Season of the Dwarfs?


So you're saying that Dwarfs are good only at low Team Value. Fool! Pit Machine will try once again to gain championship. Last time they were second. This time they have to face filthy elves and blood suckers. Go Dwarfs! We want new champions (Nurgle is Boring).


Good luck to all the coaches involved in S26!



They are the (rotting) champions!

 Decayed Renegades


Yes we know this news is the same as old one.


Only diference is now we are three seasons later, and once again Nurgle team are champions.


After short period with Wood Elves on top we back to good ol Nurgle.



Well done, Smoked. Now we wonder, can you still be on top?.


Or maybe now its time for Dwarfs?





What is the OCC?



The Orca-Cola Championship (OCC) is a perpetual Blood Bowl league which uses the Cyanide version of the game (Legendary or Chaos editions only).


You can buy the game on Steam or through the official Blood Bowl Game Website.


We currently have about 240 coaches among our ranks and progress through seasons with a tier system. Finishing in the top spots of the division you are in usually means you are getting promoted to a higher tier, while finishing at the bottom of the standings may relegate your team to a lower tier.


New teams get entered into Tier 7 and need to work their way up through the divisions in the hopes of competing in the Mother of all Divisions (Division 1) someday, as well as getting a shot at the mighty Division 1 Championship Trophy.


Choose your favourite race, create a team and apply now! Do you want to be a part of one of the best-managed and most exiciting Blood Bowl leagues out there?


Well, it's up to you, really. Are you up to the challenge?




Newest episode


Orca-Cola Cast lucky #13 : Back from the depths of the Underworld!


Be never believed it would happen, did you? 2015 is here and the Orca-Cola Cast lives!


Not only that, it brings you a wealth of information on an underdog race that's much like our release schedule in the past year : pretty chaotic! That's right, OCC Director Pidpad is here to regale us with his ton of experience with the fun-but-oh-so-unpredictable denizens of the Underworld. Listen to his tales of woe as Xander and Juriel take turns at asking him the most intricate Underworld questions they can think of!


And don't worry guys, the show is not least not yet! Enjoy!







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