Start! Watch the game HERE! K NATION VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE After the first match of Season 7, the Women with Attitude can only hope that this was some leftover nonsense from Season 6 that somehow crept over, because otherwise we're in for another rough ride. We face K Nation, a fairly developed Khemri team coached by Scaron84. We don't really know what to expect as we've never faced Khemri before, but the presence of 4 Tomb Guardians means that we have to perform in the Casualty-Department, otherwise we'll be out-muscled quite easily. K Nation decides to go on the offence and the ladies coax some Gnoblars in to a position on the Line of Scrimmage. The skellymen take some of the Gnoblars down, but their lack of Tackle makes it a little more difficult than it should be. Unfortunately for our girls, the Kick is absolutely dreadful and Scaron84 is allowed a Touchback, causing the Dead Menace to be all up in our half on their first turn. A fairly even early game allows us to surround the caged Thro-Ra quickly. The ladies get some good Blocks in and a misclick by Scaron84 ends his Turn 2 early and makes it so Kandarian Bootfook can get a Foul on one of the Tomb Guardians. A Knockout, good enough for this guy! ... But in all our excitement we don't see the Khemri-Hand-Off Play that's happening right under our noses. Boom, Khemri score on turn 3, which I'm fairly sure is a sin in most countries. No biggie, we have 6 Turns left to try and score, and after that we're on offence, what could possibly go wrong? Nuffle, damn it... . What was supposed to be a rebound, quickly turns in to a sloppy mess as our whole line collapses due to brain-failure. Not only that, but K Nation decides it's time to start Fouling too and swiftly kicks Bichelle Omaha off the field. I consider calling in The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage to try and keep Bichelle in play, but there's enough Mighty Blow and several Bribes left so we take the MNG on the chin. Several turns go by as we try to manoeuvre the ball in to a better position, but the Strength 5 Tomb Guardians keep knocking down Ogres again and again. And then, disaster strikes. Good thing I saved the Apothecary! I call upon the Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage, but his idea of resuscitation is power-bombing poor Peaches even deeper into oblivion, resulting in her demise. Right here, I'd like to go back and remind you of our previous Apothecary results: Queef Latina: Dead rerolled to Dead. Amy Shawarma: Niggle rerolled to Badly Hurt. Dame Juicy Drenched: Niggling Injury rerolled to -MA. Paris Killton: MNG rerolled to MNG. Peaches: Dead rerolled to Dead. I'm starting to think someone's paid this guy off... . Anyhow, the show must go on. Even with the lack of ladies on the pitch, we manage to keep our Ball Carrier safe. A Throw Team-Mate play is all we have and things look up as Amy Shawarma flings Softness II towards the Khemri End Zone. Pity, he lands 1 square short of being able to score and the half ends 1-0 for K Nation. The second half kicks off and we're down 2 Ogres, not a very good deal. We receive the pigskin and scramble like maniacs. Running around in an attempt to inch forward. Throw Team-Mate is pretty much our only hope unless Scaron84 messes up and positions his players in another Stadium, somehow. It pays off, Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley grabs Savage Compliment by his undergarments and violently swings him halfway across the pitch. He doesn't land properly right away, but that's nothing a reroll can't solve! We're even able to stall for a turn since the Khemri players were rather bunched up towards the centre of the field. 1-1, an even game. Scaron84 now has 3 turns to win the match, and I will gladly take the draw if possible. We have no rerolls remaining so we'll need a bit of luck in keeping our ladies interested in the game. A Skeleton and a Thro-Ra move up aggressively while our Gnoblars hold up the bashier side of things around the Line of Scrimmage. We do a good job holding back and the only play left for K Nation is to make a hand-off to a Blitz-Ra. Scaron84 makes it and the Blitz-Ra runs down the field, all alone. Dame Juicy is in range to take that sunuvagit down, all she has to do is not Bone-Head and make her 2+ Break Tackle. We decide to play it super-safe and move a Gnoblar in to contact with the Blitz-Ra first, just in case Dame Juicy doesn't make her rolls. However, Nuffle shows his stupid face again and the poor Gnobbie fails his 2+ Dodge (with reroll), making it easy for the Khemri punishers to run it in and end the game 2-1. A pretty tough loss for the Women with Attitude, especially after a couple of nice moves got us the draw. The Fouls by Scaron84 had us at an early disadvantage and I was so happy we managed to pull of a TTM-Play only to have our dreams crushed by a 1/36 Dodge failure. The stats for the game aren't really in our favour in general. We pull off roughly the same amount of Blocks as our opponent, but he just got more pain out of his. We'll be looking for a replacement for Peaches before next game and hopefully we manage to crawl out of this dark hole before we're buried completely. Good Game to @Scaron84 and I wish him the best of luck for his future matches.
  10. Thank you for your kind words in these tough times.
  11. RIP Peaches, we hardly knew ye!
  12. We have started on the luck side!! Next game we need to choose the right side of the luck. We will miss Peaches, RIP.
  13. Game time confirmed. Kickoff Sunday 03/06/2018 - 19h00 UTC. Just a prank, bro. Kickoff 30/05/2018 19h00 UTC. Also, I can't read.
  14. I will support the ladies then... but tell them to be gentle with those poor Egyptians!
  15. Hey! You're supposed to be on my side!
  16. Divided between khemri and the ladies!!
  17. Hello there, children. Today, we begin our journey for love, kindness and friendship. The great sport that embodies these qualities is, of course, Blood Bowl. So why don't you take a seat right here, and I'll tell you the story of the Tiny, Baby Ogre who went out looking for a friend. A tiny, baby Ogre sits in a cavern all alone, his only buddy next to him, a Rhinox made of stone. Tiny, baby Ogre never had a real-life friend, but on this day he decides that his loneliness must end! He asks his Momma Ogre "Where do the other children play?" and with her giant finger, Momma Ogre points the way. "Right nearby the Mountain there, you'll sure find lots of friends, it's where all races come together and the fun-time never ends!" Tiny, baby Ogre grabs a knapsack full of meat, and off he goes, to the Blood Bowl pitch, so many pals he'll meet! Tiny, baby Ogre walks for three days straight, but halfway to the Mountain, he sees an old, strange gate. Two statues on each side, looks like they were lost to time, a plaque above read "Khemrstadt" which is a real hard name to rhyme. Tiny, baby Ogre steps forward, with very shaky knees, and suddenly one of the statues mumbles "Tickets, please". Tiny, baby Ogre says "I'm a little Ogre, just looking for a friend, searching for the Blood Bowl pitch where the fun-times never end!" The statue tries to smile, but can't because it's made of rock, "Come on in, little one, I'll introduce you to our flock". Tiny, baby Ogre trudges on, through the gates, he walks down stairs of stone and bone, not knowing what awaits. Suddenly, like magic, many torches light the way, and in the distance you can hear a crowd and music starts to play. Tiny, baby Ogre's eyes light up with joy, and as if it were a dream, he saw a big ol' Blood Bowl pitch, and on it, an Ogre team! "The Women with Attitude" cries the announcer man, "And on the other side K Nation" the announcer screams again. Tiny, baby Ogre sits down on the sidelines of the pitch, and what he sees that fateful night, his life, it will enrich. Well, that's the story so far. Join us next week to find out the important lessons and values the tiny baby Ogre learns on his travels. And remember that friendship lasts forever. Buh-Bye. Oh, and you can watch the Women with Attitude versus K Nation if that's something that interests you. WEDNESDAY 30/05/2018 - 19h00 UTC K NATION VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE TWITCH YOUTUBE
  18. Season 7 Overview

    I m not sure if the girls will play well in a single ogre team division but... GO OGRE LADIES GO!!!
  19. I'm pretty sure that handing over the ball and letting 5 Gnoblars die has been my standard since last Season, so no worries.
  20. Season 7 Overview

    Just hand over the ball and 5 gnobs and no Ogre-ladies have to die...
  21. All Elves are filthy and sneaky! Well, at the time of writing my Overview, you had 10 players. And you can have all the Gnob-Gnobs you want. But if you hurt my girls, I swear to Ogre-Jesus, we will strike you down with great vengeance!
  22. Season 7 Overview

    Hi mate, thats a good overview. One thing only - my rats are actually at least 12 If I choose to use my money for a rookie gutter and a linerat =) They took a beating a game before, although for every dead linerat my opponent paid with a dead saurus... But let it not trouble you, I am sure your ogres and gnoblars are gonna be just fine, Yes-Yes!
  23. Season 7 Overview

    There is only one Witch Elf. All hail Myrcy the undying. Myrcy takes offense at being called filthy. She regularly bathes in the blood of her opponents. And the Minions are bathed and scented to her pleasure.
  24. I hope there'll be both a Troll and a Goblin, just in case you need to punt the little sucker downfield for the unlikely victory. I also hope that we face you before you add these new tools to your arsenal.
  25. Season 7 Overview

    The math is simple. Two throwers = one troll? Wait! No that does not make any sense even when relativistic effects are considered. But I guess there was a lot rerolls of upper tier teams to allow the 3-3-3 record to move the Bends up to tier 4. We promise a troll is coming this season. We are running a training camp now where "little" trollkins are learning the finer points of being a brute. One of those boyz or girlz will be on the roster for this season.
  26. BREAKING NEWS! The Women with Attitude did not get demoted even after managing to lose every single game during Season 6. Finally, we are rewarded for all the sexual favo-... all the friendly talks we've had with the Board of Directors. In all honesty, it wouldn't have been that much of a bother if we got demoted, but it's nice to stick around in the middle tier for all that Middle Tier Prestige! This is the first Season where we do not have another Ogre coach in our Division, which comes as a nice surprise. And it looks like we have a nice mix of different teams, with some familiar faces that didn't learn their lesson the first time they faced our ladies! Raslurbat - Slime Pit Sluggers - 6/5/7 @Raslurbat returns to the OCC after taking a 4-Season break. His team has developed pretty well for a 2-Season Nurgle squad as most of his Pestigors and Warriors have Block. Even the Rotters come with a Level-up! They're not scary yet, but our chances against them will be greater if we face them early on. Ogres don't deal very well with Foul Appearance and Claw, not to mention AV9 players with Regeneration. @Scaron84 - K Nation - 7/6/5 Oh hey, it's Khemri! I haven't faced this team yet and I'm very curious about how it'll work out. Since they don't have a lot of high-Agility players it'll be easy to prevent them from picking up/stealing the pigskin, but they also bring a lot of Strength 5 bruisers to the field. As against most Undead, Regeneration will make or break the bashing-game so let's all pray for a lazy Necromancer. I don't see a lot of extraordinary players on K Nation, except for the Tomb Guardian with Block. @Sataric - 100% Apple Juice - 9/4/14 The first time the Women with Attitude faced off against 100% Apple Juice was in their very first Season of OCC2. That game ended in a 0-0 draw and we faced little opposition due to the lack of developed players. Now, there's multiple dangerous players on the team, the Troll, Vilsen will make life difficult for both Gnoblars and Ogres alike and there's a mean Blitzer called Farlig we'll have to put on the sidelines as quickly as possible as well. Combine that with a potent Thrower and the girls might find it hard to pull off another draw... . Sidley - Cuyahoga River Bends - 9/7/11 @Sidley still runs a team quite similar to the one we faced in Season 4. No Troll and double Thrower. Why?... Who knows! As I've already pointed out numerous times, Ogres tend to have trouble against Orcs and The Cuyahoga River Bends were no exception, coming out on top against the girls 1-0 the last time we faced them. Since then, the Greenskins have acquired some more Guard and Mighty Blow on their Blitzers, and all the Black orcs come with Block. Depending on who's armour holds up the best, this game can go either way. jrpeart - Bat Losers - 8/4/15 More Vampires? Delicious! We may not have faced @jrpeart yet, but we do have some experience against the Blood Suckers thanks to Sir Mewash and Bantha. In general, we punch Thralls and then the Vampires voluntarily leave the pitch once there's no free lunch/dinner to be found. Hypnotic Gaze usually proves difficult to deal with, though and most of the Vampires are Blodgers so we are heavily relying on Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley and her Tackle to take the pale fancy-men down. Unless we just roll a lot of POWs, that is. Bob and My Yak - Sabre Mountain Mutaniers - 10/7/10 @Bob & My Yak ... Bob and his Yak... is it my yak or his yak? Our yak?... The Sabre Mountain Mutaniers are the second Underworld team in our Division and seem to have spent more time developing their Goblins than anything else. The Troll, Molten Core, has both Tentacles AND Prehensile Tails so we'll have to take good care of our Gnoblars against this one. The rest of the team is not extremely threatening, except for (of course) the one Claw/Mighty Blow Blitzer. Sataric's team is definitely more dangerous when it comes to sheer bashing-power, but the multitude of +AG rolls for the Mutaniers may allow them to simply outrun the Women with Attitude. C2MC - Women with Attitude - 6/6/15 You know who we are. Hands down the greatest, most beautiful and most successful Ogre team in Tier 4B. @Filadeus - Glamorous Fashionistas - 10/6/2 Bah, more Zons! Our last outing against the Dodgy Ladies (ZZKing's AmaZzover) was a 1-0 loss but we didn't have Ellen there to Tackle them down, back then! Unfortunately for the bigger, beauty-fuller ladies, the Zons also acquired some new tricks... . Blodgers litter the field, Mighty Blow is present on multiple players and there's a dedicated Killer in Kate Upton. Unless we POW on every Block, I don't see this ending in our favour. Hairy Coo - Onyx - 12/3/3 Skaven's another race we haven't faced yet, and @Hairy Coo's squad comes in with only 10 players. 2 Blitzers that're pretty developed, 3 Gutter Runners to do Pseude-Elf things and 5 Linerats to fill out the roster. Much like our Underworld opponent's, the Skaven Blitzers pose a huge threat to our girls so we'll have to be careful. The fact that this opponent enters the Tier with only 10 players might save us a lot of trouble if he can be kept low on resources throughout the Season. I'm very curious about this match-up and I look forward to the game! Weljamir - Merciful Minions - 6/2/1 Looks like someone got thrown in to the deep end after only 1 Season. Just like Hairy Coo, @Weljamir only has a 10 player roster and because he only has 1 Season worth of games under his belt, his players aren't very developed. 1 Witch Elf, a few Line-Elves with Dodge and 3 Blitzers (of which only 1 has levelled-up). We may lose to the Merciful Minions when it comes to Agility, but if we manage to knock a few guys down early on, the Women with Attitude should have little trouble rolling over these sneaky, filthy Elves. --- --- --- Overall, I like the diversity this Division brings. A lot of different match-ups and a few races we haven't played before. I am looking forward to the games and the start of the new Season. Best of luck to all the other coaches and may the best Ogre win!