Season of the Khemri?


Okay, this MIGHT be a stretch, but after 2 match days, Scaron84's The Bowling Dead are 2-0 in Division 1. Can the underdogs of the 'real' Blood Bowl races really win it all?


Good luck to all the coaches involved in S23!



They are the (rotting) champions!

 Decayed Renegades


We have a new race on top of the OCC!


After a multiple-season struggle (which saw a previous division 1 run that did not end so well...), Smoked_g60's Decayed Renegades took home the OCC goal in a thrilling race to the finish.


It must be said that the Renegades' gameplan would definitely not make a rocket scientist scratch his or her head in awe, but it got the job done...and it does take a lot more than a strong team on paper to stand on top of the Orca-Cola Championship.


So, congratulations are the order of the day for the veteran OCC coach, who will be trying to win consecutive titles for the first time since Lee's Lizards accomplished the feat in seasons 10 and 11. No small task to say the least!


Well done, Smoked. Enjoy the glory. It won't last long.


Or will it?






What is the OCC?



The Orca-Cola Championship (OCC) is a perpetual Blood Bowl league which uses the Cyanide version of the game (Legendary or Chaos editions only).


You can buy the game on Steam or through the official Blood Bowl Game Website.


We currently have about 240 coaches among our ranks and progress through seasons with a tier system. Finishing in the top spots of the division you are in usually means you are getting promoted to a higher tier, while finishing at the bottom of the standings may relegate your team to a lower tier.


New teams get entered into Tier 7 and need to work their way up through the divisions in the hopes of competing in the Mother of all Divisions (Division 1) someday, as well as getting a shot at the mighty Division 1 Championship Trophy.


Choose your favourite race, create a team and apply now! Do you want to be a part of one of the best-managed and most exiciting Blood Bowl leagues out there?


Well, it's up to you, really. Are you up to the challenge?




Newest episode


Orca-Cola Cast #11 : Yeah, yeah, we know...we suck. F. Bantha!


Yep, they're still alive! And yep, their release schedule still sucks!


To show you how much they love to suck, Xander & Juriel travel to Sweden and talk with OCC veteran and 17-season Vampire coach Bantha!


And since they're such huge suckers, they forget to talk about a bunch of Vampire subjects even though they go into one of the more complex racial discussions ever produced on the cast. Good ol' fashioned suckitude!







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