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Are you tired of people trying really hard and winning games? Have you grown bored of professionalism, player tips and strategy? Boy, do I have news for you! I'm doing a thing on twitch.tv/c2mc.


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  2. Season 7 Overview

    I m not sure if the girls will play well in a single ogre team division but... GO OGRE LADIES GO!!!
  3. I'm pretty sure that handing over the ball and letting 5 Gnoblars die has been my standard since last Season, so no worries.
  4. Season 7 Overview

    Just hand over the ball and 5 gnobs and no Ogre-ladies have to die...
  5. All Elves are filthy and sneaky! Well, at the time of writing my Overview, you had 10 players. And you can have all the Gnob-Gnobs you want. But if you hurt my girls, I swear to Ogre-Jesus, we will strike you down with great vengeance!
  6. Season 7 Overview

    Hi mate, thats a good overview. One thing only - my rats are actually at least 12 If I choose to use my money for a rookie gutter and a linerat =) They took a beating a game before, although for every dead linerat my opponent paid with a dead saurus... But let it not trouble you, I am sure your ogres and gnoblars are gonna be just fine, Yes-Yes!
  7. Season 7 Overview

    There is only one Witch Elf. All hail Myrcy the undying. Myrcy takes offense at being called filthy. She regularly bathes in the blood of her opponents. And the Minions are bathed and scented to her pleasure.
  8. I hope there'll be both a Troll and a Goblin, just in case you need to punt the little sucker downfield for the unlikely victory. I also hope that we face you before you add these new tools to your arsenal.
  9. Season 7 Overview

    The math is simple. Two throwers = one troll? Wait! No that does not make any sense even when relativistic effects are considered. But I guess there was a lot rerolls of upper tier teams to allow the 3-3-3 record to move the Bends up to tier 4. We promise a troll is coming this season. We are running a training camp now where "little" trollkins are learning the finer points of being a brute. One of those boyz or girlz will be on the roster for this season.
  10. BREAKING NEWS! The Women with Attitude did not get demoted even after managing to lose every single game during Season 6. Finally, we are rewarded for all the sexual favo-... all the friendly talks we've had with the Board of Directors. In all honesty, it wouldn't have been that much of a bother if we got demoted, but it's nice to stick around in the middle tier for all that Middle Tier Prestige! This is the first Season where we do not have another Ogre coach in our Division, which comes as a nice surprise. And it looks like we have a nice mix of different teams, with some familiar faces that didn't learn their lesson the first time they faced our ladies! Raslurbat - Slime Pit Sluggers - 6/5/7 @Raslurbat returns to the OCC after taking a 4-Season break. His team has developed pretty well for a 2-Season Nurgle squad as most of his Pestigors and Warriors have Block. Even the Rotters come with a Level-up! They're not scary yet, but our chances against them will be greater if we face them early on. Ogres don't deal very well with Foul Appearance and Claw, not to mention AV9 players with Regeneration. @Scaron84 - K Nation - 7/6/5 Oh hey, it's Khemri! I haven't faced this team yet and I'm very curious about how it'll work out. Since they don't have a lot of high-Agility players it'll be easy to prevent them from picking up/stealing the pigskin, but they also bring a lot of Strength 5 bruisers to the field. As against most Undead, Regeneration will make or break the bashing-game so let's all pray for a lazy Necromancer. I don't see a lot of extraordinary players on K Nation, except for the Tomb Guardian with Block. @Sataric - 100% Apple Juice - 9/4/14 The first time the Women with Attitude faced off against 100% Apple Juice was in their very first Season of OCC2. That game ended in a 0-0 draw and we faced little opposition due to the lack of developed players. Now, there's multiple dangerous players on the team, the Troll, Vilsen will make life difficult for both Gnoblars and Ogres alike and there's a mean Blitzer called Farlig we'll have to put on the sidelines as quickly as possible as well. Combine that with a potent Thrower and the girls might find it hard to pull off another draw... . Sidley - Cuyahoga River Bends - 9/7/11 @Sidley still runs a team quite similar to the one we faced in Season 4. No Troll and double Thrower. Why?... Who knows! As I've already pointed out numerous times, Ogres tend to have trouble against Orcs and The Cuyahoga River Bends were no exception, coming out on top against the girls 1-0 the last time we faced them. Since then, the Greenskins have acquired some more Guard and Mighty Blow on their Blitzers, and all the Black orcs come with Block. Depending on who's armour holds up the best, this game can go either way. jrpeart - Bat Losers - 8/4/15 More Vampires? Delicious! We may not have faced @jrpeart yet, but we do have some experience against the Blood Suckers thanks to Sir Mewash and Bantha. In general, we punch Thralls and then the Vampires voluntarily leave the pitch once there's no free lunch/dinner to be found. Hypnotic Gaze usually proves difficult to deal with, though and most of the Vampires are Blodgers so we are heavily relying on Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley and her Tackle to take the pale fancy-men down. Unless we just roll a lot of POWs, that is. Bob and My Yak - Sabre Mountain Mutaniers - 10/7/10 @Bob & My Yak ... Bob and his Yak... is it my yak or his yak? Our yak?... The Sabre Mountain Mutaniers are the second Underworld team in our Division and seem to have spent more time developing their Goblins than anything else. The Troll, Molten Core, has both Tentacles AND Prehensile Tails so we'll have to take good care of our Gnoblars against this one. The rest of the team is not extremely threatening, except for (of course) the one Claw/Mighty Blow Blitzer. Sataric's team is definitely more dangerous when it comes to sheer bashing-power, but the multitude of +AG rolls for the Mutaniers may allow them to simply outrun the Women with Attitude. C2MC - Women with Attitude - 6/6/15 You know who we are. Hands down the greatest, most beautiful and most successful Ogre team in Tier 4B. @Filadeus - Glamorous Fashionistas - 10/6/2 Bah, more Zons! Our last outing against the Dodgy Ladies (ZZKing's AmaZzover) was a 1-0 loss but we didn't have Ellen there to Tackle them down, back then! Unfortunately for the bigger, beauty-fuller ladies, the Zons also acquired some new tricks... . Blodgers litter the field, Mighty Blow is present on multiple players and there's a dedicated Killer in Kate Upton. Unless we POW on every Block, I don't see this ending in our favour. Hairy Coo - Onyx - 12/3/3 Skaven's another race we haven't faced yet, and @Hairy Coo's squad comes in with only 10 players. 2 Blitzers that're pretty developed, 3 Gutter Runners to do Pseude-Elf things and 5 Linerats to fill out the roster. Much like our Underworld opponent's, the Skaven Blitzers pose a huge threat to our girls so we'll have to be careful. The fact that this opponent enters the Tier with only 10 players might save us a lot of trouble if he can be kept low on resources throughout the Season. I'm very curious about this match-up and I look forward to the game! Weljamir - Merciful Minions - 6/2/1 Looks like someone got thrown in to the deep end after only 1 Season. Just like Hairy Coo, @Weljamir only has a 10 player roster and because he only has 1 Season worth of games under his belt, his players aren't very developed. 1 Witch Elf, a few Line-Elves with Dodge and 3 Blitzers (of which only 1 has levelled-up). We may lose to the Merciful Minions when it comes to Agility, but if we manage to knock a few guys down early on, the Women with Attitude should have little trouble rolling over these sneaky, filthy Elves. --- --- --- Overall, I like the diversity this Division brings. A lot of different match-ups and a few races we haven't played before. I am looking forward to the games and the start of the new Season. Best of luck to all the other coaches and may the best Ogre win!
  11. Even though the season wasn't very kind to the team, I have great hopes for the ladies and gentle-Gnobs. Very happy to see Amy's development, and excited for the immediate future of some of the other ladies - should they decide to take of the fluffy mittens. And yes, Kindness is a true hero!
  12. It's been a tough Season for the Women with Attitude, but let's have a look at our ladies and see how each one performed during their run through Season 6. As per usual, we start off with the veterans: Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley Value: 240K Level 5 72/76 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard, Tackle. 4 MVP 27 Matches 1 Pass 1 Touchdown Scored 24 Casualties Inflicted 1 Kill inflicted 1 Crowdsurf inflicted Coach's Notes: Ellen continues her reign as the biggest Ogre on the team. Her reliability carries her forward, with nearly 100 more Blocks succeeded than any of her sisters, Ellen stands tall above the rest. She learned how to properly Tackle the sneaky gits at the end of last Season and it's served her well throughout her matches these last 9 weeks. Together with Peaches, Ellen is the only Ogre to have played in all 27 games so far and she's the only one to have added "1 Pass Completion" to her list of accomplishments. It's unfortunate she wasn't able to add Superstar status to her name but I am confident that Season 7 will give her the opportunity to become the first Ogre Super Star in the OCC2. Keep it up, Ellen! Peaches Value: 200K Level 4 48/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Guard, Break Tackle, Stand Firm. 5 MVP 27 Matches 1 Touchdown Scored 10 Casualties Inflicted 1 Kill inflicted 1 Crowdsurf Inflicted Coach's Notes: You'll find Peaches where the brawling's at it's best. With 70 Blocks/21 Injuries sustained, it seems Peaches is somewhat of a masochist at this point. The judges seem to like it, though, because most of her growth this Season comes from earning 2 MVP Awards. She might not be able to keep up with Ellen, but she did manage to score a touchdown and she'll always be around to provide that Guard-bonus to her teammates. The severe drop-off in Casualties Inflicted worries me, however. If it wasn't for a few MVP's, Peaches would've hardly developed at all as a player. Also, the large amount of Injuries Sustained can only go on for so long before something career-ending happens. I love all of my girls, Peaches, but you'll have to do better next Season. Dame Juicy Drenched Value: 180K Level 3 27/31 SPP Skills Acquired: Break tackle, Piling On. Injuries: -1 MA. 1 MVP 23 Matches 11 Casualties Inflicted Coach's Notes: Dame Juicy, the classiest of the Ogres, is unfortunately also the first to add a Permanent Injury to her Player Card. Losing a point in Movement Allowance is a pretty big deal, especially for an Ogre with Piling On. She has continued to earn all of her SPP herself in this Season as the MVP Awards were offered to nearly everyone but her. I have my doubts about her role as a Blitzer now that her leg has been crippled but the fact that she's almost doubled the amount of Casualties she's inflicted compared to last Season is enough for me to keep her on the team. May you thrive in the face of adversity, Dame Juicy, and may your opponents bleed out whenever you land on top of them! Bichelle Omaha Value: 190K Level 3 26/31 SPP Skills Acquired: Piling On, +1 MA. 1 MVP 21 Matches 1 Touchdown Scored 9 Casualties Inflicted 2 Kills Inflicted 1 Crowdsurf Inflicted Coach's Notes: Well, well, look who took Paris' spot as the team's number 4! Bichelle was but a pup in Season 4, and now she's battling Dame Juicy Drenched for the number 3 spot in the team. Much like her Piling On-Counterpart, Bichelle has nearly doubled the amount of Casualties inflicted since last Season. She's also the fastest Ogre on the team, providing much better coverage as a backfield sweeper than any of her sisters. I'm hoping she gets her next level-up soon because there have been quite a few moments where I wished Bichelle knew how to Break Tackle. Paris Killton Value: 180K Level 3 23/31 SPP Skills Acquired: Guard, Break Tackle. 0 MVP 26 Matches 7 Casualties Inflicted 3 Touchdowns Scored 1 Crowdsurf Inflicted Coach's Notes: Season 5 was... disappointing for Paris, to say the least. Season 6 seems much better, even though she still hasn't earned herself 1 single MVP Award. Paris got herself a few Casualties and a few Touchdowns and now she's catching back up. Still, if you compare her to the other Ogres from the original 4 we first recruited, Peaches and Ellen are miles ahead of her. At the end of every Season, I hope Paris will pick up the pace and do something besides providing Guard to the other ladies, but it seems she's doomed to live in the shadow of her fellow Ogres for now. As always, I wish her the best for next Season. Maybe if I just keep trying, Paris will eventually step in to the spotlight and prove herself an invaluable member of the Women with Attitude! Amy Shawarma Value: 190k Level 3 16/31 SPP Skills Aquired: Break Tackle, Block. 1 MVP 11 Matches 3 Touchdowns Scored 1 Casualty Inflicted 1 Kill Inflicted Coach's Notes: I've been looking forward to Amy's Player Evaluation. After Queef Latina's untimely demise, I was certain that no other Ogre would ever be able to replace her. I've never been more wrong, and I'm happy for it! Amy has been weaving and dodging through enemy lines all Season and her 96 yards Running and 3 Touchdowns have immediately caught her up to her more experienced teammates. Not only that, she's the only other Ogre, besides Ellen, to have learned how to properly Block, which is a huge deal for any Ogre. I see great potential in Amy. May she look up to Ellen and aspire to be just as big, fat and gorgeous as her Captain one shining day! Excellent work, Amy! GNOBLARABLE MENTION: Kindness Value: 80k Level 3 22/31 SPP Skills Aquired: Leader, Wrestle. 25 Matches 3 MVP Coach's Notes: Yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you, this Gnoblar has played 25 Matches. Kindness was part of the original team and he's the only Gnoblar (currently alive) with more than 20 games under his tiny, tiny belt. Not only that, because of his Leader Ability we haven't had to buy that expensive 4th Reroll yet. Good on you, buddy! ---------- ---------- ---------- Full gallery with all player cards can be found HERE!
  13. Chapter 9: DEFENCE, DEFENCE, DEFENCE! Watch the game HERE! ANARCHY UNITED VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE The final game of Season 6 is in the books and the Women with Attitude rose up to the challenge on this, the final chapter of our two-part Chaos adventure! I must admit that, going in to this game, I was extremely worried about Xaranth, a Minotaur with Claws and Prehensile Tail, deadly for both Ogres and Gnoblars! Unlike Da Coach's team, @Corash only has a few players developed, but they're REALLY developed. The main Ball Carrier, Lyz'Gor has +1S, +1MA, Dodge and an Extra Arm and another Beastman AND a Chaos Warrior sport the coveted +1S. Fighting back against the beefy broads was not going to be much of a problem for Anarchy United. As we start off the game, we're down 60k in Team Value, so we hire a Bloodweiser Babe to come dance around on the sidelines. More for moral support than anything else. The ref flips his coin and the Women with Attitude choose to receive. We set up for maximum damage, 5 giddy girls on the Line of Scrimmage and Amy Shawarma only a few squares back in case she's needed for a Blitz. The Blocks on the Beastmen result in a K.O. and one prone goat, but the lone Chaos Warrior, Haldar Kincear Thul, instantly regrets his decision of being on the front-line as Paris Killton dislocates his face and he goes down with a Niggling Injury. Next order of business, the lone Guard-piece! Dame Juicy Blitzes in but is only able to put a Stun on Tre'Gor. I could follow and Pile On, but I feel like I need her to hold the line with her sisters, so we Break Tackle to safety. This decision comes back to bite me in the ass later, as that lone Guard Player made for some pretty epic support throughout the rest of the game. Anarchy United is up. Now, I've watched a few of Corash's games beforehand and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Minotaur is going to take every Blitz he can. Boom goes the dynamite, Xaranth smacks Amy around but only manages to Stun the lovely lady. To support the big beast, the entire team moves in aggressively, which was very unexpected, I thought he'd play a more hit-and-run style but it's only turn 2 and we already have an all-out brawl on our hands. The ladies try their best but a few Bone-Heads and a whole lot of Pushes end up in a pretty dead turn. We even have a hard time securing the Ball Carrier so we move some Gnobbies about and hope for the best. Corash continues the aggression. He's so thirsty for blood that he skips a viable Blitz on the Ball-Carrier to once more plow Xaranth into an Ogre. Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley takes the hit and her Armour holds! The Minotaur is now all alone on our half of the pitch and we don't take kindly to Minotaurs in these parts! With the force and finesse of an 1800's locomotive, Ellen crashes into Xaranth and leaves him Stunned. We had to use a reroll to take the bastard down, but it was all worth it as we run in a few Gnoblars, including Kandarian Bootfook (our Dirty player) and we make sure that Mino doesn't come back for the rest of the game. Kandarian gets sent off but I'll trade a Gnoblar for a Minotaur any day of the week. The blowback for this play is a Blitz on our Ball-Carrier. A lone Beastman makes a few Dodges and pops the poor Gnobbie in the stomach. The bounce isn't that bad, but I didn't count on Lyz'Gor being a half-Elf. The Gor weaves through our lines and grabs the ball, but he gets greedy and a few 1's later he's on the floor. The pigskin ends up very deep in our half with only a downed goat next to it so I'm confident in the recovery. That is until Backhand II fails a Dodge, twice. This opening is exactly what Anarchy United need to move more players than the ladies can handle next to the ball. We fight tooth and nail but several turns go by and with most of our girls still fighting on the Line of Scrimmage, Corash eventually manages to snatch the rock and run his Elf-Goat in for the touchdown. Now, this is where I royally mess up. I try to set up a Throw Team-Mate play since I have 2 turns left, but the ball is kicked all the way back. I grab it, fight a little on the Line of Scrimmage and I forget to throw the Ball forward on my turn 7. The end result is a Gnoblar, holding the ball all the way in the back without any way of getting it to the middle for the actual play to be made. Unfortunate and stupid, the half ends 1-0. This is where I realise that Corash has caused zero injuries so far. A few Stuns, sure, but no K.O.'s and no Casualties to be found anywhere near my side of the pitch. As it turns out, Anarchy United is pretty good at getting the Knockdown, but they fail when it comes to actually hurting the players they're pummelling. The second half has Corash on the offensive, but we do an amazing job at keeping him on his half of the field. I don't think I've ever had a better defensive half in this entire League so far. I don't know if I played it well or if everything just fell in to place exactly when and where it needed to, but Anarchy United pretty much never leaves their half for 8 turns. The downside, we don't manage to sneak the equaliser in. The ladies push and pull but we fail to get anyone close enough to the Ball-Carrier for some offence of our own. The game ends, 1-0 for Anarchy United. All in all, a great game for the Women with Attitude even if it's a loss and most of the injuries caused to the Chaos Team were Knockouts. We end the Season with 0 victories over 9 matches and very little SPP earned all around, but we got a good game to end on and that really helps as a little morale boost going in to Season 7. We have a lot of Ogres on the verge of levelling up, still, so that's definitely something to look forward to. I'll be posting my usual Player Evaluation later on so I hope you guys look forward to that one as well. A rough Season for the Women with Attitude but we will persevere!
  14. OCC WORLD CUP QUALIFIER: GAME 5 Watch the game HERE! BUJBARRAK BULLIES VS OCC WCQ AQUABATS Well, after several weeks of suffering, the World Cup Qualifiers are over for us. @zippy75 had the honour of crushing whatever remained of the Bujbarrak Bullies' will to play after going 3 games without scoring a single touchdown. I don't really have much to say about this one, as there's only so many ways you can explain that "a roll failed" and then "Elves did things". The ONLY CASUALTY on Zippy's squad happened when a random idiot in the crowd threw a rock. The other bright light in the darkness which is my WCQ run is that we finally pulled off a successful Throw Team-Mate play and ended the game 1-4. All in all, I don't think this was really in my wheelhouse to begin with. I don't have the competitive spirit to try-hard and play Elves and one of my favourite parts of Blood Bowl is pixel-hugging and player progression, which was completely absent from this format. We'll probably sit the next qualifiers out and just focus on our main League team. Anyways, literally and figuratively 100% done with the World Cup Qualifiers.
  16. Chapter 8: Always End on a High note. Watch the game HERE! MR MEN VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE As the last few games of Season 6 are upon us, the Chaos factor increases by 100%. The first episode of this two-parter is against @Da Coach and his band of Mister-y Men. Da Coach was one of the guys promoted to Tier 4 after only one Season and his record showed that he had a pretty good idea of what he was doing, which puts us at a disadvantage because we all know I have the brainpower of a baked potato. Even worse, we're missing 2 Ogres this game, Paris Killton and Dame Juicy Drenched! Things don't look good for the Women with Attitude and the game hasn't even started yet. I even had to hire a few extra Gnoblars to fill up the roster and because I planned to sack 3 of 'em on the Line of Scrimmage if I lost the toss. Public Enemy nr.1 this game is Mr Lazy, the only Claw/Mighty Blow player on the team. I have no need for more injured Ogres! Kickoff happens, we lose the toss so a Gnoblar sacrifice is made. Da Coach decides to start on the offensive and wastes no time putting the three brave Gnoblars out of commission. Since he didn't have any Tackle, I was hoping maybe 1 or 2 would make it out alive, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. The rest of the half is pretty straight forward. Da Coach moves up slowly, I try to punch and Foul things and fail miserably... and one of my Gnoblars gets Injured every other turn. By turn 6-7 I only have the 4 Ogres left on the Pitch and even though I've managed a knockdown almost every turn, there are no casualties on the Chaos Team. Sure, one guy got Knocked Out by a Foul, but where are the rest of the injuries? We are blessed with a pretty good Kick on our turn 8, though, which allows us to attempt a Throw Team-Mate play. Unfortunately, the Gnoblars aren't feeling it and we don't manage to get the ball forward enough for even a vague attempt at evening up the game. Half time, the Knocked Out Beastman, Mr Sneeze, decides to join the fray once more and we're running out of Gnoblars faster than... an Ogre team usually runs out of Gnoblars. We don't have the players to mount a proper offence, not against a team with this much Block, Strength 4 players and that nasty Mr Lazy still running around. I spend most of my time trying to get the Claw-Gor down, and after a few tries, Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley slaps him around so hard, a point of Strength falls right out of his pockets. To my dismay, the opposing Apothecary knows what he's doing, and fixes the Gor right up. Well, we got him off the field for now, I suppose... . The Chaos team quickly surrounds the ball and swamps our back field. The ladies put up a good fight, but there's simply too many of them. Amy Shawarma, this Season's rising star, does manage to pick up the ball eventually, but a whiffed Dodge sends her face-first into the turf. No amazing comebacks to be had here. Down 2-0, we get one more shot at earning some SPP on the Line of Scrimmage, but the Beastmen prove to be tough as nails and easily survive multiple Blocks and a Foul. And then this happens... . Motherflipping Ellen... . I know we still have one more game ahead of us... but it has not been a good Season, and I doubt that the last game will fix that. We started off pretty well, but once we stopped breaking armour, we stopped developing the Ogres and we stopped performing all-together. On the bright side, we have a lot of Ogres on the cusp of levelling up, as long as the Gnoblars can stop snatching the MVPs every game. Wish us luck, kids. We're going to need it!
  18. [VOD] OCC WCQ Game 4

    I sure was lucky in the beginning with the 2d6s. This format also allows the low AV teams to base without having to worry about the next match, which suits me quite well GG bud and squish the next wussies you face.
  19. OCC WORLD CUP QUALIFIER: GAME 4 Watch the game HERE! BUJBARRAK BULLIES VS HIGH FLYING HIPPIES Ah, Wood Elves, the bane of any team that's not very good at picking up the ball. There's a few things I've learned as an Ogre player when facing a quick and agile team: 1. If you fail to pick up the ball, there's an 83% chance the opponent will snatch it and score immediately. 2. If you don't massacre the opposing team, you don't stand a chance. 3. Ogres are like onions. Unfortunately for the Bujbarrak Bullies, we did fail an early pickup and we didn't break the Elves' armour until turn 5-6 or something crazy like that. Even with @jounisii putting his hippies right up against my beautiful Ogres on his turn, I wasn't able to cause any real damage until it was too late. On turn 2, we were down 0-1 after a failed pickup. By the end of the half, the sneaky Elves got another one in, score 0-2. I must say that I wanted to keep on playing still, because I could maybe turn the game into a draw if we got extremely lucky. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be. A failed Dodge by a Gnobbie crushes any hopes of defending at the start of the second half and we're quickly reduces to a sad pile of tears. 0-3. Seeing as there's no way for us to score 3 touchdowns in the remaining turns, I decide to foul the tree several turns in a row. You know, to cheer myself up. I'm confident Jounisii has secured himself a spot in the following round with this victory. Best of luck to him going forward. We're pretty much out of the running for anything, really. Maybe we can hurt more Elves against Zippy75 next week. He's got 6 Blodgers though... .
  21. Chapter 7: I Scream, you Scream, but mostly I'm the one Screaming. Watch the game HERE! M. D. K. VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE If anyone saw my World Cup Qualifier game against Peiper, you'll know where this is going. I had one thing on my mind for the game against @SorrowCZ, try to keep my girls alive. From the games I've seen, my opponent isn't too put off by Fouling with Black Orcs and Blitzers or even Piling On with his very scary Troll. His enormous bench also makes it impossible to fight a war of attrition, not unless I get very lucky and he gets all of his players sent off before the game even begins. The Women with Attitude do get some Inducements. Our petty cash is spent on a Wizard, a Wandering Apothecary and Nobbla. I was thinking of getting a Bribe, but then I noticed we were playing in SorrowCZ's stadium, and we got one for free. Now, before the game even really starts, something strange happens and the ref decides that I'd rather play Defence even though I had 7 seconds remaining on the timer. I have no idea what happened there, but yeah... I did not want to go second against a team that's so keen on murdering players. Kickoff. Blitz! A chance to strike! I have 3 Ogres on the line, and I don't want Nobbla exposed, so I try for 2 plays; poking one of the Mighty Blow/Guard Blitzers and throwing a Gnobbie down field to make that dreaded Pickup more difficult. Neither works out as the Blitz was futile and the TTM failed. SorrowCZ takes his first turn, not hampered by my Blitz. His first Block Injures Paris Killton (MNG) and much like a Vietnam veteran, I'm getting horrible flashbacks to my game against Peiper, where the exact same thing happened. It's OK, I have 2 Apothecaries... nope. Apothecary blown and Paris stays out for this game and the next. Dame Juicy Drenched also gets taken out and once more I try my luck with the Apothecary. As it turns out, I didn't hire an Apothecary for this game at all, it was a Gnoblar in a funny hat because Dame Juicy goes from Niggling Injury to -MA and gets wheeled off the pitch. Turn 1 for the ladies... it does not look good. All I can do is try to equalise the playing field and get some Orcs out of here. I Blitz, don't cause any harm and proceed to Foul with Nobbla. The Ref spots it and I'm forced to burn my free Bribe instantly. Not exactly what I was hoping for. So now I've used my dual Apothecaries and my Bribe. All that's left is Nobbla and the Wizard. I'm confident that Nobbla can stick around for a bit because he's a Blodger and SorrowCZ doesn't have any Tackle on his tea- IT'S A PRANK,BRO! The first Blitz on Nobbla rolls a POW and he goes down. His armour holds, only to be broken seconds later by a Foul. My second turn looks similar to my first, but this time I actually get the Knockdown on a Blitzer. We gather up the Gnob-mob and foul his green behind into the casualty box. Progress... , but it's not enough. Not much later, Ellen becomes the recipient of a nasty gang-foul. She lives, but she's not playing Blood Bowl for the next few days. The only upside is that my opponent got greedy for Fouls, and he's left his ball carrier completely defenceless. I command the last few girls to move upward and scream a lot so the Thrower thinks that there's dozens of Ogres out there. The scare tactics work, as the Thrower scrambles forward and fumbles his pass. Bichelle pounds the Orc thrower into the ground, removing him from play with not one bone left un-crunched. That means "dead". Unfortunately, my opponent has an actual Apothecary, and the Thrower's just fine. God damned real doctors saving their players' lives while my gals get "healing chocolate" prescribed on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure that stuff's just poop, but whatever, I'm rambling. Here begins the tale of Amy Shawarma; the Dodgiest, rootenest, tootenest Ogre on this side of the Sea of Dread. Amy valiantly picks up the ball and SOMEHOW survives to score the first touchdown of the game. The Women with Attitude may be down on players, but they keep fighting, damn it! That's our Injury Box, after one half. Needless to say, the second half didn't go so well for us. We try to hold on to the ball, and the girls make a heroic effort to stay relevant, but by the time SorrowCZ scores the equaliser, we've only got 4 players left to put on the pitch. The ladies fight hard, but cannot manage a comeback after such a dreadful start. ----- ----- ----- The only shining star for this one is Amy Shawarma. Throughout the game, Amy made dodge after dodge after dodge, hardly needing Break Tackle to save her hide. There was even a point where she dodged away from 4 Orcs, one on each corner. Not only that, the one Touchdown she scored gave her 16SPP and Block! I really hope that losing two Ogres on the first turn doesn't become a trend, because it's happened twice now and it's not a lot of fun for me, personally. Especially because it's always the guys without Mighty Blow, Claw or any offensive prowess that cause the Injuries... . Season 6 is a painful one so far... and we have 2 Chaos teams left in our Division. Queue the scary music!
  24. OCC WORLD CUP QUALIFIER: GAME 3 Watch the game HERE! MIDDENLAND PATRIOTS VS BUJBARRAK BULLIES I don't think I've ever lost on turn 1 before, but in this game that's definitely what happens. Our third World Cup Qualifier game is against @Peiper and his Middenland Patriots. I wasn't feeling too bad, since Ogres should perform just fine against Humans. Instead of going first, I decide to receive and go for a grindy-game, since I should put out more hurt on the Humans than they can put on me... . I have never been more wrong in my entire life. Let me give you a quick rundown of the first few turns. Middenland Patriots Turn 1: Magic Mongloom gets Stunned. Gobas Gitcruncher gets Badly Hurt. Bent Bennd get Knocked Out. I am down to 5 Ogres. Bujbarrak Bullies Turn 1: I Stun one guy. Middenland Patriots Turn 2: Dead Man Doomy gets Injured. Charles Ulysseus Owls gets Knocked Out. Now we have 4 Ogres on the Pitch, most of them on the ground. Bujbarrak Bullies Turn 2: I roll 4 Bone-Heads. A One-Man-Foul causes the only Casualty this game, on Rex Burkhead (a Guard Blitzer). But Sataric Saddlebags is sent of in the process. Middenland Patriots Turn 3: Borke 'n Torque gets 7-man Fouled and gets Injured. And then there were 3 Ogres on the Pitch (and 2 more Gnoblars). After Peiper's Turn 3, the game was completely over. The rest of the match is me trying to Blitz a guy every turn (usually with little to no results) and Peiper knocking down every Ogre on the field and Fouling. Oddly enough, after the first three Big Guys went down, the remaining ones refused to leave the pitch for some reason. Not much of a game, but I hope we got our bad luck out of our system for the remaining 10 years with this one. 65% Bone-Head success rate? NO, THANK YOU!
  26. Chapter 6: Power Ogrewhelming. Watch the game HERE! WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE VS THE OGRE UNIVERSITY Right after our World Qualifier Game, @Anraka and I meet up again in the good ol' OCC Tier 4B to duke it out in another mirror-match. This time, however, the difference between the two teams is a lot bigger. the Women with Attitude sport their usual, intimidating roster with Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley as captain. While The Ogre University has a plethora of amazing players... . Jack the Janitor has Strong Arm, Break Tackle and +AG. Dagg the Administrator has Guard, +S, +AV. Substitute Teacher has Block, Break Tackle and +AG. This is not going to be an easy game for the ladies. Even with a Bribe on our side. The ref immediately lets us know he doesn't like us very much by handing the ball off to The Ogre University when the whistle blows. Jack the Janitor picks it up and starts making his way down the field. Meanwhile, our girls try and contend with the S6 menace, known as Dagg. I felt this when I played against Gobas too, that one S6 Ogre makes a world of difference and is very hard to deal with. We put up a good fight and we try to make it as hard as possible for Anraka to make it to our end-zone, but to no avail. On his turn 6, the score is 0-1. Good news, though, we get to try a TTM-play to even things up. It's hard, with the S6/Guard piece in the middle of the line of scrimmage, but we somehow make it work. Even with an atrocious kick, we manage to get the ball to Kandarian Bootfook. Peaches grabs the little bastard by the scruff of his neck and tosses him towards the sunset. Kandarian Bootfook survives this endeavour and is able to even up the game by half-time. 1-1. (for the Women with Attitude, of course!) The second half is just as violent as the first. I keep thinking to myself "Alright, just keep the ball nearby and take any chance you get to run that sucker downfield, we only need one touchdown". Rapidly, the half devolves in a fight around the middle-left part of the pitch as both teams refuse to give each other an inch. The fact that so few players were injured during the first half means that even on turn 12/13, both of us still have a full team on the field. On turn 15, I decide the time has come. Somehow, I've remained in possession of the ball and I managed to hang around the mid-field. After a few failed Bone-heads, Backhand II takes off flying, but he's not as good at landing and the ball is free once more. What follow can only be described as the most outrageous turn in the history of Ogres everywhere... . Anraka fails 4 Bone-Head rolls, so all Ogres except for the 2 AG3 players are disabled for the turn. Jack the Janitor waltzes in, picks up the ball, dodges from a tackle-zone and makes 2 GFI's, then he passes the ball to Substitute Teacher who promptly runs off towards victory. I try my best to stop him, but Peaches can't make her last-ditch-effort-Blitz work, and only pushes the other Ogre closer towards a touchdown. Anraka makes the last dodge and the game ends 1-2. I believe this was the most stressful game I've played in this league so far. Not only because Anraka outclasses me as a coach (I still watch his games to learn how to position, etc.) but also because his Ogres are Godlike. I fought hard, but I went down even harder. It hurts, when you lose because two AG3 Ogres pull off a crazy passing play like that. Good games to Anraka. He deserved the win and I wish him the best of luck for his future games. I aspire to have the Women with Attitude rise above him one day, but today was not that day.